Have you ever had sex in public ???

Have you ???

I haven’t, or I had a vivid dream at night… my favorite restaurant’s Men’s room handicapped stall, with the hottest, most beautiful woman I’ve ever been with and who was about the same age as me like 35 years-old, real upper-class professional — we were flirting and I told her how big I am, like a MAGNUM porn star… She looked thin and rich and professional with expensive makeup, I liked…

AND WHEN ALL THE “TANTRIC” NOTES WERE SUNG- AND DONE IN HER ASS, WITH A BIG MAGNUM I HAD THAT FIT ME PERFECTLY, SHE BOUGHT ME A $20 ENTREE TO GO *IN ADDITION TO PAYING FOR MY DINNER* BECAUSE SHE WAS SO GRATEFUL !!!!! I have lots of stories… we continued talking and struck up a nice convo… then we wanted to be together longer and listen to music, so we went out to her car and just chilled making out and stuff — she was so desirable and I couldn’t believe it worked out !!!!! And I was with three girls once… Ladies love my anatomy and then they feel lucky to have been with me, and I’ve only spent money on the girl but once . . .


Clips for Chips are Called Chip-Clips

This link doesn’t have its own domain name (yet…), but I would ask you to click my link to:




My greatest sexual-experience with Justine was exactly like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3JxLv5Z0D8 and it was playing on repeat on my laptop, repeating the place “Heaven” — I knew what I was going to do and I wanted to hear “Heaven” over and over and over… I want this song and video played at my funeral !!!!! Someone else did that, and with my going to two Deftones concerts I want them involved in my funeral, maybe giving me a better copy of the video to be played on a screen, with big speakers…

I’m gonna show you

Please as I acquit the decree with a shitty “college” degree cut into tiny little pieces to make a collage of a silly fucking rainbow, fucking faggots, pine-tree pining for the girl in bed, whoa what has been said ??? It’s coming from my salted season of Spring — March 20th — kick-in-the-pants while NON-VIOLENT that’s the only way I roll when I trip and the sky flies UP with clouds THUMP ((( Trump ))) they hit the ground, making said a sound all around Almond Joy and Mounds — like breasts atop a chest — breastbone cut the chicken- with the King, sitting on the ground, Indian Style with your legs crossed, but “Indian” so there’s a barrel of moonshine but- it’s not mine, on the grind, are you out of your mind? Or inside where the pills reside in this mental-fucking-hospital, I must leave it behind, with a girl who’s MINE, ALL MINE… IT’S GOLD shouting out 24K with Bruno on Mars in space, girls put the vibrator in “Your ‘special place’” being introduced to my face, a fishy smell — a fishy face with a kiss on the lips-  Laurie is pissed — and Laura in the handicap stall, revealing it ALL — anal sex remind me, and her behind, it was ALL MINE ((( as I’ve already said and plead in another state — of mind in her ‘behind’ — string a G – fallen to her ankles, she’s not after my bank-rolls- very thankful for my size, no surprise, ladies love it… and you should see Derek “Digler” after that Marky Mark movie came out with D-Rok’s clout, wait- what is this about ????? 

Innocent ramblings of a lamb’s skin in a wrapper you rip with your lips and give the waitresses your tips — she let me put the tip in — just the tip — and that was it, there was no climax as we watch LATE-NIGHT SKIN-A-MAX ((( Cinemax I’d stay up for SNL and peruse the pay-channels with HBO’s Real Sex 12 ))) goth leopard fur that’s chilly with the weather- so grab a Violet sweater at UNO’s with Tini who didn’t drink — too young, kiss her tongue, she’s not twenty-one !!!

Save for a week of anxiety they’re onto me- where I put it okay with her Mommy and breast IMPLANTS- Linda or Lindsay – where were you ??? I don’t believe I got it on tape, no video, just her voice saying “Mambo” like MOM-BO, I wanted although… through and through my tallywhacker is for you ` my quote-unquote “boo” — she introduced me to that dreamy dream of dancing with much PRANCING like the Reindeer guiding Satan’s sleigh, oh nay, don’t speak of the devil or evil, and I don’t “have to” take the pill — I do like the Ativan, the Benzo, Cat Daddy yeah Daddy wanna Dougie with the kitty of kissing goodbye to who ???? Oh boo hoo, I wanted you, I wanted Tiph, with a CBD *** Cannabidiol *** spliff catch the riff of the gag I’mo gag ya on the rag blood red dripping from Dracula’s lips pouting out like Beyonce’s hips, watch out for my Quips, Did I do that ????? As I slip on slippers and sliding to the left, sliding to the right, I could do this all night — you girls are “late” -no worry- RU-486 on the plate, The Abortion Pill – or so ???? – maybe the Morning-after dose coming close, and closer, and oh look, baby WE MADE IT, WE DANCE, WITHOUT OUR PANTS — yeah crumpled up on the floor bedside- You must be *this tall* to go on the ride, playing, praying, and we reside but where ??? Maybe in a White House next to the Clinic-go on a picnic — sandwiches for us the crust is no fuss, Tiphdizzle tell me a riddle… clasp of a bra, I fiddle, baby with a rattle, I return from battle… and I pick my pants up off the floor, now’s the time to go to the store— get some vanilla Muscle Milk – it goes down like silk — a silhouette and a cigarette YEAH DO NOT BUY THOSE JUST QUIT I MEAN ***CUT IT OUT*** switch to Hemp said Shawn Kemp, who? Dribbling drool the ball in the NBA – “Nigga’s ‘Bout Africa” !!!!!

Another email AND I WILL GET YOU !!!!!

FERRARI “ENZO” the car named after the company’s founder !!!!!


I saw Mom today and we went out to eat, then we went food-shopping where I broke a $100 bill, then she bought me an Irwin brand CBD with 60 soft gels — it’s a knockoff of the Stanley Brothers hemp — Charolette’s Web

I love my satellite radio and I’m glad Trump was acquitted !!!!!

Then I uploaded a mean image on FB of a Chinese woman missing her teeth and the text


Yes ma’am I’ll have the “HOUSE FRIED RICE”

I was friends with a Chinese student Brandon Hom at Saint John’s whose family came from “Old Money” and they had five outstanding cars like high-priced luxury and FAST

Brandon drove a new Ford Mustang COBRA and a new Corvette convertible, and sometimes he took his mom’s BMW 3-Series — I remember you liked those — and his brother Travis drove a 6.2 Liter Jeep Grand Cherokee LIMITED — and they would smoke marijuana on the way into school every day that they’d buy ounces of, and that was them only, I didn’t get high at Saint John’s, but Tim and Dana — my ride from Charlton and my best-friend — they smoked most days and I would notice a little something special from the windows that were closed so they’d “Hot Box” the white hatchback with me always sitting in back, reading over the History book for Mr. Wood’s tests — watching Eugene Webber presentations having read “A World Lit Only by Fire” over the summer vacation…

Brandon had the lowest SAT-score in our grade, like 6-something and he didn’t care because his home life was really great, but he had to hide getting high from his parents usually









Although I have A BIG HEART FOR YOU !!!!!

This is a continuation of something I was saying before Andy at Google or Facebook clicked off my window

Brandon somehow got into Providence College, and then I dunno, but shortly after my WRXTBI (dot com lol I own) he got into Heroin and he overdosed… He was popular in school, so rich, so many nice cars, not too smart… None of my friends went to the funeral, but Derek told his younger brother that I said “Condolences” or something when I was living at Geneva Street with D. and Brian, who I haven’t chatted with either of them in years, probably because I have a Disability and I’m not as cool… or my parents or Andy and Allyson tell them they’d do more shit to me if I have them as friends I can talk to — I HAVE A LOT TO TALK ABOUT AND NO ONE TO LISTEN !!!!! I’M “CUT OFF” FROM SO MANY PEOPLE, WHO MOM AND DAD TOLD FACEBOOK TO LIMIT MY ACCOUNT !!!!! OR ANDY AND HIS CO-WORKERS AT GOOGLE… OR NATE STEBBINS, AN ECM EMPLOYEE WHO APPLIED TO FACEBOOK AND GOT A JOB !!!!! WITH “THE PLAN” FOR ME !!!!!

Ummm Mom bought me a bottle of CBD that provides me with relief, and I get the cheapest one — not the Stanley Brothers – very expensive but I don’t mind — same thing

And I’ll stop there because I bet that evil prick watching my screen is itching to click off my progress or do something to fuck me over and I hope his heart stopped beating already, or HIS LUNGS — HIS CANCER-RIDDEN, WEAKER LUNGS something with him coughing up blood…

THAT FUCK CAUSED MY TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY WHEN HE WAS SUPPOSEDLY IN MY ROOM, STEALING MY HARD-DRIVES — that’s what my Mom said was happening on the phone, so I was PISSED and driving faster and faster because I was so upset hearing that he was going to take me to court OVER A JOKE online that bastard made me drink and he called my cell-phone FROM MY HOUSE saying he was sending me to prison over my joke that he could only see because he paid the Opie and Anthony “Shock Jocks” from WAAF 107.3… bulletin-board owner, a bass fisherman named Basatak — he gave Andy permission to go on my account and read my joke story and many made-up posts about outrunning police and stealing and cheating on Allyson with prostitutes and COMPLETELY MADE-UP FUNNY JOKES I’D SAY IN A PRIVATE FORUM “The Regulars” for those few guys who liked my “Shock Jock”-type humor, you know, ha ha ha and LOL

Allyson helped him cause my crash — they all thought it was fun and games — they were telling me shit like I’d go to jail over my joke-posts being real — BULLSHIT — Mom and Dad were scared because they had me driving home fast after these worthless fucks told me to kill myself in prison and shit — while I was driving drunk because I JUST COULDN’T TAKE IT — THEY KNEW I HAD JUST WITHDRAWN FROM CALCULUS I AT WORCESTER STATE !!!!

Until then I hadn’t had a drink in a month and a half, and everyone knew of the Alcoholic “Gleick” eww gross “Alcoholic ‘genes'” like Grandpa was always drunk and fell down his whole life . . . now I haven’t had more than several drinks in the past 3 to 4 YEARS !!!!!

They all caused my accident = IT WAS ANDY WHO’S TO BLAME, AND ALLYSON ((( who stole my sperm . . . and so did Andy when I was in the ICU and a nurse got it out of me, no lie, I hate my doctor for allowing it, but no one has done anything with it !!!!! unless one of Allyson’s THREE children are mine — oh wait, I forgot, I think the first one that was with my own sperm got a partial-birth abortion or Allyson drank so much liquor it died or something… Tragic? I’m not a father !!!!!

FUCK ALLYSON — she never once gave me a blowjob — she hated how something came out when we had sex, and she was a TIMID “””CHILD-OF-DIVORCE””” you should have seen how she acted around her father the one or two times I saw him !!!!! Allyson was strange in bed, but I was just happy with the fact that I was allowed to sleep with a girl overnight — she’s married now  and she has my voice on tape and shit from when I was instructed to read lines off a piece of paper that my Mom — ANDY’S SISTER — grrrr — wrote offensive text on for me to read into a tape recorder — AND SOMEONE STOLE 2 OF MY TAPE RECORDERS !!!!! I BET IT WAS THAT FUCK ANDY WHO STOLE MY PROPERTY !!!!!

He bought a house down a street over, like the asshole he is… and I only stopped there once to say nice house… then one time my Marquis-family (((THE BEST))) ((( LOVE GREAT-WAYNE ))) … went to his house for Thanksgiving or something… I hate that asshole for spying on me and making me sound unappealing to the Minister, Jim Chase, who now knows that I WAS JUST JOKING AROUND ONLINE BECAUSE I THOUGHT OPIE AND ANTHONY THE “SHOCK JOCKS” WERE HILARIOUS AND I WAS USING HUMOR WITH WILD, MADE-UP STORIES !!!!!

I hate the people who made it look like I was a criminal because I liked Howard Stern and “Shock Jocks” !!!!!

Allyson was playing a joke on me, and my parents were too, that she found out she was pregnant… so we looked at Chandler Gardens — where I lived at with WSU next-door — but she had no money — she was financially poor but beautiful — her Mom was an orphan, and I was supposed to visit her rich Nana in Florida that I had those plane tickets to — Allyson was hopeful to recieve money to buy her a car that wasn’t on its last legs — and then she got an even worse one — my parents never gave her money, but they let her sleep over and I took her out to eat…

I’ll stop writing now — I’m so upset at the motherfuckers who CAUSED ME TO DRINK, THEN DRIVE TOO FAST ON WET LEAVES !!!!!

Between you and me, I want to die and be with God ((( and Allah – I know it from Justine Aragona who was my close-girlfriend for two and a half years ))) , from Southbridge nearby home in Charlton !!!!!

THE PEOPLE HERE DON’T LIKE HOW I’VE BEEN WRITING THIS — they make the lights flicker and I’m not “hallucinating” — this whole Averte ‘hospital/medicine/apartment’ is all a set-up and I don’t talk to anyone but the staff who winks at me or acts shitty or stupid ON PURPOSE

I want to live in Worcester and marry Tiffany “Tiph” Desrosiers who had a child that I think is mine as you remember my sperm was stolen from me !!!!!


Dan Besse is older than me and I don’t know what he was thinking to make his asshole “available” on a sleep over — that short, steroid, Spring Break fuck locked me out of his bathroom on purpose, so I had to piss in my jeans and all over his floor — that was the worst pain, the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been, in the middle of the night, when I yelled for help as loud as I could…

Regards, Mom and Dad,

— Your closest ,

Jeffrey Marquis 

Here’s an email I wrote to my Dad ,

I love our Marquis-family, but I sort of dislike Mom with her GLEICK-ALCOHOLISM and her brothers and sisters — BAD BLOOD THOSE GLEICKS

Raised by a drunk father with no mother-  can you believe it ???
Look at Cancer Andy the smoker who led me off-track with computer science and smoking and drinking…
And look at Aunt Sue, marrying John the weird pot-head with a temper
I don’t like Mom’s side of the family, and I didn’t penetrate Julia’s V like I said online in a JOKE lol hahaha that ONLINE JOKE HAD ANDY PISSED and he blew a fuse — don’t let him do anything to me — I hate that bald jerk !!!!!
it’s just too bad Uncle Ray smoked so much — I wish he was around, he was big and Tall and thin
I like how you’re friends with Wally and Randy — and still love the ECM Partners who you got along with
Tell Mom to give the purple shampoo to Becky, or she should use it herself !!!!!
Anyways, we’ll go Bass Fishing come spring — and what do you know it’ll be my birthday !!!!!
I don’t want a Tesla, that wasn’t a hint or anything… =)
Maybe I should leave this fucking set-up, this bullshit “home” with no doctors — WHY CAN’T I TALK TO DR. KENT ???
I WANT TO COME BACK TO MASSACHUSETTS, like Worcester where I took classes…
I hope we win the war… WWIII probably lol

They switch my text !!! my-enemies who caused my WRX-crash and TBI !!!

Islam salvation - narrow-path

The image is talking about tighter sex with girls that leads to God
I became multi-orgasmic with my anonymous girlfriend in 2013
Allah took me through the universe in a STRAIGHT-LINE to the illusion of God ,

I’m a 37 year-old man who has a Traumatic Brain Injury from a bad WRX driving-too-fast car-accident 15+ years ago, and I run a campaign light mist spritzes of Sprite Cologne with a lemon-twist scent- I just want to invent it so bad or so GOOD I’m good stop the riffraff of surmounting great tantamounts in the name of ‘chillen’ where humans ‘chill’ with each other enjoying conversation and looking at faces of facing facts we all have wrinkles and I’m in fine shape and I never screwed with pro hormones CARINA RICCIARDI IS INTO IT neither one of us has ever done steroids

Doctor Walker took Grammy with him — he was my Creative Writing teacher from WSU

He’s a news anchor off the coast of Peru bwahaha I dare not utter where terrorists come from and they’re too into their cause*



Not now and I’m not sure if I have ever talked to Laurie about anything between us and the crowd with crow’s feet screams an utterance of a cow’s udder squirting whole-milk I don’t drink whole so Holy yeah I’m spun off this ` ` ` IMPRINTING ` ` ` shit that some unfortunate people my neighbor died yesterday which I had no business with him but he was nice

Do or Don’t Do you Do-Do ‘’’too much for the brain’’’

But in just the nick of time I think about Nick at Saint John’s

no risk The Foundation at Saint John’s with XC with Ryan Lestrange and people or Saint John’s have good thoughts of us being classmates *clear*  and I still love Justine Ara  not Rivera

1 oh I want to elope with a female lover because I’m not doing that with a guy since I’m not ”’strange”’ like Ryan Lestrange was normal I think

It’s a little premature to think I’d find space and the Universe with any other than the girl who took me there: Justine Ara

Tini Ara she created that account for herself at my house

I thought I’d love to live a life like Mr. Mead did-  he was my 9th grade Honors math teacher-  I just wanted a life like his I remember with a wife he had a wife married at a Christian church having to wear a button-down shirt and a tie on

((( sport-coats in the winter )))

He was a teacher who lived a good life and coaching Hockey at Saint John’s

I thought:  I would be a success like him in the future if I could graduate college and learn good math

He was straight

He was married with a wife

and with math like TI-83’s

Snake games in HS on them

Graphing calculators x=0 + y=0

I told my parents and my family with Dana that I would be happy if I just had a life ‘’’like his’’’ Mr. Mead’s- and everyone said ‘’ don’t sell yourself short ‘’ 

I didn’t know what I’d be- but I knew it would have something to do with technology

My display is a 15.4-inch LCD with 2880×1800 pixels

Bladwin on YouTube! hahaha they want the bald people to not-be the winners and I thank my staff thank you Yeah Yeah Yeah I have it playing right now Feast your eyes on this song about waiting, she says Wait They don’t love you like I love you


I demonize my enemies as I say my words of poetry and pro-se-fully-Feshionable wardrobe’s at Macy’s Christmas Ball in NYC on NYE Manhattan Queens in Hoboken while the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s now sing, off with your head, dance till you’re dead, and heads will roll *COME ON, COME ON, BE EXCITED* Yeah Yeah Yeah come on let’s do this thing I saw on Seinfeld Mr. Costanza- who had ` ` ` The Feats of Strength ` ` ` at what Kenny’s succubus  that he had one front tooth missing 

Say and like nu like new

and heads will roll with my great memories

but that’s all they are : just that :: exactly that ::: MEMORIES

I need’ja, I need’ja- I need’ja right now with who-other than The Chainsmokers-

Remember that song ?

God it is 8:28 and I don’t want to hate because I’m a Protestant and hopefully I don’t have any enemies

Umm hello errr hi Star Boy on channels 002 and 003

Do you understand like comprehend on the computer, or   No your cellphone everyones cellphones are going to burst into flames in the event that they all haha they don’t have to do anything, they just cum at me like that one one one oh I have won ‘ ‘ ‘ Oh look what you made me do ‘ ‘ ‘ —what you just made me do and YAY IT’S ALL ME COMING THROUGH TO YOU AND I PRAISE GOD ‘ ‘ ‘ Oh look what you made me do- and my medz as Jessica and Carina Ricciardi singing Taylor Swift in the hospital together and seeing each other morning through night like a Thru-Pass but I do pass all of the tests and the scripts like a script of Dexedrine that Dana got for his ADD in school to make his brain more ACTIVE and sped up` ` ` sorry they’re SPED up- and what do we call the runners who aren’t even runners ((( writers’ ))) They’re at the back of the pack of runners and we’re all ready to Go! whether you are looking for my Magical blend of Magic


Back of the pack like the e ntire universe is all around us and what did I see at the edge of space  the words I lay on your page — can we be friends ??? — I wonder and so does I like me like myself the man who I am- I have to fucking wonder ‘ ‘ ‘ so good ‘ ‘ ‘ I don’t want a drink- Justine sings that or NO:  like this impetus to write about US 

I don’t like to drive at high speeds so I ‘’’Kill The Switch’’’ Icona Pop sings on Sirius

Ashley Hannan was in really good shape

I guess she was trying to kill herself and A or others

like Kate Barrington who had a vocabulary book to study in school, like the Barrow’s book at Saint John’s so I’m well-educated

/// M is not a big deal anymore because I was in a LIMO- ZINE SING A LIMO where I felt ‘ ‘ ‘ The Ropes ‘ ‘ ‘ with Ogoplex that was made available to nutraplanet.com that was the store for anabolic minds dot com as the Saxophone plays ` ` ` while all around ‘ ‘ ‘ the world ‘ ‘ ‘ there is something that comes to ME and it makes me want my soul inside to come don’t mistake it

I was something but I’m still alive

Something Good I Hope (SHIP) TBI Head-Injury where God chose me to get drunk and drive drunk once 13+ years ago and He wanted me to go fast down a road I thought I knew but I never expected to see a State Trooper at the scene of my WRX TBI wrxtbi.com


Justine is well into a 21 year-old’s lifestyle with her parents who broke up yeah SHE HAS TO BE WITH ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE or here’s where I’m looking for a female white 18+ girl American who has her own moolah

I want to be Tiph’s lover if Justine’s not with us this is me not suffering and I want to get Justine back as a LOVER so I can have a second entire orgasm (!!!) with her again =D



Like a *PASS THAT* uh ` `  ` keg ` ` ` I don’t drink


Don’t be afraid to catch fish

Don’t be afraid to catch feels

I hear 

I’m Focused- It’s the Locust

tone loc

I want to be with Jessica and Carina again =D



It’s Britney Spears who’s crazy with Alanis Morrisette – ey with a – machete and she sings in a car with her friends

I am not downfallen ”’Hits 1”’ I knew that I knew that I knew that Sergio rocked back and forth when he listened to music

What are you doing UP ??? The jig is up and it’s a GUPPY- a GUPPIE followed by a TEN lb pound largemouth bass that swallows it and gets hooked in Baker Pond in Charlton also its called Gore Pond and LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO, Look what you just made me do look what- made me do 

And why did you do that to you ???


For what supreme joyous entacteogeonic properties of Red Bulls


Lady Gaga Applause

Or a better way yeah- you could be on my side

I want to go to Heaven as the world is good God loves me ‘ ‘ ‘

with Dej Loaf with No Fear on YouTube!

I want to absolutely announce to or rather For all of you my readers who want to take a peek into the life as a TBI survivor holding on for dear-life like deer a little doe takes sips from a cool running river as he’s just eaten berries and he steps out onto a paved road and a car comes around the corner going so fast

*BAM* or rather BANG!

I want to bang these girls who flirted with me

Uno’s dos tres quattro cinco, cinco SAYCE

DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT’S HAPPENING a la Trent Reznor the poet who’d be impressed shirts are worn by strategizing businessmen or just one businuss man- where I would rather be a little heavy than a little thin and wasting away with something but that was fun I want to play some amore to the French lovers overs and overs and ovar * , yeah just over like the female bends over the washing machine or I told Justine be desirable to me or I’ll make you sit on the washing machine while it’s on ((( oh God its on I’m nailing this like I’m Big Papa with a Rollie around my wrist ))) and one time I propped her up on the washing machine and she said it felt like buzzing in her pants yeah she said it was her underwear like it was scraping her bum as a fucking Bee takes off, to sting someone on the top of their head that’s gonna need a not-bad haircut soon at the salon where they milk out the silk out on the strands of oh God save me please- of hair that I used gel Jeffrey M.D. Ph. D. of knowing how to be with a female lover just right ((( who can’t keep her hands to herself, Selena Gomez sings that hot little trick I would smoke trichomes with her and that would get her horny, so horny thinking about me having sex in a limo all dressed up and sleeping in a hotel overnight Oh that was a good night that would have been better if I had a satellite-radio back then to listen to- but I’m not listening and I was ignored, but you will nevah-evah know what I am forced to endure with my disabled disability Desrosiers while I’m alive Yes I want Tiph or Justine,  or oversee-ers are involved yeah over-seers at Apple and Google and my doctors who are hiding things from me )))

* but not ovaries or Mrs. Coker in the mental-hospital as Taylor Swift sings “””look at chu, look at what you made me do”””

SO SORRY for some of you who will maybe never know the universe as well as I do after being doing things like she saw someone doing something on a VHS tape of someone she knew someone that who I know you need to so take your hula-hoop and do a little SHUFFLE, SHUFFLE the Saint John’s class of 2000  

SO SORRY a thousand apologies you good sir, and I: a good sir as well like yeah like and LOVE THE UNIVERSE but I’m not taking all of it with me, just my favorites and what the shit is this ???

SO SORRY yeah I fucked whoa ho ho ho you can’t say that about my ex-lover Justine ((( “””which one ???””” ))) ARAGONA she’s untouched and I left her with the last orgasm she’d have with me, with me: saying ::: This is probably the last time we’ll have sex and I want you to come at me and I’ll make you come hard my little Justine smoochies-smootches I’d lean down to kiss you my *wait* why did Dunkin’s overcharge me with one single munchkin today ??? In Oxford like ih-xford wow ih that’s like something that’s important to me ominous in nature and girls don’t get pregnant with TWO-THIRDS-OF: a girl’s oriole’s baseball team with the ariolas suffocating in the Winter with Moosey-Meander’ing through the crowd of followers I have amassed Amen. Praise God, Praise Gods, Praise whoever sent me to the stars always IN THE UNIVERSE I am lucky to have been to a place that was special IN OUR UNIVERSE !!!!!!! Jeffrey !!!!!!! 


 Okay break it down . . .

Let’s play this one safe *

* “Beautiful” I need a lover the most

Some of you saw me naked in the hospital after my Traumatic Brain Injury and yes I am hahaha like a car company like Ford: quote-unquote I AM “WELL – EQUIPPED” just being single and blaming Justine for cheating on me with Tony who didn’t uh come

I plan on reuniting with Justine Aragona who hopefully has some money left from the driver’s insurance

Justine ‘’’Save Me’’’ (Mono Mind) a song Justine save me




That’s Lady GAH GAH  *smile*




Do things for me with me meeting a girl I have known JM two JM’s Jenn from Days End stay in there with me Jenny I’m not going to going to type a girl’s last name for the rest of this line here see she’s just reminding me of Justine

Picking this up later she’s Miss Morey not Fedder but Tiph alas- a mother whose lawn I would mow now at 12:29 and at 12:30 I’m going to proclaim ??? I write good, good sentences yet hopefully there will be no sentences anyone hahaha I’m really doing it and to any and all programmers of English out there who want to become closer to God with my reaching out to others, like I lent both ears to Justine to nibble on with no reference to any ‘’’Thing’’’ that oh God I evolved sexually with SEX-SHULLY conniption now coding my JPMorgan Insurance statement and I profit by leaps and bounds homeward bound like Bounce with that chick and Mrs. Pitt

There I did it I just remedied myself and now I’m ‘’’broken but I’m stronger’’’ and yeah Cher sings it’s a woman’s world but really what’s the truth in that ??? Girls are like inside-out guys for umm peeing their wee-wee’s

Who’s lucky not to bear the pressure of a TBI affecting everything but backwards when you put a car in reverse, and I’m reversing this fucking STRANGLE-HOLD STRANGELOVE  thing Google is doing to me and God is too Jim Chase I think I’m in the Afterlife 

We. We. Web.

If Derek wanted me to be nice to Anna I would

and I want June V. as a lover if I can’t take the beautiful caucasian relationship to *gasp* *grrr* new heights

She comes to me after Laurie’s divorce and ‘’’Save Me’’’ comes jew-bih-lant-ly Entonology Physics Mass in the Universe Justine showed me and I want to be saved by my parents and Justine Aragona !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to be with L. But you really? you L. You know how much I enjoy the food at TSP

L.G. who I have photos of

My quest for riches with Jessica and Carina like whoa what the fuck happened with them and their tight

Pussies or I remember Brianna S. was too young but maybe she was Jessica’s and Carina’s ages

Maintain Carina please

I craft verse like a man who’s been to the end of the universe and back once

My doctor in the mental-hospital suggested I convert to L slam

Better homes and housewives in the grocery market yeah the stock market I want to crunch numbers with the Dow Industrial Average big sheet of paper in the newspaper with a term-paper gleeking for the hardcore geeks ` ` ` it you’re a geek you’re meek and I just checked my account at a Walmart corporate endeavor to offer free money to all who seek hmmm not dividends? Output? Input ??? Or satellites in the sky ??? Or having two orgasms is becoming more popular 

Oh Selena Gomez ‘’’Look good for yuh, like a Marquis diamond could even make that Tiffany jealous hahaha I want to be with Tiph who I have known I saw space once in bed

How do I watch CNN how to do this to all of you   but something about Ali Lorange and then Tiph I want to be with Tiph yeah and stuff just fucking sitting here and refusing to post what I write on my computer ` ` ` I uploaded so many images to Facebook when I first lived on my own along with Derek and Brian in 2005

It’s been happening ` ` ` THE HAPPENING ` ` ` THE * I MPRINTING * 

I was Imprinted to do things to write about things by my doctors in the hospital and all I could not fuck with Derek


and Butters says: ‘’’My grandma’s from Virginia’’’

and I say:  I could be with Linda P if I had to be like to be with her separately  from my ex LOVER Justine Tini Aragona

CNN and Tosh pointing his finger at the people in these really and on and off and forever, but I ain’t flickin’ any switches rapidly on-off-on and on and on and on TOSH HAD STUPID VIDEO’S

Phew that was close and I’m gixxer spa-‘’’Screaming- wait, I fear the Lord -really I had to spend two weeks away from home where I couldn’t leave the floor for TWO WEEKS of using plastic silverware only and NO MUSIC

I didn’t especially like anyone there but Sergio who I called Surge and Ruby a girl a few years younger than I,  and one guy about my age gave me his phone number before he left- and a guy named Kenny was nice 

The food sucked and I have never SUCKED anything for all of the people who think Well Duh

I always want to be able to eat food at The Sole Proprietor in Worcester, MA 

Shea butter   I once sold it at GNC, incorporated it’s not over as I will always control my DeLF with Shea butter I thought was a black thing but hey get it going here maybe Shea butter is a ebony thing of that beautiful

Beautiful models like Tyranny To ` Tas T ic

Co-signed by my Dad great-Wayne of ECM

Tyra Banks with BoA, inc

But back to that beautiful I trailed off with or without you so Mom and Dad I love you

But whoa back quick rightta’ at-cha’ on the _down_  _Low__ with this TeXT all of this beautiful TeXT in The Bible that is very important to me like an avid reader ((( Mike Avis and Mike Reed ))) whoa ‘’’chill’’’ with that in the mix Ma ‘

They’re just people I once knew and I KEEP THE FAITH but I don’t want to suffer

Here, here !!!

Yo, Yo You Yo Yo Yoyo <— that’s when what I saw with Justine comes into play with one more WOWZA ((( I want to have sex with Mellie Za my old implants-friend on Facebook ))) but WOWZA IN THE TROW-ZA’S lol trousers pants 123 abc asdf 101 xyz 0-10 E^3 EB e-TeXT eCommerce with TV commercials XM Sirius radio streaming orbiting tunes and if you haven’t been able to tell I’m gee-jolly good golly miss Molly tootle-loo skip the track and go to the next song, really one of the best three songs on the album- not 4 this album isn’t their best- or their goodest lol

I never had a class with Tiph

Ashley Hannan went first and I found a religious woman named Anne Skinner an author who has written several books I’ve casually flipped through without a care in the world and it was my plan to meet a new Minister online- I’d take her with me before there’s nuclear warfare in the world because nothing I hear on CNN and I went to Saint John’s but what does that matter? Dan Besse who showed me Hell at his house on purpose and I would never forgive that, but hey- it’s pretty clear to me that I can’t do some things some things Ashley did the Spencer girl so she knew my Mom

ASHLEY so she has done something horrible by killing others like a deranged bomber in the middle-east I would never visit because I’m pro-American and I’ve never been PC’d like at parties in high school where I wouldn’t drink alcohol but I have a TBI from a WRX crash when I drank at a bar in 2004

I want to enjoy Christianity as I have been and I thank Anne ”’Anna”’ S. of Hannah House like international or something- they’re worldwide and so thank her for being someone who I could talk to about God and Jesus Christ, who I believe suffered for all but that’s just me

Justine changed me and heh ”’I can’t get enough”’ you know: Of It

Summit- Summit Racing- then the Summit of a village in Heaven like a board of directors up in the heezy with medical marijuana I’m approved for and that’s all I meant

I love CBD !!!!!

A doctor approved me for MMJ years ago, and it helps my recovery — my brain is making new connections with the synapses of my Traumatic Brain Injury that ONLY 27% of my brain was working in 2004 after my Subaru WRX CRASH that my only car is three hours away in Massachusetts…


HELLO ALL, THERE ARE PEOPLE DELETING MY POSTS ON HERE LIKE THEY DELETED MY LAST POST WITH THIS IMAGE OF A BRAIN, the left and right hemispheres of the brain — after my Subaru WRX car-accident that people “organized” in 2004, my brain was functioning at 27% of normal brain-function ::: Glasgow Coma Scale 4/15 I scored at the hospital…


Jeffrey Marquis

Jeffrey Marquis




http://alwayschillen.blogspot.com *

in Bradford, VT, where I’ve been for a year or more (with no car), and not drinking alcohol for over three years !! I hear CHEERS !!! NO BEERS !!!

Staying sober and looking for a lover, hopefully moving back to MA with my parents (and they are my “Health-Proxies” who control me too much…)

December 18, 2019 — Trump Impeached…


Comer Corner the cluster and come hither,

Or I’ll be your anointer not your appointer

pointing fingers over pints of pilsners

Fisting and Jostling you’re a deco I can overthrow

Uprooting the grass so I’m mowing

Adjoining and foreshowing signs of preggers

All the beggars — feed this man with a sign

Baby coily oiling at Sunoco breakdown

Toileth with Lois Lane-eth announcing antagonizing anecdotes

With the disjointed smoking poles from the top down

Acrobatics to do this or that with a rat-tat-tat-tat

A clogged toilet we’ve got a clogger of the logger that’s a voider

Flamoyant but obeyant and reading minds being clairvoyant

Crushing a lonely Ant — loyal to the Queen generating offspring and there is no situation

I’m the TaLLer footballer with resolvest revolvers revolving on an Y -axis

I solveth the riddle when I play the fiddle with a paddle 

Fixing the intermixing, I try,

begging people to stick to their own race when making babies

Everything is going to be good and circulating the body with customers GETTIN DE FUNK OUT, OF HERE with all honesty

Before I adore with four I snore when a plane and soar

I swore I’d be a whore in the days of yore oh Scotty Dore 

But then again maybe it’s all at the store

Pour your core to the more-more-more

With a lion’s roar I score by the shore for sure

Me singing “Singapore” for all the world’s poor

But I’m the ambassador who you abhor

Like a counselor in Ecuador



I’m a hoarder on TV

With a Ford in the driveway and oars in the boat that stays afloat

Cut the hull with a sword

The S- word oh Hess with Tess and Tia, Mama Mia onto you I know what you’re trying to do to me and I do not want sex with guys  I’M NOT GAY  and I have only loved women.  The last time I went to a mental-hospital I had a gay fag black roommate I didn’t like him but I have a caring feeling while reeling in a bass I can feel pulling, tugging the line trying to avoid being reeled in.  Alas 

No mas and I’m thinking still and but if only and loving myself with a belief in the God I experienced inside of my ex-girlfriend on the second upcoming of a SWING INTO THE UNIVERSE   where I saw nothing was going on until I reached the edge, with just the Moon  in orbit so I just floated away from Earth then I continued flying until I was at the edge where I saw my God’s face similar to a landlord (Mike) with his beard in white and blue like smurfs, like God, Mike helped me but I didn’t need to be saved  and the face I remember is like cool arctic colors with hologram effects which predicts that holograms ((( not the Illuminati ` ` ` Good Lord I won’t touch that guy I’m straight and I love beautiful women God let me ”’give them life”’ where ??? but where oh Brutus you brutal butch bitch who’se focusing on the Focus Factor that is still sold on shelves at CVS and Vitamin Shoppe mmm those itty-bitty adult appendicitis symptoms symphony with me walking waking hours of my day that aren’t fucking many no not at all ”’Look what you made me do”’ and I love this writing when I’m singing in the fucking sky real high- so high I hit the GLASS CEILING  WOMEN in the Workplace ` ` ` but not like digging coal that would hurt a girl’s back when she’s gripped the shovel shaven pink puissance that’s a real French word  ))) 

I feel this 

But si mademoiselle your maxi-pads it was early in the month at that time when one of my girls continued to be as nice as possible to me despite her hormones, I remember it so well I want my hundred page copy and the 34 page masterpiece that my-enemies deleted so all I have now is 19 pages

My flow was uninterrupted and the season changed in my writing where I didn’t trip but it was Heavenly like LSD before showed me but it wasn’t mine a friend got it in NYC but there was no blotter ` ` ` so sorry you’ll be sore and I just gave out *******BLESSINGS-BLESSINGS-BLESSINGS******* for all to enjoy in previous time as I was inspired by a Minister of Christianity Anne Skinner, who I told Jim Chase about =D

I remember something happened when I reached 111 pages and I want that to happen again when I’m not fucking around haha lol I ”’do what they say”’


They know I want multiple orgasms again with a girl my age  or with Justine Aragona again

When someone flakes on you, that’s not chill, but I just chillen with MAG10 cologne for my sniffing sexes with a counter between us ` ` ` I need to get closer to girls but online dating doesn’t appeal to me and I never found love on match.com Tho I went on a just one dates never feeling a tug on my line because I’m a fisherman with my Dad and Jesus XM the government satellites and the importance of the atmospheric conditions don’t apply to me

I never signed anything with the government

I didn’t sign anything at the scene of my crash in ’04

I tried ofucking leave me alone but cupid linked me with Justine Ara Tini Ara I was with for nearly three years of once having two O ’s in her ass but never my ass or anything uncomfortable slash gay slash S&M

I cannot stress this enough:  I enjoy taking myself to the heights of physical AWARENESS ((( my body is always running at peak thinking of when I had two orgasms with Justine but she never did anything with my asshole that’s gross butt most American’s stay away from that gross poop stuff but getting away from that I think Paul Oakenfold is a great musical-artist, yeah and Prince died “The Artist” known formerly as Prince with his death that I wish Krystle Witterall came to my church with me, us sitting there in the pews, as Ellie Goulding has the song: Anything Could Happen on the radio, and anything can happen with Krystle wearing a skirt and a g-string I lightly touch as she’s aware of my sexual love for orgasms and:

I had *TWO* ORGASMS in 2013 when we had something special of loving each other willing to bend-  like with our spending money I would earn when I had a job at ECM Plastics, Inc. that was purchased by A. Schulman

I like Audrey but I would prefer Justine Tini Ara ARAGONA to pick up where we left off and I cannot stress this enough with my reach its far enough when do I have to do this until God it’s 5:42 but that’s not nice I hear on XM AM/FM/XM/ cee bee radio’s in the 1990’s which the police had their own intercom (Big Sean Bounce Back) with only the fittest bodybuilder females and their funny looking breasts after doing so many pushup’s and bench pressing more than they weigh ` ` ` I did that, as I weighed 185 and benched over 200 at Gold’s Gym benching more than I weigh- that’s impressive

It’s the reason I injected my pecs with GHRP-6 and Hexarelin in 2006

To Bounce is to leave but no one but me says “Later Skater with J.T. and C.R. two girls to love all day every day, and I got up to a hundred pages of beautiful prose and poetry that people are whoa-  I forgot to end the QUOTE MARKS so let me do that now “”” There. I want to be ontop of the mountain becoming free of Earth’s atmosphere where once that happens the magic majic JUST LIGHTS UP THE SKY with jet’s putting designs in the sky like a big penis like I have that most people would be jealous of so I’m looking to reunite with Carina Ricciardi and Jessica Tocci #mentalillness =D

I could draw you a photo of F-18 fighters lighting up the sky in like India or somewhere in the Indian Ocean with Mannie-Pettie’s at the I don’t know say: cows at the farm with a pharmacy ntastic the time I came like cummed two times with Justine Aragona who’se, real father hit her mom and I think that is terrible so then she had to leave him… I never hit Justine intentionally

I’m LEAVING with SASSY SASS like that Brianna Sasso I remember from school had a cute face and she’s older now

So secretive now not lonely with my personal-writing with memories of Sabina who’se 19 now she’s pretty and thin and not a virgin but a lover who I’d really like to have her as a girlfriend who I could kiss we thought it made sense to, not, to, do, due, yoore … as I experienced all of Justine and with a revelation that sex can feel so much better that you men have TWO ORGASMS a few minutes apart, it was a Revealation that it feels good with girls- but not with guys unless I was on a new drug- and I was never gay- I didn’t even come close it lacked and I’ve never had an orgasm with a guy-  yeah Justine never inserted anything in my body

Justine Aragona though she always got me off with her body and she came up to my shoulders she was a short girl very nice big breasts I like but I don’t like to think of other people suffering as I kissed a girl JGC the last time I went to a hospital #mentalilllness and I kissed Jessica and Carina but not Sabina I don’t think I touched her ` ` ` I was physical with Jessica and Carina though and they’d touch me too we danced to no music one night ` ` ` I remember Jessica asked me if I’d stand behind her and pull her ponytail-  she said it felt good “ from time to time “ and I liked it- it reminded me of anal sex with Justine Ara yeah Tini Ara yes, I want to be with her again 

Justine’s Mom Linda who I like and have always liked, has breast implants HUGE ONES !!!

I saw from the side when she had her breasts out and then I saw her in a bikini when we were swimming in their pool us in it, but not people pissing in it ` ` ` Linda was in good shape as she was skinny with huge implants I saw some of, when I’d see her in different revealing clothing ` ` `

and as of this morning ::: I’m down to 174 lbs. from a high of 205 when I took a size pill that gave me a strong midsection big abs… that I want to get really thin and show off my huge upper-body

I have a tiny stomach and I’m huge I’m well situated uh physically in a very-favorable circumstance of real girth I’m going to stick into a girls’ vagina’s =D

I remember in 5th grade getting these huge boners during class because the teacher was dressed with breasts and a teeny-weeny pointy nose that’s supposed to mean she has tite pipes inside of her body for her husband to enjoy when she was done teaching or the day and looking to cuddle with a cup ‘o’ CO-COA and snuggly in comfy pants with these tiny little pockets that can only fit a few quarters;  not even a chap-stick-  in these pants that hug the hamstrings so you can imagine what they look like bulging south of her ass from the back, and with strong calves for when she runs-  with valiant strides stretching and smooshing her vagina and granny-pants underwear with an MP3 []D L ayer and Sennheiser superior headphones That I ordered the 450 better than the 350 it was about $30 for the earbuds but I didn’t listen to Hits 1 or Venus until I had it in my vehicle to drive around to and go home where I’d tell my Mom I didn’t drink, back in the days when I didn’t sip alcohol for a few years, at first, after my release from the hospital at Fairlawn in 2005 

Hungry ??? Just chilled with some Chicken Tikka Masala from Bollywood or the freezer microwave meals that I’d rather be in a bubbling with the bubbly at a Las Vegas hotel in the manor in all manners my good sir and beautiful mi’is-es at the manor like score with your girl and rock it out in a RAWKUS hi Dana greenish and beigeish with a strap so it only goes over just one shoulder my Dad’s frozen-shoulder that he mentioned at Zorba’s we went to with my Mom gone but she’s in a neighboring state to the south again CT


Camping in Paliisades in my back yard, or in the gazebo, mmm I’d smoke cigars that I liked and I didn’t inhale all the way to get a buzz a rush of speed in my thinking, I’m thinking, why? because I want to be THIN for my own reasons and my own tribute to the one true GOD not necessarily Jesus Christ but instead another God of similar power-  Jesus’es power but having nothing to do with sacriifice- suffering at the hands of God, but this right here this and this is THAT so take THAT with a kiss on the asshole because I think a lot of people —but whoa hey hey now- I don’t want to suffer and instead having everything to do with breaking free of Earth’ses ATMOSPHERE !!! Oh God I was so high up exploring what’s supposed to be a mystery Mister, mister the minister at the center of town with the white church and the steeple here are all the people and you jut out your fingers reaching into the air with these little piggies free and OINKING with filthy mud getting all over Miley Cyrus’es pet pig with its nails done in bright red with jewelry on and a nose piercing OINK

I didn’t do a single thing to Justine that she didn’t want to do, out of her love for me and making me feel happy with her as I was working then and we went out to eat at a nice restaurant every night ` ` ` she would get desserts when she went out with me and I’d eat a scoop of brownie and ice-cream that was really an appetizer for the sex we’d have within the hour, have-ing it doing it back and forth in my bed with;  the nude photo’s we’d take;  the feeling of intimacy and TRUST we lived in neighboring towns and we’d always eat at UNO’s with Steve the waiter

Allyson didn’t want me to have orgasms with her based on a calendar, and I hate that, she was so selfish, but I’d want to be with her if she had my baby or plural BABIES like Tiph Desrosiers could have used my-sperm my-enemies stole from me !!!!!!!

I’d be happy if I could have Tiph as a lover or just Justine Ara Tini Ara Justine Aragona say it again for me FOR US

Sabina Carpenter a singer I told my own Sabina in the mental-hospital who denied being impregnated to us to our group in 8 East

FUCK DEAD ANGE LIKE DEAD-ANDY-GLEICK he’s bald and stupid with a fucked family

Cabriolet and Cabergoline for increased muscle but somewhere-  I don’t know where that is and neither do you so lets get shit STRIZZY I don’t want “drama” I need KARMA to grow inside me where I don’t “Fall Off” thanks to God who’se going to make sure: my death won’t be a tragedy as I’ve already had 3.5 months in the hospital so I don’t fucking forget TRUE:  these dead-soon bitches caused my WRX-crash and Traumatic Brain Injury that left me with 4/15 of my abilities


Money Moves: ME DOING IT WITH OTHER PEOPLE AND I DON’T FUCKIN’ WANT TO BE BOTHERED uh IN THE UNIVERSE WITH GOD bless you, thank you, I love you, Mannie and Danita was just a thought, but J.T. and C.R. quote I COULD GET ‘EM BOTH unquote they wanted me so get that pussy cracking with a fleshy crease that rolls up the thighs oh those tight leggy leggings cock star <~~~ I use 1. Silicone-  oh I use, or  2. water-based with these two types of lubri-*CAN*-s from the same company Swiss Navy that I heard about from a friend in 2001 but I waited until like 2010 to buy some ` ` ` Justine would suck and blow my big cock it’s bigger than yours but not uh like special and mutant-size that Derek Langlois touted in the SJ showers where I saw Mark Said is comparable to me, except for that dark skin of his that I wish Mark Said didn’t sit behind me and smack me in the back of my head and that S.O.B. Mr. Wood let him but it was mostly when he left the room and that piece-of-shit Tom Rheault he was the son of Rheault in a oil company or something—I wish Dana sat behind me and/or Paul Marino OR WES with big Mr. Wood in Flavian which was down a small hill—but there was another hill that Brother Pearson trained us boys- us runners, who ran our fastest and our Seniors would come in #1 #2 #3 in a race with other competing completely purposely writing down my Thoughts, my Feelings, and my Antidepressant that keeps me away from Antifreeze I don’t want to drink that

And they sell lubricants that help me hormonelly Eli Pah Pie never bow your head you hear… but the fact remains:  I have to duck my head to see linear vertical Easy Vert they sell hand job lotion that is far superior to moisturizers-  Lube  at CVS now !!! <~~~ three exclamation points because I want my son or daughter to be three years old when I meet him or her or them and / or them’ses my children Allyson and Tiph got my sperm and had babies with to steal my money I’m inheriting inherently BENJAMIN’S I will tush – woah getting into it already – I will push to a girl’s tush if she will seal the deal *GULP* and Ariel was a good girl unlike Allyson who wouldn’t get me off on our first date in a Suffolk dorm where I wanted to get off like really bad and she didn’t want me to cum for her and she wouldn’t let me jerk it myself, NO she was frigid like that and she was my girlfriend, so, she was my girlfriend who didn’t please me enough and she had little money with a shitty car I don’t forgive for her role in my crash and drinking alcohol, I took a break from and she offered no help which was all of her help, so, help Allyson Hodgkins come back to me and give me all blowjobs and backdoor-sex before bed so I can cum twice

Suddenly, Justin leans out the driver’s window of the Stinka-Rolla with a guitar and a tomato with a sign that said something:  PARTY:  or something

Erin Peters is my Friend on Facebook who I grew up with in Charlton so I knew her well and she’s very pretty and thin like a model

Skinny like Jessica Tocci but not as anorexic as Carina Ricciardi so about as many pounds on a scale as Tiph Desrosiers or Justine as someone splays the wares to me Justine untucks her shirt from uptop around do you know what this means for me if you have big boobs I want to see them- but Dan and Linda weren’t sustainable as a couple with Linda encouraging Justine to love life and not worry about money-  her parents got her in on an Estate or something financial in court, so it was her innocence in the car accident with her friend driving drunk after a party in 2007 now Justine has to worry about this guy NOT ME  but out there some where Dana inhales marijuana smoke that he would hate my parents for stealing most-of my medical BUT MARIJUANA I’m approved for and improving my useage of the English Lang’s Funeral

Thunder Thunder Lightning and the Thunderous cavern of cavemen like dug into the side of a field, on a hill, the side of a hill so there’s like rock above you like a rock wall that juts out like a cave-  and caves were valuable property back in the day as everyone sits around the fire and I’m always nice to God and His accomplices as a tax-payer who desperately wants to be closer with girls my age and younger but legal 18+ no exceptions

We were lovers first but never friends, sings Fall Out Boy, Hold me Tight or Don’t so WE WERE LOVERS FIRST BUT NEVER FRIENDS and I wish the girl who I lost my V-Card Vicky’s Victoria’s Secret the girls wore ` ` ` and I wish I was at the second mental-hospital humping Jess not that guy she married- she was vulnerable in a mental hospital and I had initially shown her the beauty of spending every waking minute of the day and night – JUST 24/7 having someone there for you who won’t leave and can’t leave so readers please don’t let me leave you unless I’m going hip up to infinity I have to know, which galaxies will I see at the Gala with Al la


Oh he’s recovering from something he did with ROAD FLARES he strapped markers to his chest in a vest a la vista vista- Señorita Selena Gomez I want to be with and she’s trying Justin Bieber again, Thank God for that I want to see Bieber who’se hung like me with the little Selena but I’m not a terrorist- I was just joking about terrorism that’s got people dying all over the world

Trump drawing penises in the sky with airplane exhaust

P!NK and Eminem collaborating and coming up with a duet song entitled: Revenge.

God we can get revenge together, you kill those terrorist fucks who hate our country, my country USA! USA! USA! Go America make Amarica great once again with the Freedom Tower I visited as I pay my respects to the 9/11 victims and their families, you avenge the deaths of our country’s wars and the WTC whole terrorism thing with the Middle East

I see Wes posing in his kitchen with a button-down beige shirt on and his left arm crossed with his right hand stroking his little spick-stache God I love that

God I have a really great plan where other people like “someone else” not me what happened to Elysia 

Cousin Dan, do you think I’m a threat to you ???

What if I were writing about SIDS ???

MAD AT WHAT YOU FUCKING PLANNED FOR ME AT YOUR HOUSE Li’l guy my dick is bigger than yours you showed me, you said “Jeff want to see who’se bigger” ??? I’ve got an inch on ya preemie baby you grew up as, Then you did steroids like Winny to give you abs for spring break you went to one year with Jenner who won’t talk shit about me or am I getting ahead of myself, in this time-space continuum that God had planned for us and I forget what I saw beyond God’s face if in fact I got ahead of Him like he let me take a peek with my-peeps who are going to hear about this Revelation in my life that sex and our orgasms can improve to Herculean extents ((( To what extent would you save up a big cum-shot for a video ??? )))

I could satisfy girls with my bigger penis and TaLLer body with big muscles and not drinking healthy

I’m not going under anyone’s Merit ` ` ` whoa hey Merit isn’t that a cigarette company ??? and aren’t cigarettes a cause of cancer and death ??? For people who’ve smoked their whole lives but haven’t had one since 2006 where my WRX crash was not entirely my fault-  it was the people who were on Henshaw St. with me and threatening me pissing me off

“I hate you so much,” Taylor Swift sings in her song Gorgeous