I really do love my: MARQUIS FAMILY!

So sweet our love for each other the Marquis greatness shining bright like a luminary Southern Sun of eating buttery baked buns on the beach in a tropical climate: Topic, Global Warming – that Dad says isn’t a big deal, my dear Daddy, remaining resolute that the water level is many years off from reaching its peak, birds swimming in the water looking for a big dish of fish, and then flying in thehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xN0FFK8JSYE sky, so high, that the CBD doesn’t “lift” me, which is similar to how I don’t have any weights of iron here to pump up my biceps, being unequal from when I wanted a bigger right arm made possible by protein-peptides like IGF-1 LR3 sold online in many online carts, and my Cookies kitty will occasionally let out a faint fart, eating snookie treats that’s all she eats, that I want a female cat, hence “Cookies” but not “Nookie” for that is for my only crush here at “Averte” — it’s Ember I want to marry Justine Aragona for my birthday in March, but if she’s gone I want to marry Ember in December on Christmas the 25th of the month, and how many years and months have I been here in Vermont, but that my real “HOME” with my “Health Proxy” Mom and Dad, is located at the distant topography of near and far “Massholes” on the Pike and 128 and 495, I took 495 often when I would jive in my sporty AWD Turbo Japanese vehicle, I miss so much, now planning on importing my riches from my Bank in France, paying the required taxes to have Domestic access to my riches!

All because I was so injured and damaged and sad when I would cry at my computer being hacked by my enemies, and I Googled: “cry” and that’s how I learned so much about “crypto-currencies” that weren’t in circulation yet, but in 2013 or 2014 many of the small stocks listed here ((( https://www.cnbc.com/cryptocurrency ))) were worth less than a penny!

I could have owned coindesk.com, but I believe I’ve only invested some money in order to profit!

I thank Dan Besse my unofficial stockbroker cousin, but he showed me so much intense pain when he turned off all the lights, had a somewhat hidden lightswitch in his guest room where I slept until I felt such a strong painful sensation in my bladder and I had to get to the bathroom really quick!

Dan locked the door and there were tons of boxes and bags down the hallway so I couldn’t get to Dan’s other door to the bathroom!

It’s the worst pain I ever remember or recall, worse than when I pissed my Dockers in Health I with Mrs. Waskevich at WSU when I had to do a presentation and no matter what she wouldn’t let me use the bathroom!

I remember all those joyous girls smiling so wide, grinning while grilling me with their beautiful eyes WIDE OPEN

They were so Heavenly “enthused” but they didn’t laugh even a bit — no they were in disbelief

Mrs. Waskevich should have let me use the Men’s Room!

I called Dad. I said I pissed my pants in front of the whole class. He said he’d either drive me home or had a pair of pants my size at his huge plastics and polymers business that has made him worth many millions of dollars!

I’m most proud of my Dad for being a Bassmaster — that I Googled: Wayne Marquis earlier and he’s on a Bassmaster website — actually it was something I posted on Facebook many, many years ago, like I signed up for Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook in 2006 with my worcester.edu email through the University I received some good grades at, so I saw the decade old link to Dad on Bassmaster and it reported his earnings through his professional bass fishing, he now has a $40,000 Ranger Bass Boat!


Pitch a tent and be my friend on a ferry in a Ferrari little miss thing, listen to me, you will be my amplitude of a multitude of purposes for deserted corpses buried in a field where I wield a Duracell battery of a D-cell like Justine’s Mom’s D implants I would look at the seat of her pants to put me in a trance, more desirable than my own Justine who was never mean, if you know what I mean, as this waiting in a purple haze from my legitimate MMJ card, but expired, the THC and psychedelic effects I didn’t exactly desire, and I WON’T START A FIRE! for “Heaven known!”

I’ve known all this from the get-go with my two Gods in the finest heights of sanctity and I like Lisa Sergel’s kitties, being implanted from the saline making sure she massages her “clients” but not too hard, a Rod and real I choose not to steal while I sleep in a deep trance wearing underwear and not sleeping naked, happening only very rarely, the forecast is fairly bright with a blinding light coming through the Oakley Shades of yesterdays to shade the sun and have some fun, fucking over these Apple jerks, that Eve bit, similar to Justine Aragona 2010-2013 when I mentioned Tiph!

I called her Tiph on accident mid-sex and her sharp front choppers drove me bonkers — I went to the doctor’s office just in case there was accelerated damage of her being twenty years-old with my bunch of age-old comic books to be sold, now that I pay for so many taxes to the old and the creeps on welfare, about them: I DON’T CARE ABOUT POOR FUCKS WITH DRUG HABITS, except for Cousin David Perron, dead now, missed by his family the most, that he took me out one day and the first thing I said when I got in the door my Mom was there I said: “DAVE’S GONNA KILL HIMSELF! QUICK CALL AUNT DIANE!” but my Mom said no way and he’s from too good of a family, that I didn’t see just that, with his two babies he inseminated random girls not being able to pay child support, so to reviving and receiving welfare and welding at Walmarts he had to resort, making a little scratch his itch OF A HEROIN AND OXYCONTIN ITCH, THAT DEAD BITCH, HIS KIDS IN SHAME, MY MOM BELIEVED MY PREDICTION OF HIS PURPOSEFUL SUICIDE WAS “LAME”!

Unlike David Perron who killed himself from Asphyxiation or an overdose or something, I should have hit him when he drove me around on opiates, and I told him I knew he was high, like I’ve seen his sister’s eyes so small I think she hangs around with his opiate friends and now uses them to ease the pain of David’s committing suicide, but I’M NOT SUICIDAL IN THE LEAST! being happy here with my smiling and spitting pretty prose on this hacked computer of my enemies’ causing and my enemies are burning in Hell, and if they aren’t, I’D PUNISH THEM INTO THE DEVIL’S DOMAIN hp.com

I care about my Dad, my Mom, and my Aunt Donna Donohue the most!

There’s no one three but you three and I wish to stay free! Dad, Mom, Aunt Donna, will you kiss me?  After reaching beyond God’s “Illusion” so I am free without a car, so I’m here and near to here, 3 hours away from you which is far too far, without my car, and I do care about this my life without a lovely lover and chicks on-screen satisfy my lusting lust where I want to THRUST!  Ha!  Beyond my sing-song writing, I wish to “write beautiful poetry” with Justine Again, as we had a special Holy TBI bond of bones that were broke, we had little hope without doctors’ aid and oh, The love we made!

With her at my side, I had it made.

Ripley was spayed and I remember sitting us 3 on the sofa love-seat when it was neat, but I rarely called Justine a bitch, that she would sometimes say to me, “I’m a Bad Bitch!” And she tickled my itch, tickled my fancy, she was a fantasy of phenomenal enjoyment with her lips and wide hips, I wanted her to be skinny, once having the nickname “Tini” but not sipping a Chili’s Margarita or a shot of Tequila,

Speaking of which, I find myself always having to have a diet soda or SELTZER WATER in front of me on my coffee table, maybe because Alcoholics have habits like that imagining a belly full of beer, but no longer I, so do not fear, a break in my Sobriety, totally unlikely, although missing the caramel taste of fizzy full-body Guinness, other beers I digress, I remember the clothes Justine would undress!

Not the greatest body and denying an attempt at low-carb, I don’t want to be in an unescapable place with barbs, on the fences, I’m being punished by living 3 hours away from home, as my back muscles tenses

In the present tense, Bitcoins are worth $50,000 making it to $100,000 a specialist’s prediction by the end of the year, and I regret trying something queer, without any beer, without any wine, my stomach was amped up and empty, I remember the pain in my spine while reading a book — I haven’t read The Qur’an lately — a horror novel by R.L. Stine, not scaring me so I was fine, way back when I lived at home with Mother Hen and Daddy Duck, I want them to treat me better here at “Averte” with the fucks!

MMJ and fresh, green “Trees” I guess I am fine with simply CBD (I’m low on) ordering CBD flower from bostonhempire.com and industrialhempfarms.com I’m awaiting two of my orders, but the way they don’t give me my packages right away is very disordrserly, or, maybe my enemies are causing me a tad of misery, PLEASE STOP MY ENEMIES FROM MESSING WITH ME!

I like how Justin’s friend has the neat name “Luigi”

Notes coming out of a Trumpet and not Trump, the resounding sound of a gentle BLOW that I’m sure Steve Jobs would hear the world’s finest musicians

Becrowned like King Wayne the bass fisherman to the sound of the powerful motor a 2-stroke with hundreds of AYCHE-PEE’S as the sound resounds through the luxury carpeted interior with 2 tall up seats in the front&back that allow Dad and Randy to appear taller while taking deep breaths of the freshwater, and talking about nature and their all-natty wives, Sweet Debbie and Buckwild Becky lol jk Philips and their 2 boys Austin and Trevor who love their parents so dearly, I could tell you my Dear with a John Deere trucker hat put on backwards, like in the Hood

Some people wear hoodies in the winter

They take my clothes here, like the one Justin bought me showing money and reading, “Stack & Brag” that they took!

Not note-tunes in NotePad but really real harping coming from the harpist, pleasing the ears of the Experience at the opera, and thanks for taking me to that upper-class concert in Boston with Justin, and plus thank you for getting my best lover ever, Justine “Tini Ara” Aragona, tickets to my favorite band: Taking Back Sunday — I have seen so many great concerts like U2 with my stockbroker who I should call about my “crypto-currencies” investment that my 1 or 100 or 250 Bitcoins are now at $50,000 being predicted to reach $100,000


I knew something big would follow the restriction of BitTorrent and it was BITcoin, like Ripley never bit me hard on my wrists when we would play rough, but not too rough!

Now about the Path it is a straight line as accurate as an advanced laser, like I remember playing “Laser Tag” with Jared Donisvitch, my old best friend and may Ray Rest In Peace!

As well as David Perron, who I looked up to Brandon Hom who died from heroin, like Dave’s withdrawal he killed himself!

But speaking of opiates, I’ve never done OxyContin or Percocet or heroin or Fentanyl, but I’m not totally sure about the ICU

My Secrets of the universe are my thoughts and my enemies have plots!

Spitting on the swishy-swishy fillings on the underneath graphite walkway with flamboyant fags cheering on dancer boys at Chippendale’s the boys wearing man-thongs while the DJ’s play sing-songs, eating chewy chocolate chip cookies, as the horse-race sneaky betters are paying the bookies, Dad fishes with hooks, not associating with any crooks, and in college he read every word of the books, Biology, Chemistry, Astrophysics, but to me they are partly mystery that with God’s universe I see, and I have seen the edge of space, accelerating through the Big Bang, but not in a “gangbang” — instead with a a few intrusive happenings with my most-recent covergirl lovergirl of yesteryear once bringing me to God, and like every single day of the year, I’m wide awake and looking for a pet kitten kitty-cat I’ll name “Cookies” — because I like cookies a lot! — and my cat during childhood was named, “Pookie”, poking and prodding her to eat her Fancy Feast meal and not being run-over by a car or truck’s front wheel on Hanover Street, the feline feeling its fate, God is who he or she will meet, with a #1 lover “mate” floating upwards from the hit-bottom of the street, treading walkers with headphones on burning calories not eating cheese, wearing fancy shoes, this after having a cup of Joe don’t you know?

Smarter faster bigger stronger, I train at the gym no longer and instead taking pricey “amino-acids” for anti-aging, not for kids, as a toddler squishes a spider and a midge, wiping his right hand on his side, so be on my side and see that I’m not planning on procreating a baby boy or girl, as 100% of my life is dedicated to my life, with maybe a beautiful fancy wife, filled with the moods of a spring chicken, for dinner, and we have a winner-winner with a large Weiner like Oscar De La HOYA — does anyone know what a Hoya Lift is ?????

The Hoya Lift in the rehab hospital each morning would lift me from my Fairlawn Hospital bed, I bet, to ease me into my wheelchair for a couple months that this has already been said, writing about my fiction, urban dereliction, as the kitty licks her Pedigree, wouldn’t you agree? I would love if the house here at “Averte” could adopt a grey kitten with plooms of puffy white hair, near her neck, but aww what the heck? Why did my dog Ripley die at a mediocre age, maybe she didn’t like her good-sized cage, Dad nicknamed her “House” that once or twice, to be so nice, she caught a mouse, Mom threw away to keep a clean and orderly house, free of mice, so nice, with the hornets nests sprayed by Dad with toxic flumes, sweety Mom sweeping dust on the floor with a broom, often, very soon, I want Ember in my bed to “Spoon” partially-anorexic like my lovers Jessica T. and Carina R. my “Travelogue” of the 8 East “vacation” I was always so happy with my three beautiful girls for 23 days of love, happiness, and pleasure this Jessica T. Put me at leisure, I’m quite sure, and you can quote me, but don’t quit reading this technical prose until THE END!