Hard At “Woke” said an Employee Awakened

Dancey dancing two-shoes showing some skin and a deep dark bruise, revealed by the Heels! Got to “Catch Feels” ::: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozv4q2ov3Mk ::: before the King, you kneel, feeding the weeded need to save “Cish-Cash” with inescapable “deals” of a deeler selling horse-meat, yeah TO EAT — buried about 6 feet and barefoot to take the blank canvas carcass out with some of the Sass with O I know I shouldn’t bring up the itty-bitty bitches get the rock off the boulder holes, over the shoulder with precious metals soldered like an at-work “Hard At Woke” and “SWOLE” like a tip-top shape, physically, a soldier hard-pressed and “molded” into a human man human man killing machine, of surgeries to be seen, like chopping off the trimming of the enemies’ with nails!

Eating snails, XC running on trails of mine eyes the any trials I despise the improper imposter duty when on the Local Area Network (LAN) I refrain from the ear-shot pain of the refrain, “NO TEENS!” when I was with a handful of prematurely and whole-ly, those girls in mental hospitals all acting appropriate with my Bible and Qur’an so Holy, for who but me?

Want to see???

I won’t be embarrassed, I promise ye!

So yay my trousers make the day become night, remaining out of sight with what amounts to bouts of the whereabouts of my blanket blinking and thinking, “No one’s going to come in on us!”

And leave your shirt on under these blankets, twinkle-twinkle running Summertime through the sprinkler with what about what “restraint” to umm paint the man-train out gardens raining, to what ain’t this or that so take your Darwin and shove it, say the Jehovah’s Witnesses—me knowing two of them alike—but one dark and one White, being Caucasian, praise the Islamic Nation—me praying to Mecca but unsure of which direction to drop to the ground without making any sounds, externally, when visions of Allah—is that okay?—is that alright to Envision “Allah” ???

“Pure Velocity”

Pure Crystal, and poor Krystal Yusuf who I’ve had enough of her presence at school and where she worked, at a nearby footsteps short distance, tight pants, yellow bracelet LIVESTRONG for Lance—her a student at the same school of WSU and talking too fast—this breadthe of fine air will awaken to be “Woke” plopped on an egg yolk—disgusting, this “crusty” salad with crab-meat at The Sole Proprietor, back home, with Laurie G. moving down the street from me—her topless I have seen to be of gentle caressment of penile pure pleasure, at the stretch limo’s leisure, and length to measure 22 feet or so, for my 40th Birthday roughly one year ago—I know, my 41st year’s festivities will amount to nada, if I don’t get some Gucci or Prada—maybe Armani?—Banana Republic?—they put back a couple of my long-sleeves I see, and Oh goodie, I’m asking Mom and Dad for my birthday, can you get me ::: what but a new or used TESLA pretty please???

Mom and Dad, being that I’ve spoken to the great Elon Musk and maybe meeting him 2X or only once, I think it is so APT to get me a new or used Tesla at this right here in the boonies, my “APARTMENT” !!!!!! I meant to say, please see that this come Spring/Summer interlude, I’m all but prude, me hoping to be a Tesla and onlooking pedestrians who they say, “DUDE!” and “COOL”…

I can’t wait to get my websites of “Creative Writing” made into hard-copy!

My brother Justin has Coronavirus! =(

Something some-what Symphonies, but resided, and I take the BitTorrent—undecided of its wealth—so, I sticking with the Coins of gold and silver six-pence, taking a Hex-agon, like Hexarelin of years ago and the IGF-1 LR3, I know, I remember, when every splice of a bodily slice to become growing—my meaty and athletic my 2007 body, Decided, into the decimal place of micrograms, Resolute and TaLLer with muscles growing but obie obey the chemicals’ play—of me being a boy and a man, with what squats unable to stand, but not passing out, that my working hard, the head rush—it could have brought bodily resilience, but to what extense and expanded fibers twerking to the jizzle of Taking Back Sunday—my favorite musical group, at Dad’s ECM Plastics, Inc. singing songs of all the $$,$$$,$$$ profits all day long, and fat males wear thongs, and Ida, but me and me supporting the Stridex pads of time past with facial blemishes—conquer them with topical treatment—but never with Accutane—so accurate, the pimping popping white sebateous junk—as I choose to be clear and faced with the fallacy of an imperfect contemplation, perspiring, per-spectacles and Speckles (my Leopard Gecko, it had to go…) Complexion of beauty-products, usually on girls’ booties two shoes Ruby—snapped 3 times—having gone without a whine or any wine-oh’s—them I disdain with a loud boo’s and jeers from the SOBER 2016 21+ grown crowd, cawing and my choosing to be “Withdraw-ing” with the tasties tasted and taste-ful V. s like at Vicky’s with what unpleasant yeast to choking chicken—what’s with them boys?


King Kong with Rings on, the rolling rims, I take my pills!

Coupled housekeeping with a splash of what were a wave? Oh I know, we have Carbon-spec and the Czar of King Zero superhero with a super-smart beating beat by beat, the loving heart by the rightest hand on the stirrup’s proverbial heat up that Sir, in loins with groins being grouchy… layed too down on the couch-seat, sitting in stagnation in the USA our umm call it “The Homeland” trickles the days-long tale of leaded (or unleaded but on a $LEASH at least… want a $BONE? ) curmudgeon capers stapling stacks of papers with not paperclips, but with a stale Staples purchase for Rev. Jim Chase (R.I.P.) to the winking daisies of bucking horses gallop’s along the faced gentleman guy’s gutter-crud washing them all with soapy suds on a Sunday at here now at this Moment—and seeing my parents on Monday—the funnest day of whatever… Pssschttt, some dismay in the frosty swirling season of alacrity FRIGIDAIRE who cares- when the car is clean with no muddy cruddy gravel kicked up on the back-roads (not mentioning that notorious “back-door”) when I call y’all to ATTN: got lets pry them legs open while opening the ice-box to take a sip of healthy 1% chocolate milk, so fine, so find—in the backbone most opposite from a far detection in the neighborhood “FREEZER SECTION” to imbibe much Calcium and chocolatey so… saying-glee (and greed) with words to fidgeted fuzzy feeling of food-feeding and Hood (brained mammaries milk) coming from a docile moo-moo poo-poo, a cow with milk to be switchedly swished and squeezed with the farmer named John Deere (my stocks, honest, because Trucker Hats were so popular…) and when this farm-town all around with a whiskers Saloon, 100 years before an elegant (www.alwayschillen.com/elegance.htm) urban “Salon”—with Pink Timbs on…

I guess so and I suppose so, I made my arms and legs GROW in 2005 when I felt so godawfully ALIVE and third base THRIVING at “Chandler Gardens” yes, and correct, my first apartment that had a smoke to detect, and then the Manager Debbie giving me a half-cigarette at night or in the morning, yeah me, once then, me a non-smoker me who, well… I had an urge to inhale the Grimes (Elon Musk’s girlfriend) (R.L. Grimes music) and those “Goosebumps” little-kid horror books by R. to-the L. Stein the goo books were all mine, me never a bigtime reader, proceeding to address the address in Millbury (yesteryear) now in a Condo with the staff shoveling snow to take li’l Bizmark out to PEE whether it be on a birch tree or shrubs and bushes the artist brushes… his or her TEETH to spit down the drain, teeth faded white and plain, that is—compared to Ripley’s teeth—they were so white, had me jealous, she loved us, she loved Brad and Dad and Aunt Donna—do you read me?—I’ll pick it up and fuck the Cliff’s Notes of that book assigned and yet remaining ready but always not readed, baited breath, breathing, Duane Reade’s in the Circuit City of N-Y-C !!!!!

Now I see and all that you think of yours truly—to be—or an A+ and passing with a D you delinquents spending pennies’ cents perfected percents of the perspiring me, enticing me, exciting me—that is, yes, my hope to make a couple grand $,$$$ on PayPal—wearing a hat at that with my perusal of the used to “recycle toilet-paper”—that’s one of my “Capers” but good choosing not to involve the Copper ounces of mine, with Wiliam Tell on the front, me ordering 21 ounces of the coins I got on www.JMBullion.com — a lot of precious metals, Bitcoin, hello are you there?

I recommend buying a gram of gold for less than a Benjamin Bill to carry it around—I’m into Bribing my future fuck with a Nintendo “Duck Hunt” that the shooting RF-frequency delightly dancing D.D.R.—dance dance revolution—in arcades and on South Park—that—HARK!—I’m hard to get when I drip out the men’s seeing me men 10 of them rowing a paddle-boat to place in a race on the esplinade—I crave activity, my acrylic painting a while ago, you know?

Have you seen my paintings? Paid a few hundred for a studio and instruction, that I agreed with Pierre the teacher, I did 8.5 tenth’s of the work on my own, the mixing he would show, me how to blend paints with a Palette Knife and MMJ brought with me, to get high at night with my Art?

That sounds about right

It’s safer to stay home at night

I’m too cool for school…


randomwordgenerator.com: glory, do, gradient


I invested millions of dollars into Bitcoin (great crypto-currencies, Tokens, etc.) and Tesla (along with Amazon, John Deere, etc. etc.) millions of USD in 20-30 stocks like Berkshire-Hathaway e.g. Geico and DAIRY QUEEN — that’s where Elon Musk went for lunch — that, believe me, I talked to Elon Musk for 40+ (44m?) minutes on the phone when I tried typing in ELONgate because I was looking to grow taller and with larger longer arms… I did 3.5″ and 2.5″ in 2005 but they were shrunk by my doctor — anyways I saw SpaceX and I’ve been to Astro Camp when I was younger so I wanted to talk to this Elon — that, oh, I thought I’d ask him what was a good “Musk” perfume to buy my Mom to be nice, that I’ve been so damaged and maybe I became “in tune” with God’s universe I reached beyond months before my investing in crypto (I Googled: cry and CRYptocurrencies was suggested in 2005) and I invested millions of dollars into Bitcoin, and even “Shiba Inu” because that night in CT with Dan my older “Cuz”… he got the number to Elon’s residence in the city, that because he liked Dogecoin I wanted to know about what pets he has, so thus “SHIBA INU” IT WENT UP 80,000% wow and I invested in Apple, Microsoft, Berkshire-Hathaway (BRK.A and BRK.B) wow yes I’m being honest with you, I became special when I did all this stuff like emailing China to name a deadly virus with “19” and “Co” my Dad’s company, “Vid” for BitTorrent videos, and because it came in glass bottles Corona that, well I’m not sure if coronaviruses already existed, but I used MySpace and Facebook in 2005 to implement my “Grand Design” from my Near-Death Traumatic Brain Injury Survivorwww.wrxtbi.com and I don’t drink alcohol for many years now, A.A. only twice, that it just took once because they said, “God is the reason why you drink, and God is the way to quitting drinking alcohol…” that I saw as B.S. and I simply and easily quit drinking in 2016 when I hope my older cousin Dan B. still has my millions of dollars invested — I think I told him sell them in 2021+ because of the drinking I once did, a very long time ago, and I’m in a place a “Averte Rehabilitation Home” in VT when my parents are in MA and I don’t drive here, don’t have my car that MY PARENTS ARE SELLING MY SUBARU LEGACY (not pictured! haha) and I’m asking for a Tesla my parents have so much money because my Dad’s plastics/polymers company ECM Plastics, Inc. sold for $36.5M him 25% owner, the “Company President” paying $20,000 to keep me here where they cook and clean and give me my anti-seizure medicine (I had 2 or 3 seizures recovering from my TBI — ICU 1 month!) but I’m being hacked on my many devices 🙁 yeah people are mad at me because they are upset I survived my www.wrxtbi.com when they all screamed at me on my phone and I pulled over an a cop drove by… I threw myself on his hood and said, “CALL A TOW-TRUCK!” and he just said GET BACK INTO YOUR VEHICLE! only after the bartender stole my taxi money — I’d gone without my awful “Gleick Alcoholism” drinking not a sip for 2.5 months and it was all “Their Plan” https://jeffreymarquis.com/2019/10/15/1517/ and https://alwayschillen.blogspot.com/…/a-group-of-people…

I survived, intubated everywhere on my body, keeping me alive, that ICU 1 month, Fairlawn Rehab 2.5 months — but since then I’ve predicted things with money, especially, investing in GameStop in 2005/2006 it went up 40X in 2021 or something and I think I have a lot of money in that and so many other Stocks like WeatherTech — I bought the cars here the mats — and the owner, I left him a message saying I want to buy his $53,500,000 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO — I have a poster of a red one in my apartment — I maybe met Elon Musk 2x that a third time someone with a Lamborghini Gallardo in green, that person, I stopped at the restaurant when I wanted to meet the businessman Lamborghini owner and he said, “Hi I’m Elon Musk, have you heard about me?” AND I SCREAMED AT HIM: YOU’RE NOT ELON MUSK! I KNOW ELON MUSK AND YOU’RE NOT HIM!”

I know so many millionaires — I’m one in TD Bank especially — that I think when I told Dianne Louis of Le Mirage — her oil rich — I wrote an article about their restaurant for The Student Voice of WSU: “A” Psychology I, A- Poetry II, B+ Creative Writing, etc. after going to a shitty community college QCC for Computer Science THIS AFTER I WENT TO SAINT JOHN’S FOR ABOUT $30,000 per year and it’s because I had severe panic attacks in the city at Northeastern University — I had to come home and go to QCC — I don’t know anything about programming and I thought computer science jobs you just go online all day in forums or whatever lol

What else? hmmm

I invested in $BONE, $LEASH, $FLOKI, etc. I picked out crypto’s that I think sold on my 40th birthday or the beginning of 2023 or maybe I’m waiting until November 2, 2023 — anniversary of my crash… severe double vision, slightly hindered speech and the left side of my body! I was a wreck, so I didn’t drink until 2010 that I was an alcoholic again in 2013 — but then I went to A.A. one time to quit drinking, hopefully permanently, no sips in 4 or 5 years YAY SOBRIETY!

I worked in my Dad’s owner/President’s office doing data entry and he arranged a Trust Fund — but get this nonsense — since I’ve made many millions of dollars with Stocks and Crypto he doesn’t give me any money but paying for groceries, like no vitamins or muscle stuff — I’d been an Asst. Manager at GNC — and I grew so much with GHRP-6, Hexarelin-CJC-1295 to make my legs and arms longer — but get this: I used 1000mcg of IGF-1 LR3 that IT CROSSES THE BLOOD-BRAIN BARRIER — and it boosted my recovering brain — I injected it into my neck for “hypertrophy” and “hyperplasia” in my brain!

Google: “JMRQ Heavy Industries” TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

I predicted the highs of Bitcoin Cash to $1 and Cardano to ten cents years ago!

Bitcoin Cash reached $597 and my prefix is 596, and Cardano — well I think I’ve been faked the numbers why? BECAUSE I SIGNED PAPERS IN THE ICU SO I HAVE “HEALTH PROXY” OWNERSHIP OF ME AND MY BUSINESS, BECAUSE OTHERS REALLY SCREW ME OVER!

Anyways I’m a writer with www.wrxtbi.comwww.jeffreymarquis.com and www.alwayschillen.com and http://alwayschillen.blogspot.com — plus miscellaneous blogs, I had my own “The Poetic Voice” I’d get 30 to 50 visitors every 24 hours!

Can you call me on the phone?


And I knew Mike Lindell of MyPillow from a 2005/2006 “Trump phpBB” talked to him on the phone when he was in Mexico for his drug of choice that he was an addict, I read some of his book, but my favorite book is The Qur’an because Allah took me to “The Creator” at the edge of space in 2013 with my best girlfriend ever, Justine Ara. I want to marry her because we both have TBI’s that were NOT OUR FAULTS!

I’m an American taxpayer and I give money to Welfare Families and people like ME with DISABILITIES!

Hoping to me who I see thee and the ways of when it was better days, living next to WSU with their “Gymnasium” Ad Nauseam in a hot-air balloon—one belonging to China drifting about on the way of it crossing the country, while here in my “Apartment” (at Averte) I sing to the sway of what but a loud, “HEY CHINA YOU FUCKS!” of counterfeit fits and eating dead cats/bats/rats Rated with their failure to come up to my American “Standards” of big ol’ boobies when on the YouTube, I be- sitting sedentary sitting still, and stationary, seeing the window-sill and all of a sudden I feel ill—as per the Chinese food of Ma Huang’s staying while I didn’t eat the “Duck” here—last week and thrown away in the kitchen, praying for Ukraine’s gander ad nauseous nothing with Europe’s UK “Queen” Megan wearing a green, dress, and so dressed up Fancy and Fashionable—her able to be with a purely ivory white-boy, while girls play “coy” (unknowing) I learned at my University, at my desk, the girls flirting and breathing to breed with breast-implants as per my Wedding Gift—bigger tits!—when one comeuppance strips the pants (or dressed salad dressing on the Ranch in the Mid-west)—when I think of Lance and LIVESTRONG 2 yellow rubber bracelets on—I’m drifting dilly-dally with Sally’s thongs on her backside and floored footsteps wisely, them highest of the heels, when this way, I catch feels, a tug of the fishing lures lines be so kind as to reel up a guppy with MMJ “gummies” when “Marquis” sails and says, “I’M KING OF THE PAGE!” on your browser screen, my thoughts, yeah, there they’re all seen in splendor, sticking my left hand in a smoothie blender, but meandering upstairs and down, the stairs I throw my spilt split socks, for a wash—taking woopie shopper’s hours in their houses—A SHOWER, so show me the bowed down power at this late hour, now or never, I focus on my splendor, this while I never endeavor!

“Slice ’n’ Dice the Ricky Crispies Eats” NO BARS SINCE 2016!

Google: “JMRQ Heavy Industries”

Too Treat who but You, the reader of me, yours truly, when Summer Sung and Summer Stung by a bumble-bee, merely, or albeit a never bee-ing so nicely—a White Faced Wasp—with its nest hurdled above in the little crevice by the roof—ain’t that the truth—and to my Trust Fund—I just don’t want to get Stung in my bodacious body, heh, my BOOTY so friendly relaxing on the couch (with my Macintosh), this when the slip to the sloshes of Hush Pup’s touch-up’s of shampoo and sudsy, paws freshly clean and not at all muddy, the mutt goes shampoo something something a dog’s poo, like Phew it’s Pooh Bear with honey—that attracts the stinging swindling self-defensive and duddly yellow-jacket insect, that they all inseminate The Queen, hoping Justine hasn’t had anymore semens in Depends or able to put fruit in the overdone oven—all the songs were sung—and Sponge Bob viewed with her favorites’ the cartoons, eating ice cream shared between us two—with spoons—and then spooning in bed after I always enjoyed seeing me at the Altar—but not with her… I wanted to be, I wanted to be, I wanted to be, so joyously, with…

Shorts un-skirted, loud and burly, for you, for thee, staring at a screen!

sassy, sexy, wily
streamlined classy cool

makes a grown man wanna drool

thy cups runneth over
and i am tumescent within and without
you make this libido shout
pearl within a string of pearls
you’re one of those poster girls
living goddess, visage of perfection

be still, my heart
as i pause for reflection
a tall drink of water
a sweet cup of tea

my new age Madame Bovary

Mangy out the cagey to boot with such beauty,
of the A-mber to be Alerted with Justine Short-Skirted
And Brave-ing it into what culminated in a public display
This “play”… Dis Play of amounted to a Show at the Mall
her mini-skirt was too short, of sorts… thought(s) Mall Security

underbaked seas call,
underbaked earth quakers
of Slimy Serpent Snakes

Coffee Cakes and sugary

What beknownst is strategically,
of my MAN-totally totality sporadical,

Congenial Sandra Bullock first on a bus

Undercover beauty queen
of my own “Beauty to be read:”


Gradual and highly waiting…
a Saint John’s contemplation
and bitter resuscitation of what a butt-er lips

and those hips
some Pink Slips
when it comes
and ON we go
eating snow-cones

making “Angels”

I shall not drink to the ether either end of the beer can or what Ma’am,
with out hanging predestined projectiles of kitchen floors what is more,
when wither once Pro-truded with that attitude, THAT’S NOT COOL !!!
Me inked as a silly writer—coming Lighter—and Asunder, unto what-
Another baby being born with sin of my own kin STEALING MY…
genetic material from the Southern land, and a nurse’s hand in 2004,
I wonder if that stolen “seed” was used for something or nothing!
Thrown out from my “spout” of girth and length—calling all girlies!
Ember and others here with Carissa and Elise—I know they adore me
Adorned with a plump red Roses thorns—bull market’s horns. . .

alwayschillen.blogspot.com I write so much prose/poetry for, who but you, the reader so check me out! =)


Me never unnerved and so sing aloud to a crowd, and then swerve, oh my word, around a corner me in order and while Faking Deep Fake—on Facebook—my accordance of William Mahoney my accountant who was previously my great DAD’s enamored community of his plastics/polymers company, of only two beautiful females, for 23 days of nights and day, me saying, “Hey I love you, Carina, and you Jessica, too! Third weighed every other daily, magnestic affection in the afternoon—and dammit all day long beautiful Ember here—All For you—keeping up with my medications and self-hygiene, food, etc. the beauty of a Queen swishingly and wishingly massive amounts of sweet hello’s and the food, oh the food-  it’s good


When what intervention of intervenous injections of one clean “anti-psychotic” intra-dereliction, cookies crumbs of what— Attila the “hun” battles won of what inspected language coming through text, that I’m hands off of me (!!!) and delicious more of the muffins- with no buns on burgers to only eat the meat—once running “Meets” in Worcester, MA—so that XC and Ski Club, “Back of the bus!” my business, my Google, toodle-noodle Google: “JMRQ Heavy Industries” that’s the best of me and I’m not a “troll” in any way, shape or form of internet interweb International poetic expression-  and without the disgusting nonsense found with consensual senses when she’s fucking on-cam with the menses Ovarial “abortion” filth of what one time each month—it’s a must-have to-do with a baby in Mama’s belly to extrude the elephant (my Dad weighed a lot at his birth…) its Ivory in Grammy’s belly for about almost exactly NINE of those month-ley’s Motley Crue to row a boat on J. Crew branded fashionable fits that are it with the GM and BM to the W of Bavarian Motor Werks with the treated twerking—I’m not weak or a terrible tweaker, but of The House Speaker—on Twitter the sweetest system, that Elon Musk-  yeah I talked to him!

Me being 41 y/o on Marches finest day of 20th, the special day when this soon, seeing Aunt Donna Donohue and my artist Brother Justin, too!

Anyways I sing the song of Timothy Waze that Waxy Maize on the Insulin-release and releashed $LEASH with the spilled milk of cass and boots, the troops, that China has the world’s largest military, and India—wow oh gee, why can’t EVERYONE LIVE PEACEFULLY?—with a piece of pizza and yesterday’s yeast detected and relinquished of Presidential doodie, so Elissa Victoria take a nudie, with video, you car-crazy little, well… you know, your smut taken offline that I hope your kitchen shelves are clear of that addictive liquor of getting drunk, I hope you drink very little, and adopt a Kitty of $PUSSY cat-like reflexes, and I haven’t had “reefer” in many years, causing my sighing of over ripped jeans, on the knees, so get down low to reflect my responses to the Facebook Monsters—designer Mustards—and showing respect and solid beneficial wishes, for “Special” individuals to wash dinner’s dishes, not dropping them but sudsy with the soap of my overworked and exhausted right PALM-olive and big oil, coming in a 1L bad-ass bottle, all troddled, and toodles to you, who, I see I have readers following you, and maybe the real and ephemeral (Eternal Love) of feeling your 8008132 chest nestled… up AGAINST my large pectorals, eating at Coral Seafood when I would always be in the cherries mood of eating the dining at The Sole Proprietor, and I’m not lying to you—I got it on in the parking lot and men’s room, when, these beautiful women would mysteriously, choose to romance me—I would feel the glee of swampy balloons Basketballs need to be diffused with the Nucleus Fission of my passion to never pass on a booty-ass bimbo who knows, how to swerve in the morning, afternoon (too soon?) and G’Nitey to you, doing what you do with that ‘thang-thang’ when I haven’t been with a girl in 3 or 4 years—but not shedding tears—months ago me RIPPED:

I thank “Citrucel” it’s a laxative—so skiny mini of getting in SHAPE:

I saw the cover and thought of her, famous Josie Maran so beautiful, when, later, then, on, TV, she was to be seen on QVC, her selling facial products of nutraceutical creams and oils and gels to bring out and along, not her thong, worn, I’ve been cinched and I squirm WHEN TO BE READ, that this instead, try calling me at 5o8-59six-43 with a 1 and another one, when I need some conversational fun, call me it’s 1 call of convo and that’s all, that’s it, so hit- me up at my cellular phone, Grammy’s cellar looking for more of the grandparental gifts, Christie Gilmore showed her “midriff” with a raffle to get addled in a limosuine, by my hottest Queen who the one other, my Justine until 2013, that her Queen status sufficed—I could have had the Boss of thesole.com in that limo suine with me all night, SOBER 2016, that’s what I’m proud of, to say the least- if you know what I mean—the sheets of silk and NO BREAST MILK BECAUSE I DON’T WANT TO BE A FATHER!—Laurie knew and she blew out the candle that peep my online handle: “JMRQ Heavy Industries” oh please like plz plz plz make mentional momentary (and monetary…) notice of me who- when I be http://www.alwayschillen.com and http://www.wrxtbi.com and http://www.jeffreymarquis.com and http://alwayschillen.blogspot.com — when several years ago, with Edibles, I would stay high all day and all night—unless I had to do something like driving a car very far or attending a meeting—Peter L Sargent I don’t any longer “Stay High” Google: “song stay high” and the thermo in this stat-e allows me to have my stomach and lungs to STAY DRY!

There’s a pool here at “Averte” in the USA with those who sip and spit Cognitions of Cognac, with dinner—non-drinker = winner—rims called “Spinners” on SUV’s owned by the “urban” skin-colored dark, ALTHOUGH… many whitey’s would listen to Whiteney Houson, do we have a professional problem? No way because I could donate to All Black Colleges—I’m not a prude—I’m a professional “Crypto Trader” that the money is accumulation in this Nation of budding profitted fitness when my millions of US Dollars are only bing of contemplated, for now, and assuming I have my Wealth, my Health, my Happiness, my Fitness, etc. that the staff here at “Averte” have seen, me with no Queen Justine Aragona when previously I would moan to her, I want to $BONE her at my house or her’s—now sounding creepy and absurd, suredly, when I should now end this textual entry (An Entity) of entering the Entrance to my dot-com websites! CHECK MY OTHER MATERIAL ONLINE! please do it now and read about my 2013 or 2014 Investments… I’m a rich “CASH COW” ! with 1% chocolate milk!

Everything is all for Used! and you and you and you and you

I’ve narrowed my life to 4 people I care about would do nearly anything for them <3 Mom and Dad

A doubted dryest spouted, and rest in death with ephemeral breathing, them sold soles and swollen souls undoubted, un-driest Trust a Priest—to take the tap out of the fridge and plant that sucker pucker motherfucker in the “Kegger” Cold SPOUT—when straight to the Mama Breaded with butt-beads foreign fixes of those taboo gal’s, American men need a kiss on her MOUTH—the South and an Baptismal-esque “URN-BAN” thanks, when will is Walker Honker Honky “Wonka” of CBD chocolate I haven’t had a long, long while—yes it’s been years to sit and pace, shitting the Picante so franticly, pooping pudge and sweated circumference of barfing up the barren rib-meat, so Anorexic, my fix, treated to Spliffs split into minor in-FRACTED fractal mathematics, Playboys in the Attic, and white (power) Tic-Tac’s of loving my fine-bread purchased at Duane Reade’s in cities abroad—sea-ship about to embark, to skinny-board the plane or train, that, maybe an automobile in along a foor-door Ford type Tomboy *CRUISE* to peruse what the rail-handles can dismantle a piece of Mickey around my neck, precious many grams of gold to the being with worth WEALTH, around my neck, free of bruises to inter-spect with a Gadget from a Mister missed his PLANE (T) ticket being Earth and happy with large intimate and enamored “GIRTH” given by a doctor at my birth, on day turning twenty-one when I once many years ago, I found glorious banter in the sizzler South Park, when HARK! I call BULLSHIT on the fantasy-storey of Noah and his Ark, it never happened, all made-up, all a limerick, limp prick, like the nonsense of The Holy Bible—2 on my table, also what is able to hold afloat- my #1 favorite book (I’m Islamic!) with another 2 special books: editions of The Qur’an on my front-table yes it’s The Qur’an (on top of the Bible with NO RIFLES, NO TRIFFLES, nothing to get dizzy and frazzled—I’ve read most of the way through 7-tenths The Qur’an (and one of my online ‘handles’ is “jmarquis710”) with a phat was swallowed spit, and to me not into chewed tobacco—Dip from Kodiak or Copenhagen—old have the teeth of an elderly hag—I’m not a fag—I have no business with the weak drying off with Rags, I’m not a Fag, once more (and another one of my online ‘handles’ is “wrxtbi”) that one more fill’er up at a Full-Serve “gas” of a station, in this world of China buying Oil from Russia—oh no, it’s a “Burnout” junkie loser, who I am better than the wonderlust wife-beating white trash Welfare and you’re welcome, that these apartment, only “Renting” the ‘a’ papered toilet in the bathroom. . . being of a shitty basement apartment, seeking wealth through the lottery, when, I know, I said “Give me that Pinball Wizard ($250 won… for 5 bucks…) to scratch this random number (random.org) pre-fix of supporting nothing but temporary and trivial excitement, playing numb3rs, spending U.S. Dollars while the drivers drag the hose to hoes down the nozzle of the cars’ running “Tanks” to Thank Mobil and Mobil 1 specially “specified” automobile OIL, sipping the EVOO with NO VIRGINS!

EVOO = Extra Virgin Olive Oil, sips and spoilers = Pittsfield Oilers = drilling holes to the Southern… Constitution for the rude protrusion of a Declaration, my USA nation led by solding solder soldiers SOLD—looking for Bizmark expansion of a girl like Ember the owner of a Diet “Soldier” and “SODA” the Doctor prescription of three or four Doctor Peppers and Salt being sprinkled atop Sweet N Sour who has the power at my time of night that’s what I swear I know where, there’s people reading me, HERE !!!!!

“If you don’t believe in Jesus you won’t go to Heaven!”

Google: “Parthenogenesis virgin births”

I want you to think of Jesus Christ as only a pity of a man—JESUS CHRIST was tortured to death, until his last breathing gasp of scorching air!

There have been many women who’ve given birth without a man’s sperm—there have been so many like the V-card holder “Mary” of The Holy Bible, that, honestly, Jesus Christ doesn’t mean much to me—and this is because of an article on Time Dot Com—that where and when this was true and honest my learning of how often but very, very rarely,




Wind chimes and smaller than a penny… Yeah 8 pennies more than my Numero “Dos” cents in the Church plate on XMAS EVENING, well that would have equated to approximately and perfectly fictitious friction Derek on his “DIME”, well I believe I’m right and with more might haveing switched my big, big, and bigger donations to that little church in Charlton, Federated, gold plated, the Dishes—me when I was ignorant and that Jesus Christ “Follower” J.C. he swindled me for some thousands of dollars throughout the years—now Rev. Anne Skinner wonders about what it is what it exactly is that has fully replaced my Jesus Worship—well look at all of the Ministries’ Military in the set-sea Oceana’s—Worship… Warships SHIP=“State Head-Injury Program” of mine with my cool Jehovah’s Witness friend Peter L Sargent—and no offense to Colonel Boothe who I like and look (he’s JW too)… I look him up and I wish I lived near my real “Home”—with of course a TI-83 Grafton Cali-cold Calculus a GRAPHIC GRAPPLING GRAPHING CALCULATOR!

I can easily afford a house, a new Tesla, and but I want my parents to pay the entire ordealed and SEALED DEAL OF ME MARRYING JUSTINE ARAGONA! 2009-2013 scars and all and Allah I need Allah :halo: =)

Show your FONT!


It’s a frontal condemnation with “For Her” Measurements, and Men-tality with Eli Lily, Covid-19 FAD and I love my Dad, and Aunt Donna Donohue, who, well, my Mom—Deborah Marquis—this text is me flexing a powerful right bicep, all night long, and I being without a “Step-Mom” so you’re the one—cheer up Hon—I don’t want another Mom (you’re enough of a post-menopauseall livelong and LIVESTRONG, mother who doesn’t dress up in Chantilly Lace) and my Brother Justin got MACED in his FACE!

Mom please don’t be shitty to me, like the fuckers here been going through my trash for about FOUR YEARS!

Mom you left me!

“I don’t love you anymore!” You cradled and sighed, when I held you tight and it made you cry even harder, when I said quote-unquote:


And so you cried harder—for what? Is a divorce about to take place?

I want to stay with Justine Aragona and Allah taking me to The Edge Of Space in 2013! without my cavities explored (like when I was one time only, EXPLOITED, by Mr. John Deedy!) yeah 2001 or 2002, through and through, you fucks chanted “Faggot!” and “KILL YOURSELF!” from the Leicester PD that, novenmber 2-nd when I was falling down drunk, you all planned, after stealing my ID and having nearby bars deny me!” all until that day Nov. 2, 2004, you gave me more, that I couldn’t handle, check my Google: “JMRQ Heavy Industries”—a vain pain I ache from THIS AWFUL “AVERTE” SET-UP!