With my time at Averte, it really blurts out something from me ` ` ` Your’s Truly, Jeffrey!

My 2005 audience so autocratic, Then, in 2005 and 2006, when I took notes from slides and I heard the words of SpaceX I copied notes, but being nut-so and jotting down info on the screen, do you know? Like that, so “phat” when suddenly I come so curmudgeon-ly, do you know? I copied notes from a SpaceX presentation with Elon who his employees didn’t like my taking notes, in tune, a zany loon listen to the loon and “To The Moon…” with gold bars and collecting a lot of Silver I wish I get all my meds 4x a day at the window =)

When uttered crumbs they combs and to the Dr. P. Diddy his Ph. D. I know a lot of doves and doctors taking Fentanyl prices, murder on the strip, so the iced tea is Snapple Crackle with not pot but CRACK from a Plumber’s Butt — Football… 1 2 3 HUT!

Mama Mia, hot Pizzeria in a diary written by my Mom and her love of pizza, reflecting having known Mellie Za in the olden days of “FB” my face on the books, Pass ported Trans-SPORTED, spotting a lifter with what drives ladies crazy with their grunting a grumble hum sung of a song and the pole jaulter is “Sprung” post-ringing and grinning with the name of the bathing bikini Hawaii vacationers keeping clear of South Korea

read on…

This was my first long-term car to drive to Saint John’s in my Class of 2000 at the Catholic private school, taught a lot of Islam that many of my 2000 Class are Islamic now (mostly the ones with wives)

My first manual transmission

Some battered specifics in those get Gyp’d  Egyptians “Hieroglyphics” so neat and detailed, working the pigails on a pretty princess, like a steering wheel, sucking the Twisted, Circular straps of attled get-backs, get-backs, you with and To, DISMISS THE PREMESIS!  now came-to “ing”—ZING!

And sing the such of so that this I know: me, who, I having seen the never-before-told of reaching beyond God, with the Sod of My fancy delight one Blessed night, believing in myself, my unnoticed “Within” but without anything going “in” and to me, on tippy-toes, The Statue of Liberty is tall, s tall, taking the necessity of a slender body-  when climbing steps to get in the Eyes of Lady Liberty (hear, hear!) she sighs at the signed singing Bella-Rasta-  is sure, to seek refuge in the working world of under-worked Employees…

Need a job?

TRY MICKY DEE’s (McDonalds) my Mrs. Coker of a mental hospital when he snacks I would seek chips and (beef) to the Jerky of Her Her, keys being of unavailed when warm weather and Setting Sail to seek a Yacht steam-ship, that I broke my left hip in 7 pieces, but “To Let Forever Be” including the engravement engrabbing scooped-up ENGAGEMENT with to who but buying a Hotel 6 to stay, and, @, that’s “AT” for a night of delight with a little old TV, setting to Sea at the weighed skinny “Grams” of 375ml at light beer 3 a night and not often the 375ml jotting notes of my thoughts, in the evenings, upon my seeing the writing is ignight-ling hoping for no war to be ignight-ling “Jeffry” “Jeff M” 2013 or 2014

I’ve never had fentanyl ever and I won’t try Fentanyl unless well, I DON’T DO DRUGS! but I “Doped” IGF-1 LR3 recombinant protein peptides and precious metals I have a gram of Gold Bar, but really come on now “you tell yourselfs with Josie Maran on the cover of Fitness Magazine with my seeing her beautiful face and skinny body, but she’s a mother and I think I couldn’t handle anything more than paying Taxes on my Bitcoin and so many Stocks of 2013 or 2014” after I’d read to Elon Musk I told him I had to go to the hospitals ICU TBI wrxtbi

Because I would rather explore God’s universe with Allah always accelerating and as soon as I got to God — who I reached beyond Him in 2013 into space where only stars exist, that God Himself The Father The Creator of His universe — He’s adding planets and galaxies of various size with maybe life on them, but I didn’t see any flying objects coming near me that I swear- I went in a perfectly straight-line with Allah taking me to God at the edge of His universe, always traveling at the speed-of-light bring planets and galaxies into His universe — I almost died in 2004 ICU for a month — I purposely scored 0% on my Health I mid-term class its because I didn’t fill in a single bubble and handed it into Mrs. Waskevich at Woo State where I never had any problems and I scored B+ with an A- and an “A” but not plus because I didn’t score 100% on the final I aced, that I said, pray for me to be in Space with Allah and it’s because of the internet, reading experience, experiencing it myself and it’s not like running because acceleration is a great thing with my asking:

Can I have Google SPECIAL again ?????

I know my Mom won’t give a Certified Certificate ensuring my much money  how is Mannie??? how is Nick D.? How is Danita? How’s her brother? I got him started in lifting weights and he was big arms, that I told him how IGF-1 LR3 crosses the Blood-Brain Barrier to create enough new brain cells to my TBI “Recovery” that many people said to me, “You make sense when you speak so it didn’t have to get a Prescription for 100 or so “Ventolin Inhalers” of Mannie years ago does she remember the many Gifts that I bought $30 from Facebook, I wanted Mannie to come to Massachusetts WSU I don’t use a Mannie account that I made for her and I have tried to “behind the fridge where Hampy hid.” Right Mom Deborah Marquis 50% of my profits I will donate to Christian churches and I hope to have over 50% ownership with the agreement we signed, giving my Dad 49% of my Bitcoins, and there is a force faster than light, Tantric sex with no pain, that to spread my wealth would be very nice!

If Justine won’t be with me again not caring about what the oil prices are-  me the peaceful 360 I have a $$,$$$ 20-something K gold necklace from my deceased uncle Mickey Donohue and Sophie Marquis my Grammy prayers

I’ve had an Amazon account for over a decade!!!

Years ago someone shared this online and I don’t think the information is correct after it was published: (special for me because I’m also “Jeffrey“)

American “Amazon” (AA) I went to A.A. twice to quit all alcohol in 2016 when sifting thee newspaper, having subscribed to “The Journal” of Wall Street (WSJ) in the mail and I would only read the first page, the covers, to learn so much, that I told my Mom canceled it after I’d received many deliveries when they amounted to only a temporary ownership on my part, so sugary tart, yes, me being smart and smart enough to have recollections of meeting Elon Musk at not one restaurant, but TWO, and then once a man who’s friend owned a Lamorghini Gallardo said, to me, “Hi I’m Elon Musk, do you know who I am?” And I replied, “YOU’RE NOT ELON MUSK! I KNOW ELON MUSK!” when the man dressed up, he said to me, “Yeah I’m not really Elon Musk, but how do you know him?????”

Playing pleasure on the starry-eyed Sun of God with the implantation of moderately sidicously correct with SIDS in the laying slunder of SLUMBER when the tree’s-men (or tree’s man…) says, “Hear hear, right here I announce to all of the frenzied-future forest creatures, “TIMBER!” and so down falls a tree in the Summer for a suprise, of light, and from up above where only the “cawk-a-doodle-doozie” says the Iron Model of a stapled stack of papers, spread in ink and quilted with Bologna and Full-Stomach Folgers instant- effin — coffee in your cup when you say who’s going to provide a comfy bed-ridden bed Rest to compete with only the best, to win, merely bearded teens laughing it off, after class, and winking at the girl, the lass, the object of Junior Joe’s urban schmoes sickly unkempt when the school cafeteria runs out of cheese for the sang-which-es

But now for something completely different… and that makes sense:

Calling the Cab of what is also known as a “T-A-X-I” to pick up “Cabot Goat Cheese” — because oh please, smear that paste, on a big ol’ bagel to skip to a mushroom Truffle, and the Grandpa does a “shuffle” in his “NeXT STeP” on the Stairway, to upsteers, but not for the queers of a queer “society” Them the best members of bringing back the Queenie Weinzenberg with no red wine, so not to be spilled on a dress or khaki’s or white shoes, but taking the nude pictures to an M-T bathroom, and to lock the doors for The Mores in a History II (A) pain in the ass reading what has already happened with Politicians in Power, that, I, haven’t exercised lately-  my body is thin, and I don’t have a gut or camel-toe showing showed shone -ness all bright and shiny, I am skinny mini-shorter than years ago when I stood so tall — they had to shrink my legs and arms, but my heart is strong and really keeping TICKING — Toodly honored height and high above, flying winter chilled wings to the South, I sip seltzer, lemon its flaccid flavor, erected and the cans rinsed and Recycled so as not to be rude, with “Toodly” with the Duster years ago with household products and junkies abandoning bodily sense, that is, not to ingest anything “Toxic” who but Britney Spears, her tales, her absense of the limelight when years ago our screens would blind bright with her boobs and that Sultry (but not “slutty” ever!) stammered tectonic dinner plates of, oh Joe Partlow, what’s the haps?, the paparazzi B. Spears hates so goddamn greatly she would even shave her head of all hair, when you get older it disappears (so it’s not there…) down the drainer with the mustache ashes scattered in the Stink of a scuttlebutt so WHIM-siccle to suckie-suckie blow the red, white, and blue popsicle, for you to embrace the chilled teeth (and don’t forget the 30% Carbamide Peroxide whitener…) when one sings in the shower at, for me, usually a late hour and to snooze vividly vaccinated with 2 Boosters and another one, a Vaccine “Booster” awakening the Rooster to Call a Doctor’s Doodle with the Prescription Pad with papers for the birthday-snackers, attached to the time and attacked by the nearing of one’s finest final breathing into the lungs to be vanquished of stinky smoke the cigarrettes—I “NOPE!” — so as only to indulge on the tobacco only on occasion of the smooches determination to flex my skill in Investing, and amassing the reinforcements of MAGNUM “protrection” I mean “protraction” in the force of a Tractor mowing hay that’s my jigga-jigga “wrist action” of a video-based and loving “Protection” of The Pandemic world-wide with short-strides tingling a tid-bit the toesies require “Mr. Scholl’s showing shot-up shoe LIFTS” when I’m at the gym and yeah my friend Vitalik Buterin — I talked to him on the phone — he said he belonged to a gym but he’s scrawny, scrub with Brawny the quarters of fabric, in squares, because, trust me, when you spill that milk out da fridge, you’ll “Care” enough to wipe that shit up

I’m coming classy and sitting on the cushion (with skinny jeans on…) I’m sitting on my ASS, at last after climbing the stairs so often, now and then, when grab a pen and put “Diet Mountain Dew” on your shopping list and know-  this Diet soda, I fill my stomach with it, so my belly Fo’  Sho’ yeah sipping sarcastic OFF THE RIFF of a craft to lend a mention to my favorite finesse “Step Mom” with the noted dedication to Diet soda swilling bubbly instead of still (years ago I owned http://www.stillchillen.com) with what is said of beverages, you’re now reading my words, so thanks for LENDING me your stewardship with my shattered left hip in 7 pieces, oh ouch, sitting my couch on a caught-up catch with Brad (Pitt) and his bulbous front-side “crotch” with a balanced banked-up blanket to… in dreams… TO *FLY* AND IN THE SKY, AND HIGH UP HEIGHTS OF JOLLY-RIGHTS and the Holy night of New Years Eve, that time is important and crucial, Krusty, but not to me as I sleep not so much and sometimes in the day, that I remember months ago I would sleep until 4 pm late afternoon I would arise from bed and tired-ly on 4 tires, 4 wheels, feel the feels of me tinkle-tinkle peeping in the sink!

So as not to stink…

With what the bunch of Hawaiian Tropic at Hot Topic to be discussing the this me cussing with Jarden Kushner filling the news and lighting up the news, to you, for shiggitty Ocean Pacifica roaming drifters by the Jane Doe dozens of bunches of Hawaiian PUNCH -es  that I implore you, to you, to you, you know? Fo’ Sho’

How did I do it? I joined a chat for millionaire and billionaire people on Facebook when I had $$$,$$$ in my description for Salary which I have that each year with my Trust Fund that I also had my own dot-com that I would have 100 hits on each popular thread each weekend…

My gay Saint John’s High School teacher would wear a cock-ring to school, on his “tool” and being because I knew he was into designer drugs, that, years later, Michelle’s younger brother genius wanted to try something “new” like me seeing this homo English instructor, him in Worcester in 2001!

Pop-Rocks and worn once Polo socks, akin to the advancedchillen.com I ran, sometime ago, this I know, having chosen Elon Musk with a velociraptor’s Tusk of emanored Ivory to be worn, I could have sworn, those Polo socks at my ankles L-and-R to stride right with a tipsy-turvy bumble(bee) my glutes, golfers gulping Gatorade, when I ne’er folly to stumble- whether at that bar I once lived adjacent too, with Jason Chase, down the street, no stream to be seen, aside from the yellow stream, only I would see, and saw, with Guinness at that bankrupt and erupted, the bar, I would treat Heather, poorly, and nightly, sipping the Gin THAT NOW I DRINK 1% MILK- NOT “SKIM” to skipping through my par golfer Tiger, crashed his car, his career potential and squandered like a glass of white (not wine!) milky Golden Calf’s meadows of delicious chocolate milk, I think, pondering my own potent vim to grin with I don’t think I ever sin, albeit with Google prodding me onwards, and without a mental hospital stay, stay with me here at the lofty internet, I don’t think I belong in a Psycho’s words to be seen, his misspelled middle-name of “Thaddeus”—what a rush to read the phpBB I copied the name of a forum, his essays, I read most of ‘em, misled name, Memento’s insane, “Who is Mary Jane?” and I took the Melanin-excrutiating Ford Focus and Fiesta- come 5am I take a late-night “Siesta” when I moreso and food fed with good intentions of “STEP-mom” I’m into the tone-deaf women in their 30’s to take the cake when Justine bit my C talk — I was bitten and she was forgiven as I would once a year call her “Tiff” and she one time only, well, she bit me down south oh ouch and ICK! So to see a doctor, Justine the jaw-breakers jaw-worker with a twisted spoon Goodnight Moonstruck, a girl had a baby, oh mother to say, “Your choice to be a Mom, mine maybe baby, I wouldn’t like, being to Be a Father I don’t want her… anymore as the Moonstruck shut its doors, one day I arrived in the rain and I have TD Bank with over a millionaire me my dollars, I thank the bank and being rich I have many “Cares” to support those I have known and loved, while eating ice cream and a Dove, the pigeon I’m thinking, but not the soap, that Justine said “nope” to Bath and Body Works showering washers, when her Mom made her stick with Dove in the shower, I took a shower with her Mom and I fucked her then in 2013!

I vaguely remember the time in two-thousand and nine, her Mom showed and supervised, my delights of the afternoon—after work at ECM Plastics, Inc. which was sold for a pretty penny millions USD—her Mom and her, my girlfriend, it got too kinky and we agreed that the two of them, for me, wouldn’t ever again be seen, her step-dad didn’t mine Bitcoin (I told him to invest $10,000 in Bitcoin of Justine’s money in 2010 or so and he did this I know, as a matter of fact: it’s been a long time since I’ve had any sort of panic-attack!)

I remember Allyson had a tattoo on her BACK being a TRAMP STAMP with heavy footsteps and written letters, I breathe in a deep titty-twister nipple breast, Limo Laurie, to her fiance, I’m so very sorry you’re cool with and I deleted “Crash Test POETRY FOR ‘DUMMIES’” I forget what happened in the lipsinked limo, you yeah yes you, I called you on the phone, speaking to “her” of her jollily sipping white wine, but I took off Grace—for 420 Friends now—HI ELON MUSK!—phone me please my info is at Google: “JMRQ Heavy Industries” and PLEASE COME SEE ME! REAL-L-Y! I’ve given so much to Christian Charities!

I have a “severe” Traumatic Brain Injury from 2004

I had a limousine and I used Lumosity at The Sole Proprietor in Worcester, MA where the staff liked me…

Railway trans-lucent brain “training” at Lumosity.com I used on my laptop and in a limosuine in 2018 the years before my parents who love me mucho, and renting a limo and challenging my TBI damn them damaged Neurology of Ph. D. pages, with my Operation, of Maple Hams and chanting changed to PRAISE JEHOVAH! I hope my friendship with TBI the JW.org sort named Peter L S. on Facebook, I Chase the yams and KY jello jams on JAM’N 94.5 FM thats radio wide based in Boston/Worcester the Big Sean “Blessed” I listened to on repeat, and buying the CD with a signed check, peeping cheeks for online justchillen “Jollies” for faulty functioning in my addled-brain, coming correct with a POSITIVE I’m being followed by Elon, of 2005 and 2006 when, talking to him, we talked about our dicks for only a moment, when I told him about IGF-1 LR3 that increases length, width, and girls loving pen’s GIFTED GIRTH, but not so bugged computers, a private part so big, to hear the. The. The. the “male” I’ve had a couple in previous years, but mostly I crave females, and my Amazon packages, delighted to be Delivered to Elon Musk via NASDAQ: “FB” the profits I did see, and to shut Facebook down? I WANT FACEBOOK TO CLOSE ITS “PORTS” on 80 (and 8080) but open we me and Dan, we used IRC #Bitcoin telling Bruce Fenton to go on, too, him the Bitcoin sort of profiteer and politely I declare, I need to talk to Elon and/or Bruce, me having purchased two important women Gift-Cards to “Charolette Russe” they liked that, they liked how I did that, to share my wealth, SOBER 2016 my bodily health, and my great WEALTH of Jolly glad tidings, but I had to spent a night in the hospital because my liver values were askew, that I viewed the full-grown staff in the hospital when I feigned a suicide attempt, and I was so thankful to be safe for a night, here the staff and residents make me STRIFE having been here at “Averte” in Bradford, Vermont of New England that and then so I know I have to go to home sweet home in Charlton, Mass, attending a Christmas Ever Even on the Eve of Christian’s “Christ Jesus ‘Church Mass’” when I want to buy a house in Charlton or Worcester, serving up textual better than sex, upon your screen, a police sketch, my face to be seen, that I wonder “IS THIS A 2004 DREAM?”

I have many 1992 Barcelona Olympics NBA cards in excellent continued addition of my Precious Metals, an ounce of Zinc, that I dumped out an unknown liquid that looked dark, to rid in the dumped out in the sink, but I wonder what that dark brown Distinguished as a disguised perhaps a drug?

All I know is that I get no hugs from the employees here — this thesis of my attention to verbal discretion of me not seeking sex with anyone but the hours-from-here in Vermont, her I don’t know where she is, but I belong with a TBI “Survivor” like Justine, and I’m sorry for punching her arm upon her teasing me- making me think, that she would be, dating Tony who barely TBI-recovered he couldn’t get it up, that I went straight—totally straight except a man’s mouth YOU ASTOUNDED, a mouth surrounded that important organ, I see that I get hits from a line of text, “mommyblowsbest” but fully respecting the Holy union of my Mom and Dad’s marriage, yeah they’ll always stay married, my fetus, my Mom, carried until the Blessed day at a late hour come morning, I was DELIVERED in the Operating Room at Saint Vincent’s Hospital in Worcester, MA on that Blessed day, in the month of March (20th) The First Day of Spring!

My Additional phrases, singing Praises of hopefully my parents allowing me to buy a house near them and a new or used Tesla, when but only then, with me at the wheel, taking Justine for a spin, spending a couple bucks, she’s the #1 Chosen 1 with cellulite on her buns that maybe she’s thin now, I don’t know what’s what, butts I like to think about my not smoking cigarettes or cigars anyway, that at any day now, I seek the stumbled Cow to prance and dance with Lance to the Strong Arms in my clean and hardcore corporeal self, with imitation Polo Blue on my shelf, having seen the movie “Elf” with Chris and Christie in 2005, my friends, not since and only then, Alas, I bought Carissa a “wedding planner” glass, that’s me who I don’t wear the under-shirts known as “wifebeaters” that’s so old, salmon uncold, my supreme “story” travelogue of time with Allah, it has been already told, but deleted 38.4 MB in the days of old, the days of “Yore” the egg yolk tossed, scrambled, my blogs being mishandled by my enemies!

Founding in 1986
New York Knicks
Humble “hicks”

something something “Abercrombie”

Because that’s where I’ll be along with Ocean Atlantic for me, to see, ever so SPLENDIDLY

Dranking the drained Summer Shandy beer, a long time ago in Cape Cod by the beach, me to see, skimpy little bathing suits, hiding The Fruits of the upper and lower halfs, exposed legs, the juicy calves, the muscle, to Hustle and Score

Moreso you and your, those, them, those-ies on my Toesies within without any socks of a hobby Block of New Kids On The… yeah I told Justine’s brother I wanted him to sing along to songs in his truck, him with his first job, McDonalds daily with Lee jeans and a millionaire I miss-  but buying him a Tesla in as soon as 2023 or 2030, maybe, when I sell the spent mucho money ME MACHO, putting on a couple pounds, and stacks of books

When these my “Crypto” the increase in value, it resounds, evermore, opening the door with a lock, key, and hammer banter banging on the sexy persuasion of Peter wearing a dress, my guest, being at The Sole (thesole.com) delicious food, where I’ve proven myself to be a painter in Acrylics, painting nude Acrylics

Ways of the wonderlust big-backed honkey’s butts in the Manual Transmission, hit the “Clutch. . . a bag” of a fine woman pulling out some U.S. Dollars having bought the Coach Clutch I’d stick and shift, bearing a midriff with [ The Messenger ]

What-  a Winter sea-salt spread to those who knows, use snow-tires, and the morningly Sunrise the Sun shows—but I haven’t been slow in years since my “TBI Recovery” that my abilities came back, and the NO ALCOHOL NO MMJ when You Know ???

Pinkie stumble and jarbeled labels of left and right “Lab-oh-yeah” feeling the vision of OOF I puff the crops and stuff, WITHOUT THC! I LIKE CBD ONLY!

Daintly dancing the lingo that ding-dong at the door, a Vicky’s delivery of thongs so more undies to be tucking away a fine fancy fantastic curiousity to take a writing workshop at me 40 years old on medz

I’m attracted to the benefits of having FRIENDS, MY FRIENDS, ALL OF THE STAFF,  here at “Averte” when I swear I knew Elon Musk fairly well, especially a 40+ minute (44 minutes I believe…) phone to the CALL ME ELON! PLEASE WE WERE FRIENDS! I WAS RIGHT AND YOU WERE WRONG!  CRYPTO-CURRENCIES ARE HERE TO STAY FRIENDS WITH ME, have you ever been to Worcester, MA where I lived on Geneva Street and Brian McNeil didn’t believe me I was friends with Elon!

I attended Astro Camp in Oxford, MA

Elon Musk was glad I called him! He’s tall and I ordered a package for him because of my Traumatic Brain Injury with something I told him no one else would be able to give him, Humatrope, told him I’d like to see him put it in his neck for the Blood-Brain Barrier and I was not drinking for years of Sobriety, like I’ve been Sober for many years, no sips 3+ years!

Merilee told me that marijuana is legal now, I have 2 expired cards for me once being with that had needed, now using only CBD and instead, of breaking bread with my supposedly-deceased Minister Rev. Jim Chase, that him and Elon CALL ME POST-HASTE! for of chastity unbridled, want to have Justine Aragona as my first-ever and never “fisted”… my gay English Saint John’s teacher who abused me with a drug, I “fisted” him with my left hand, and and throughout the land of sees and saws, that Jason Chase broke his neck when I left living at home SOBER 2016!

I would rather be accelerating with Allah in God’s “universe” especially getting through the Big Bang and then onto God, but having reached through His “Illusion” at the edge of space in 2013 — In 2005 and 2006 I attended Bitcoin on Facebook, and called their offices, then investing so much years later after I broke up with Justine “Tini Ara” Aragona who cheated on me 1 time but I’m over it and her Mom knows how special of a couple for years we were because we were both “Recovering” from separate TBI’s and broken bones from car accidents that were not our fault! — and I told her to invest in Bitcoin and she really did! I think she’s earned $30,000 I told her to use it to buy a 2000 Acura Integra Type-R, selling it at $30k that I got Justine’s step-Dad to pull his Bitcoins because I was breaking up with Justine and he said to me, “I knew you wouldn’t make money with these Bitcoins that I told him to buy the real coins, or just 1 coin because of my Wall St. “Tip” big tips at The Sole and the Body of Christ when all is nice in the nighttime which my screen is always at its brightest, providing the lightest mention of that this Tiph who I try not to write about, we have separate lives and she has a baby I’m not with her I AM WITH HOPES OF SELLING MY STOCKS TO BUY A HOUSE OR APARTMENT FOR US, WITH A MAID OF COURSE~

I doubt she’s able to take me to God, like with Justine did when she slept over my house all night long in 2013 that I thank her and her parents, Linda bought Bitcoin and Justine is a millionaire like many people I know and talk to every day… I have a couple hundred dollars of Bitcoin, from $500 or so, and I want to be given a diamond ring that I can give to Justine Aragona when we get married. We didn’t have a disease and I doubt she got covid-19 that I wrote to China about Wu-Tang Clan and then that’s because I said, “Buy a map of China and tell me where you think they should have a virus,” so he picked far away from his friends on the East side, or the West Side, but I DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT UKRAINE — like I told Dan to buy me a 1967 Ferrari 250 GTO that they said 250 on the news and I’ve already seen “$250” once tonight and then I wrote it down hours ago when I was jattering text unto a fortunate viewer on LinkedIn: MY OLD FRIEND STEPHEN CULLEN AT APPLE!

I put a spell on you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82cdnAUvsw8

Spicere Sincere the few their God Given [ NIN ] when oh when I was “TEN” or so and so rightfully highly-rated on HotorNot.com with my Spawn #1 worth many hundreds of dollars, I remember it was Todd McFarlane who invented the comic and the movie, where you should be, here alright that’s right, Right Here and Near to the essential “oh-so ‘enamored’” with pussy glitter and gloss with glad damsels layed-then, to a convenient store near Saint John’s the WHITE HEN! and when I wish white soap suds in the SHOWER POWER! barefutted that’s bare-foot to the took of the talk and Roosters “SQUACK” with Diesel Drivers tanking down the highway being, packed to the brim, the upper-ringing in my ears, sans Pacific grassy classy ASS-ey AND EASY, to please me poignant lips, I drool with the toxic breathe, Christmas Wreathe ridding right at the days of early Jan. to post-NYE take off the Holiday drinking beer, when the Ball drops, wearing Gucci flip-flops, listening to the Playboy Hunny but hun, you’re humble, now humming to myself—and a His hum when driving through The Projects, a Niagara “slum” with support of my Charity givings to Rev. Anne Skinner—so we all win! “because you’re mine!”

SOBER 2016! no sips in 3+ years! Comic books from the 1950’s and I’m into Stocks, Bitcoins, Precious metals mental abilities from IGF-1 LR3 in my neck in 2005 and an “A” at WSU Dr. Brandi Scruggs my teacher who gave me an “A” on paper but an “A+ in conversation” conference calls with special geniuses through a Ph. D.

I haven’t had any caffeine pills that are too strong and I only have Diet Red Bull 2 today 0 tomorrow because my parents know that Google: “Parthenogenesis” and there have been many virgin births before and after Jesus Christ that I downloaded www.loveallpeople.org/lordsprayer2.mp3 and I listened to it on repeat overnight on repeat for months and months in my “Recovery” at home and people didn’t realize what I was doing by telling Mike Lindell “I want you to tell me if you’re on drugs” and he said he enjoyed crack for an entire week, I got a call from someone asking why I would want to talk to someone in Mexico and I said, “Hi I see this is an unknown number and I assume this is someone thinking I was inquiring about my telling Mike Lindell — I read the beginning of his book that came with my pillow — I said “pill oh?” that my online friends were not believing me that I emailed the webmaster at a Donald Trump website, with a forum, that Mike Lindell had a really great post of his luxury items and I told him how my parents made me take the pain of Jesus Christ’s “Crucifixion” when a bunch of people didn’t believe me, that anyone who endures a personal “Crucifixion” I suffered for Jesus Christ many times!


ALL LIVES MATTER! I have been forgiven for my TBI and I experimented with drugs but in high school I didn’t smoke anything before school driven there by 2 potheads at Saint John’s and went without it, that of all the schools in the area being Christian, I wanted those because I told my parents I’ve accelerated past public school and need to be under Care. Here at “Averte”

My parents are okay with me being into God and Allah, and although I worship God, I might want to stay with Allah and explore the universe of GOD’S where and when Bitcoin goes back up — I have ten wallets I arranged about a year or less after I saw “The Social Network” in theaters TWICE! ❤

My parents control my money.

My Dad got me on Facebook early.

I signed up for one at the Disability Office in Southbridge, MA in 2006 when I worked for my Dad’s huge plastics/polymers business ECM and my Aunt Donna Donohue knows people in Congress, that I motivated Bruce Fenton to run for Senator when in 2005/2006 I wrote “VOTE BRUCE FENTON FOR SENATOR!” on his wall that many people liked him and on video chats with him, I saw a Bitcoin logo on his shelves in his office on video chats, and I bought him an Encyclopedia collection when I said, “You either read all of those in order, or backwards if you’re against me, or get involved in Bitcoin — because I saw a dollar sign and I wanted him to have more money than my Dad who liked it a lot when I found random.org I used when I invested so much money to profits I’m fine with giving 100% of my Dogecoin and maybe “Shiba Inu” to Aunt Donna Donohue who has Bismark MY AUNT DONNA DONOHUE had a bunch of books, a big stack, when I focused on my writing prose and poetry at Worcester State University I couldn’t pass Lit classes, but I got an “A” in Psychology I that the college later said I failed the class when my parents thought I was lying about getting an “A” and they got involved, when I heard from my parents that something was “on” with my over-correction of my TBI and buying “Advanced Chillen” DOT-COM in 2006 or 2007 when I lived at my real home with my parents who they them didn’t like how I would buy 10 $1 “Facebook Gifts” three times but I have a TBI and 3 dot-com’s that I canceled my blogs in 2010 to 2013 or when I was with Justine Aragona I had my alwayschillen dot-com and wrxtbi.com


A- Poetry II, B+ Creative Writing: Dr. Walker of Creative Writing he wanted to have me resubmit an assignment, the one that didn’t do well, the only assignment that I did poorly on, I got straight A’s and an F on 1 stupid assignment ) He wanted me to get an A or an A- in our class and he believed me that I talked to Elon Musk before the class began and I used www.randomwordgenerator.com for Inspiration and random.org for the grading that I did in the class, when I would keep the submissions like I graded the assignments and I would write my thoughts on what the paper deserved, and he taught me how to write, and, how? I’m not okay with being locked up in a mental hospital and Facebook has access to a small percent of users unlike AIM that I was “Jeffrey Marquis” and my parents were “Marquis Parents” I made them an account in 2005 or 2006 when I was living in Worcester, MA near WSU I wrote a brief article for The Student Voice and I would hang around the English offices in the morning and I had 2 afternoon classes, that I started with one class to begin with my Disabilities and Handicaps, ❤ Facebook ❤ Apple ❤ Mom and Dad and Aunt Donna Donohue

I have less than $1000 in my Bank of America and it’s been as such and so, which is really sucking that I had to cancel a Bank of France with so many Euro’s and I heard that was allowed — I posted in my handwritten and typed “Public Ledger” that my name Marquis is French and from royalty — I told my parents and my Minister that the only reason I found out about BitTorrent and a bad internet-forum that caused some bad things in my life — that my enemies and my parents caused me to panic and drink when I was so sad I wasn’t smart enough for WSU Computer Science and I was lucky to not have a criminal record or ever having been never arrested or taken into parental custody, I never drove drunk and I didn’t smoke at Saint John’s High School so I succeeded in being popular with my Class of 2000 and there’s so many millionaire students I went to school with and I never went to a “school dance” drunk! I remember on my computer I was in a same chatroom as the real “Napster” programming on IRC that’s Internet Relay Chat that’s still around, and I was in #bitcoin and I bought a lot of gifts who I’m pretty sure I bought William Blasius and he’s getting a Tesla in as soon as 2023 I chose to sell my Investments in 2023 because of Miley Cyrus and Michael Jordan in the song “23” on YouTube that I named some of the YouTube songs when I reached out and called YouTube to have the receptionist to use a “Check” from my bank in 2005 to sign up for YouTube Premium in exchange for an official $1 Facebook “Gift” icon for her, that they kept me on the phone for an hour or 2 when they wanted to hear me reading what I’ve written for my “English w/ Conc. in WRITING” classes, because I wrote a lot on Facebook about how I was severely injured in 2004 and I had so much to talk about my Near-Death Experience getting beyond Jesus Christ BECAUSE I DEDICATED MY SUFFERING TO RELIEVE JESUS CHRIST’S PTSD and while I don’t think of anyone but Allah and God and Jehovah — BIG INTO JW.ORG — BIG INTO ELON MUSK — I’ve got a Bitcoin poster and I’ve never spoken to the Minister of my Charlton Federated Church because my parents didn’t want me to know about Rev. Jim Chase’s death that I believe William Blasius my friend from my hometown with my Mom and Dad, and my Mom well she thinks he’s nice from Church and our long conversations after buying him many gifts and I tried to tell him how bad the homosexual teacher I had was in 2001 or 2002 one night when he got me to drink so much coffee — he drove on speed after hours of intercourse, that I was raped overnight when I denied the suffering and tried to enjoy unprotected sex as I’d never had a girlfriend in high school, Saint John’s and your purpose for reading this is because you’re examining my knowledge and wellbeing after spending 40+ maybe 44 minutes with Elon Musk in 2005, he liked how I went to the school with a few phonecalls, but then I was mean with the school, Saint John’s, saying “THANKS FOR EMPLOYING MR. DEEDY!” he raped my whole body except my mouth on his pierced nipples he’d wear to school the nipple rings AND HE WOULD WEAR A COCK RING HE SHOWED ME IN HIS CLASSROOM AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS HE SAT ME IN THE FRONT ROW AND HE HAD A PRIVATE “METAL-PIECE” ON IN CLASS EVERY DAY FOR ABOUT A MONTH, THEN HE TAUGHT “THEATER” SENIOR YEAR!

He assaulted me with his penis in 2001/2002 near New Years on a drug he bought to make me horny, and I think he’s straight now at SPM teaching again, but, my parents took care of things with him and the Catholic High School, that I was subjected to phrases and speaking into a phone at the Leicester location with a speakerphone, screaming, “KILL YOURSELF IF YOU’RE A FAGGOT YOU BUTT BOY GAY HOMO!”

I’m on a lot of medicines and a Decanoate Shot every 3 weeks Haloperidol, many medications taken here that I don’t get a multivitamin every day to my dismay that they only give me 1 red circular pill that’s a multivitamin, me the GNC Asst. Manager 2003/2004 when I lived with my parents, and I want to buy a house on the same street as my Mom and Dad, plus buying my Aunt Donna Donohue a house nearby that I’m 3+ hours away from the 3 people I talk to several times a day and they’ve always been great about visiting me in mental hospitals and my 3 Apartments after living in a house near WSU and their gym that I would “Recover” with cardio my “Spastic Gait” funny walking back then, I hope the Saint John’s Class of 2000 doesn’t hate me and I talked to Dana Gardner my previous best-friend when after I had really gotten to know Elon Musk, actually speaking to each other and knowing each other online — I wanted to ELON-gate my legs (doctors shrunk them in 2005) and ELON-gate my arms, right arm a little bigger (doctors shrunk in 2006)

I have a TBI and near-death experience that my Spawn #1 comic book and buying $30 in Facebook “Gifts” to share some with Facebook employees and beautiful girls, that I had a lot of communication with NASDAQ: “FB” in 2005/2006 and I told my friend with Mark in the same house in California, where I paid $30 for 30 “Gifts” I would post with nice messages when I was Recovering with Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital my Mom took a year off from teaching to bring me to my Traumatic Brain Injury “Therapies” and Dr. David Kent of Indiana State University was a really great Therapist with our meetings for 1 hour at most, twice a week I told him about Bitcoin and Tesla, I talked to Elon Musk for 40+ minutes in 2005 and I wanted Trump to run for President — I befriended Mike Lindell on a Trump BB and he was in Mexico — I told him about sleep and he was in Mexico that he maybe sent me some mail my parents threw out all of the data and papers from 2005 when I had my Worcester.edu school email and I was on Facebook weeks early, before you could register, the general public, but my Dad got me on Facebook in 2005/2006 because I have an “Associate’s Degree in Computer Science” that I also had a job in the ECM Plastics, Inc. “President’s” office doing data-entry to learn how to type fast, and is it coincidental that the 250 GTO the most expensive car in the world I want to buy is a “250”… that Elon Musk — who I talked to for 40+ minutes in 2005! he was at an airport — his Tesla Roadster goes “250+ MPH”

I listened to Rev. Bill McGinnis of www.loveallpeople.org/lordsprayer2.mp3 on repeat all night for many weeks and months with 13,000+ plays on a laptop MacBook Pro in 2005 and 2006, and I wrote a 13,000+ page essay I know it was 38.4 MB and I bought Microsoft Word to write it, but I only sent it to my Minister who passed away and he was really hearing me out as far as “PARTHENOGENESIS” being PREGNANT WITHOUT SPERM, LIKE JESUS CHRIST, women can have real babies without any men involved, that I went to a Catholic High School Class of 2000 that I’ve been on the phone with the school, but I have not a single SJ classmate on here because of a teacher who was gay, and that’s when I denied Allah because it was with a man — years later, my prayers were answered with my #1 favorite lover ever, Justine 2009 to 2013 and I drank too much, then, that I got SOBER in 2016 with A.A. only TWICE, when I told them all, “I know a lot about the many “virgin births” that have always taken place and I have a belief that you should read my www.jeffreymarquis.com and my www.alwayschillen.com and http://alwayschillen.blogspot.com and please pray for PEACE in the world with international things, like in 2013 or 2014 I had Dan’s office assistant buying us international calling cards and I once had a Bank of France and so many Euro’s (or Oreo’s) I just told Ben here about buying investing in Iron Ore online that I’m into Precious Metals and money because I’m saving it for 2023 because of Miley Cyrus and I bought her CD the day it came out, and I asked 2 employees if I was the first person to buy it that day and they said things that my parents have been so happy with me pre-2009 when I was “Recovering” and working at my Dad’s company driving a 1996 Ford Explorer XLT each day WHEN I WENT TO A PRIVATE CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL: SAINT JOHN’S! 😃

I don’t smoke cigarettes or THC THAT I’M DUE FOR A HALOPERIDOL ANTI-PSYCHOTIC INJECTION www.brainline.org I went in a perfectly straight line like a laser- I before I entered I pointed to the edge of space WITH MY DISABLED AND HANDICAPPED LEFT ARM saying to Justine, “Justine, TAKE ME TO GOD!”

Chinese Kitty- wanna Cookie?


Hold the candle to the vigil my handle: “JMRQ Heavy Industries


Ember shown her new attire, that makes me smile
And all it be, but I quest for the rest, only when I’m tires
On a Hyundai, and Carpe Diem — seize the day!

My writing it’s “data” being transferred to the move-over
With a gentle caring hug, Ember I never bug to the HER =)
So specially and plentifully filled with gasoline, the bill to be seen!

At the pump when I slouch on my couch, artful with words-
“Averte” where I stay with a pretty please- fill my groceries-needs
Yes I drink chocolate milk one-percent fat and I , and skinny!

I’ve looked a whole bunch of “ways” since my TBI in 2004!

Join me on this photo gallery that’s from 2005-2021, very severely injured at first, but then I became hooked on working out and Building Myself Back BETTER!

This is me in 2005, UNRECOVERED and I was prescribed horrible medications by an evil doctor, who, he who will remain nameless… He was doing favors for MY ENEMIES, and my parents said I don’t have to see him “ever again” which I’m so happy about because my enemies bribed him and I HOPE MY ENEMIES GO TO HELL FOR FUCKING ME UP SO AWFULLY !!!!! My www.wrxtbi.com and My https://alwayschillen.blogspot.com/2019/08/a-group-of-people-including-my-parents.html

I was forced by my enemies (and my parents…) to take Estrogen pills and get shots for it, from a doctor I hate and he’s a real piece-of-shit asshole I want to never see him ever again!

I was prescribed Estrogen that a motherfucking corrupt doctor sent me to mental hospitals FIVE TIMES, that fuck, I hope he suffers always! Mr. Jeffrey Marquis (official Alias: “Jeffry” and official Alias, “Jeff M”) yeah ME early on in my RECOVERY, when, I was not yet exercising with crossing eyes double double vision. vision.

But then after some DHEA that caused zits, I got over that pill when I was at my worst, and I was skinny at Chandler Gardens being happy enough.

Katie Byszek commented, “Busting a move in your undies? That is the coolest thing ever!”

And here I am in the same place at the lovely Chandler Gardens where I would use the WSU Treadmill every weeknight for 60 to 90 minutes at 3.0 MPH without an Incline in the best shape of my life sit-up’s!

T3/T4 and “protein-peptides” I was growing with these great amino-acids that are still available in many places online.

Here I am at home with plenty of exercise at Boost Fitness and having stopped drinking all alcohol I keep it up to abstain from the beer and alcohol!

I had trainers at the gym, and everyone said I was in the best shape of my life!

My body is very important to me, and I have a big unit, that last night I looked at my unit semi-hard and I really am so BLESSED to be really greatly “ELON-gated” and bulky and thick and strong and I’m so happy I have a very large one, which brings us to the physical shape I was in circa 2011 :^D

I bought Justine that PINK AND WHITE STRIPED PURSE because of this:

This is why I bought Justine the purse, which was funny because I was reading the girl on the right who was tall, and I would write so many 20+ page long .doc’s (Microsoft Word for English’s my “Concentration in Writing”) and I had so much fun with images saved from Facebook when I had 500+ Friends and Ashley was never my friend WHICH IS TOO BAD BECAUSE I WOULD HAVE BEEN A GREAT INFLUENCE TO SUCCEED !!!!! But she killed herself and 2 or 3 other people, who, Ashley just got dumped by her jock boyfriend and she got drunk really drunk and drove backwards on the highway into an oncoming car of people just driving on I-290 where I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a speeding-ticket back home with my Mom and Dad who know I’m not perfectly FIT to drive here, always medicated and sleeping odd hours, even though I have a lot of Tesla Stocks I want the Tesla Roadster 250+ MPH unheard of https://www.barrons.com/articles/tesla-stock-bulls-markets-51663341496

Here I am after buying FIVE BOTTLES ($300) OF “GH2” while it was sold in stores, but I haven’t used it since it was taken off the market I’VE DONE GREAT WITHOUT TEST-BOOSTER PILLS, SO NO PROHORMONES, when, in roughly about 2008 I quit using muscle-builders… and then 2016 WHEN I GOT FULLY SOBER, and you can see how much the GH2 pill made me grow for about $3 a pill! 30 pills for $70 online, and once having paid $134.99 at a muscle store that had a pill for size with GH being boosted all day and night- yes in a pill that cost $3.25 a piece I would take 1 or 2 a day and eat at The Sole Proprietor with big entree’s and no alcohol or driving too fast 35 minutes away, picking up a pack of Double Diamond pack-cigars I would smoke on my front steps and my parents were applauding me for going to the gym, where, the cigars effect didn’t take over my body totally because I always had good workouts and I haven’t called that bullshit Nugenix number for Total-T bullshit, I’m not as big as I was in this 2015 INFLATED BODY without any ordered-online pills or whatever… and no needles!

This is me in last year when I used my DECLINE SIT-UP BENCH on the hardest setting and used the treadmill for hours!

It is the most recent photo I have of me flexing, and I’m now at “Averte” in my bedroom, having done a strict low-carb diet, looking thin, when I was great about my diet — really I only at protein, ZERO CARBS and low on fat!

I have a really big unit especially because of a Doctor who gave me a pill when I left a mental hospital total of 3 times him forcing me to take it easy and stop the caffeine pills and stop the MMJ for 2 of the times… but back to what I said “unit” mine WHICH HE SHRUNK AN ORGAN OF MINE FOR THE TIME WHILE I WAS UNABLE TO LEAVE MY FLOOR (!!!) and since I went off vitamins and pre-workout supplements, that I’m not allowed to have simple caffeine pills because my parents say they make me talk loud and angry, so no caffeine pills! Uppers and Creatine make you shrink and grow smaller, to the men out there: work-out supplements shrink your genitals! Really!

I don’t have any creatine, I don’t have any vitamins, and I may be healthier without the supplements and vitamins and herbs, but I will learn and I will lean (NO TEENS ON MY SCREENS BECAUSE I’M 40+!), and live lean with the best of my efforts, that I should go back to not drinking milk… yeah that’s my next step in bodily Health and Fitness!

Oh and I haven’t read any muscle magazines in years! I haven’t subscribed to Muscle and Fitness or any sketchy magazines except Bitcoin Magazine!

They peaked at $69,044.77 each, I had 5000 at one point or 18,000 or 21,000 with candle-stick and I hope I have a bunch since 2013 or 2014 when I bought so many Bitcoins and called all around the world, seriously, I had to cancel a bank in France, my Dad made me cancel it of so many Euro’s! HE HAS MY STOCKS! TESLA, AMAZON, JOHN DEERE, FACEBOOK, DAIRY QUEEN, GAMESTOP, MATCH, ETC. ETC. I think I bought 20-30 “BLUE CHIPS”-STOCKS IN 2013 OR 2014… and just like I predicted they would rise in 2021+ because of 20″21″ I KNEW I COULD QUIT DRINKING SO EASILY! =D

Ask me about my Investments at Pacilio Wealth Management and Merrill from 2013 or 2014 that I picked ones to be worth a lot in 2021+ because of “21” I’ve been 100% SOBER not a single sip in 2.5 years!