There’s a house-maid here, and my parents are visiting soon! I like the medicines they give me for Brain-Injury and I don’t have A.D.D. that also I have zero-pain and I’ve never done Opiates recreationally, NO PAIN SINCE 2005!

We must await the plate with a chocolate $CAKE ( of intense intestinal intesty-able flour, eggs, East, so Easy, on-come the baked bread like a home-cooked meal of iron-clad “Steel” on the Main Street running with shoes on both feet, being unlike the Kenyans who run marathons barefoot, sitting on a stool and joking with friends for A Night Out of the pricey gasoline when ‘a’ running on Empty or “Low On Battery-Charge”, and change with my Dad Wayne, I ask, beg him to buy me a Tesla—and stop pretending that I have no knowledge of my TD Bank of, how much cash?


Likewise—a penny? I hope enough for a house as I want to buy a house on the same street as my Mom and Dad!

Cash fragility?

All I have to say is that I put Euro’s into a Bank of France and I was forced by my Dad—he knew it wouldn’t be good to have on my clean-record—but I have cash in Green Turtle Cay, The Bahamas I wrote


“Travelogue” pages printed a many, A- grade at WSU

Read it, I recommend it! =)

I have less than 500 “Friends” on Facebook!

Twitter: “$JEFF”

What $1 to be?

With my whim to play enchanting games, Bitcoin exchange of about $500 profiting from my “Crypto” on PayPal with the savings to support me, please be-  straddling the addle and benefiting although without “Friends” on the end—or be that pay me the benefits of my Trust Fund accumulating interest—my interest in this GREAT WEALTH of myself—but now hidden—$330 in Disability arriving each month—I picked a less amount than the more abundant fee, giving back some money, so that or being saved up for a BMW 330xi to sweetie drive, but, if, and only if, I don’t buy that Tesla Roadster first- the BMW would be my all-season vehicle, here in Vermont at “Averte” wearing old clothes—I haven’t heard about any nearby Mall—but I’ve ordered clothes from Amazon—all for me!

Call it 100 or call it TREE-FIDDY in my world of “Crypto-Currencies” God fearing, God Himself The Father of His “universe” where the stars and planets—they’re DISPERSED—a-longing to play at this bright point of MY THANKING GOD FOR KEEPING ME ALIVE! The doctors with Ph. D’s and it’s the giggling me—I like $JEFF:

Surrounding these sounds of light styled writhing WRITE = I RIGHT IN WAVES

Oh the waves sounding at a Cape Cod of my best friend, Elon Musk, and Aunt Donna NEXT-UP along the Marquis-lineage of my soundly SOLD SUBARU a Legacy taking it easy, at 70,000+ miles on the rhyme and meter, to call her at least once a day, that one time today really recounting the alligator of yesterday… seems like about 1 decade ago—found a way to bake a cake of cold-hardy cash—coming hand out feeding a hamster a pellet, Or a pallet, up there, way up there, in the attic where the dust drifts like sediment out The Birch Tree Account when of where high-price to Count the Chocolate of “Chocula” and “Chobicus” that’s my Bro Mode Justin an alternative kinda art-working so fancy, when he inhales and previously-inhaled, a lot of smoke—some psychedelic substances being placed under the tongue, a touch—a touch too much, that DMT off-kilter being lit and him now with Nancy’s spliff on his websites like Tumblr I signed up for but having my own One-Post Only—me and Justine, being Justine and I—expressing my love for this Aragona-made girl who encompassed my mental universe of love having made well ummm baked buns in the $BTC and $ETH little habit of mine, and on PayPal where I have a fun balance—do you remember Balance Chocolate Bars?—I sip the chocolate milk 1/3 gallon at a time, it absorbs splendid, the “Petty Cash”? I spend it on my needed food and energy drinks, Diet Soda, who I am?

It’s me “Jeffrey Marquis” but I’m not where I’d like to be =/ as I quest for home so soon but I’m guessing I’ll be staying here with these crazy residents—most with money—the people here have money, the most with rightly-so rich and wealthy and healthy, their parents or care-givers paying the bills to be, and here, “Averte”—where you aught to be, outright, when I stay awake all night—coming with minimal communication to those here, where, I’m in Vermont and I’m over 3 hours from home, and I want the money from my Subaru Legacy my parents sold back to the dealership, with no accidents, but maybe one speeding-ticket that was absurd- now you have my word, I’ve abandoned the Booze and embraced “Fox News”—I love it!

Trump wouldn’t say who’s side he’s on—Ukraine or Moscow?

I’ve had Russian Salad Dressing before and I think it’s better than Ranch—but not like my Caesar Salads or Parmesan Peppercorn my family enjoyed—but I mostly like Ken’s Italian — do you hear that I like Italian sports-cars like Ferrari’s?

I love that car if only its “ looks / appearance ” but because of my #1 best friend of 2005, I like The Tesla of Elon Musk’s—maybe met him twice, that was nice hey if you’re Chinese go eat white rice! Why white rice? I believe in “White” Superiority because white people have the most CA$H

41 and fun chatting via my 5 blogs and Facebook’s “Messenger” (and NASDAQ: FB profiting for a decade)

Seemingly entranced, in a new pair of Doc Marten’s pants, the some so paltry in the pantry when once to Dance—exceedingly seemingly—the serenity of a sun-set when the tide goes out, shopping in Sandals don’t make me Resort to a Popping “Tart”

It fits!

Summertime of Limes and Lemons—allbeitso the Lyme with Ticks on the clock, on the phone, that’s me TALK-ZING!

From under the utmost prestige of what’s the deal with these, ones? the $1’s handed out on-stage—NO STRIP CLUBS—when to Google with “undersea goggles” prince’s palmer’s of Arnold with a walker waisted belly-fat—I have a small amount—at that!

Kitties shining white coat of Fancy Feast and Friskies to eat, much much much munching and such, to suck in the warm milk—cats… you don’t take them for walks or go play “Fetch” me a stray at “Averte”—tonight at group meeting they don’t want a kitten, here, that years before I was here, they had a dear feline, “Little Man” who shed the fur of Around The Fur in a musical group I’ve been 3 times to their concerts, and buying CD’s ??? Oh that’s what I’d do when I lived at home, on a Queen-size Throne being a bedtime relaxing time to fall asleep, after taking a pee, the nightly habit so happily, throwing a baseball in the rain, and women are walking to be waiting for a train—proud to dress fancy of Dungarees and Donkey Kong 64 being Nintendo 64—I saw my many Bitcoins were called at value of $64,400 long ago—I invest on PayPal know, so you know so such as what much Type-R of remaining in accord or something like that, driving a 1996 Ford of me in the Explorer I had trips to school, any girls reading this? I miss to kiss, kiss my Mom and Dad and I incredibly THUSLY need a girl for some “Toosh” like Tosh.0 had a show—ivory retracted—he caused youths to become video/audio fanatics, when erratic take a white Tic-Tac, being Mom’s favorite flesh tasting Mint Condition “BarcELONa!” my cards I carry, my gold silver palladium etc. packed in a pocket, and JINGLING with Joe Ingles’s (and Jazzy Jeffrey that’s me) of the “Utah Jazz” of having had been born and raised in Australia—these trading cars in envelopes—in plastic *I designed of my rich Dad’s creation and doing…*  Him with the cash, no cigarette or cigar ash, having known Ashley, I told her to plant a tree, that, hopefully and I’m sure she did for pennies and dresses hemmed to the knees, or shorter if she had only not been so tall—I like small—I like’s the Mall—having sunk shorter, shrunken legs by a doctor, this when my Dad had Procter & Gamble (P&G) as a bigtime $$$,$$$,$$$ company and customer, the plastics, I gave to some other “her” a packet of fantastical Jelly Beans and advising being at the Gym when veering from the odd and I’m not a SOD or in any debt, that my credit is in TD Bank = $1M+

Cracked Life with a piece of good lass a pipe of glasses!

Be Back To It…

Pack the fluid and stay healthy, shape made and of the body, not to shoddy—or being a real $FATTIE eating pan-cakes and wedding bells, to use the anti-perspirant with pleasant smells, while shaking the small—or go to the shopping “Mall” with plenty zesty pharmaceuticals, the anti-anxiety pills so CALM-ing me to work my light lingo—that’s the get-go to all the Ho’s in the hizzy, with Diet Soda’s being very fizzy, and surviving surgeries that willy-nilly—I have an Scar on my belly, filled with jelly and Jam to do what’cha can, in the finest land of rural America, all the cows, all the crows, when who knows but me?  I’m a hot-boy with wenches and wrenches-  me being in the proverbial “Trenches” of hyperactivity and what comes to me, this through—my injured brain of a TBI—needs no fret to refrain the near-death circumstances of a knocked-up cranium, play with uranium, on distant planets the best of Uranus *cackle* with wedding-tackle, and the adversary to know what difference of Dove soap-  so sudsy and moisturizing—“It puts the lotion on the skin!”—knowing gardening at home when squirting out the hose—clean nostrils on my face—no sniffing taking place of what narcotics I keep separate from my scarred body, I’ve never been called “shorty” and a returned retort from me—what you see in the massive amounts of text, my sex-drive, diminished—Mrs. Lindquist a mother—but Justin… him being my own Brother of identical initials—bereft of you Brother who…

Hit “snooze” and please stop being drinking your lousy “booze”—you fools, fooled by the Transit (van) here at “Averte” where I me, I be, and jotting noticed novices my writing unto the world, sometimes, me, sounding absurd? Sure. That’s the word on my “Public Ledger” and “Private Ledger”

I like the nurse/helper here named “Ember” !!!!!

Duddering damn sell and lit with a candle, wrxtbi jmarquis710 alwayschilen my handles, lit the ferns and furnace, partying in Ghost masks and $CAKE

Lightly and ephemeral Tasty’s waistline—running wide for a ten cent USD dime—a dined in a dinner that gets your flabby waist thinner for an up ’n’ coming, morningly, hair combing with Honey Comb to eat, Tasty’s Treat, eating meat, at the meeting being hosted, mostly and moist-y warm from the over, o’er the backlit camper with dishes in the Hampered happenings of banking nails, worn long by the Freestyle Queen:

And be it pleasant Summer Soon, to the moon then and then and back,

sprinkled curb stopped stepped upon a scenery of Hollywood street cracks!

And of the other on one’s way to say it loud and proud—PLEASE / THANK YOU,

Yes You of the XX-chromosome while shopping at Auto-Zone trims honed Honda

Of simply fishing or finding the aught-right glaze for a sweet finish the the week,

12:00 AM — so it’s now a mild midnight aught-right and for real and really reeled

Being within withering amounts of this my writing clouded—need the daytime of,

Sea Crest in Cape Cod, Mom and Dad there with me, like Donna Donohue, I recall you there, thanks

When going for OUR WALK of waking gymnastics’ hand-salted flour—this the chalk and the talk

on a show to know, Jerry of not Ben’s-  but of a recent deceasorry of Jerry Springer

Jeffrey that’s me, bereft of any “singing” or nighttime naught—chemical free—so no sinning

When it’s me sitting on my love-seat reclined and relaxed, with my Citrucel Laxative:

It’s keeping me thin and this dynamic figure in the win the within of me to exercise sporadically

Gifted to be of the Finery—the oil refinery—pumping the paid-for fuel, the gas in a 1999 F355 GTS F1

Planning on buying one with my many Bitcoins and Stocks of 2013, of 2014, NO MMJ!

That’s correct-oh I have spent so long fully Sober and without the MMJ, the weed—no longer needed!

Le Bron and Brawny paper of towels, them disposable, with a winkle crinkle tickle to tickle—hehehe

“Averte”—where I be now, been 4 years, and here at this Apartment, medications often with a suntan

My alternate AIM name: “JMRQinc”

Going to go our natural landscape—to be OUTSIDE and off the couch, some Perch perchance, when some “slouch”—putting potato chips in their mouth, month after month, year here, year there, the routine ritual of Lucky Charms being on The Food Pyramid, a python – period – . to jot the thoughts of what’s and what’s-not’s sticking to the plot of my being kept away from my real “HOME” I miss, Mom and Dad get a kiss, from I who adores the upstanding Americans planning college educations and tax-paying THIS BLESSED U.S. NATION (!!!)

How about Haiti?

How about France?

All I know is that I adore LIVESTRONG courtesy of Lance, my pairs of pants and shirts—SOME STOLEN BY THE STAFF HERE AT “AVERTE” — now I can’t wait to come home to my great and loving parents “Partnered” with a Holy marriage in a church— my being away from Charlton, MA really hurts— the insult of being moved away, and for what? pressing on the clutch and to SHIFT for all CAPS in the Capital JMRQ

Call it “jmrq” if you’d like, on a motor and boat or bicycle— winter time to pick an ice cube from tray of a deceased individual’s “ashes” when taking College University classes— me loving the classy up-kempt and showered off—but were showers after Phys. Ed. really a necessary must do at Saint John’s??? I wouldn’t get sweaty like the Shawn Kemp of a west coast NBA team, that, I think he was on the Boston Celtics or what, the Seattle Supersonics???

I have his rookie card, digging through cards to fine one is tired-some with a shard of a sleeve, the card holders on pretecting with tact my thumb for or an other “wave” of James Boned’s “Octopus” I never have seen—divided feelings upon my indulging in works what works? Well, maybe THESE WORDS: I LOVE MY MOM AND DAD AND AUNT DONNA DONOHUE—advancing in age and taken a-back the delicate ways I have of calm, peaceful, resolute, my millions USD—that’s “My Loot” to be spent with a “hootboard” I signed up for decades ago—my attempt at garnering readers, seeing right through me, that the truth be: I lay down in bed, and steady dreams of summertime sweets, the popsicle treats, with good food to eat, for me, here, and near some who bother me like Peter M. always best-up HE MESSES WITH ME… Peter is a refurbished crack-head who always speaks too loud, I’m sullen with a shroud, speaking at normal volumes, Preaching and reaching over the table for a caffeinated cup of coffee—don’t you see?

The decaf, I go without drinking the Decaffeinated sludge—no caffeine buzz?

What’s the point of this reading of hundreds of users, my viewers, given the gift of to peruse my prose—to do what you do!

I have never, ever gotten a female pregnant, and I never will!

Head rush and the man on ADHD amphetamine using his stuff, snorting a bluff, when once is enough, or twice for me, that when I would see, and saw it all, but I frozen still and falling down backwards on my head, a swollen spot—I said, “I need to see a Doc!”

Mr. Deedy replied in a frenzy, “We can’t go to the doctors!” when the sun was risen, after unprotected intercourse with, but of course- and all night long, soaking up all of the straight, and only straight, pornography, that, I could SEE!

And to a special few who knew, through and through, well thanks, no pain, no handshakes, no spanking me!


“Zero” Coke is for me ‘o’ mine, my May 1st Coca-Cola “Shrine”

Today of them all, when my craving the international internet web via my only working computer machine, I keep the screen oh-so clean and bare of a thumbprint—that remember, when I was in CT visiting Dan, his friends with the police, they were so nice to take my bodily identity—for my Bitchain authenticity—my own biology with samples of what but hair, skin, excrement, fingerprints, saliva, semen, height, weight, SS# with all of my information—laying still on 2 brand new laptops, many online accounts created, USB hard drives, various writing devices, a signature scanner, etc. etc. from when Danny B. invested millions of my dollars, predicting so much—I want to marry my Justine Aragona, her with a TBI, too, and hopefully single, her being, yes, single I hope as I’ve wanted her as a wife for many years of “Aliases”—I want her to get one too!

I have an “Alias” of “Jeff M” and I hope to have “Justine M” to be with, and Mr. Pellegrini, you are a powerful WARRIOR against self-harm, that’s great and stay alive be happy and you’ve moved me!

I’m so sorry you were sad when I was with your step-daughter, my JUSTINE!

The first of May, the month, to be Caring for myself and the few around me, when, a Tesla gift, I hope to see!

Rim on a Tusket while eating beef Brisket, but muffled sounds of what to mutter—the exhaust specifications keeping engines at a low-tone, I found my throne in the Driver’s Seat of a Tesla, taking a test-drive, while thriving and living as per chance, I accelerated like Lance—in silence the engine made no noises—awkwardly speeding up like a whoosh of air, blowing my hair, when on-ward I stared at the roads of Charlton, MA—taking it on rt. 20 that the SILENCE—once again, felt funny, the owner spending a wad of cash bills, when he let me take it for a spin, a quite quiet car—thanks to electricity!

I believe we took the Interstate, too, that is, I-290 highway,  that was my way to—having spoken to Elon Musk for 40+ minutes on the phone in 2005—I told Dan B. to put down $50,000 on a “Reservation” for the Tesla Roadster, that it reaches 60 mph in a matter of under 3 seconds, and has a top speed of 250+ mph!

Everyone knows I’ve chatted with Elon Musk on the phone, me and him, I’m so proud of!