Morning Monica Moaning and Lisa call me “SiR”!

I sugar-slurp my 1% chocolate milk with thoughts of milky breasts… but OF COWS! GO SOUTH PARK COWS! =)

Clock-while and Clock-Wheel deals at where but Zales, and zero “Ale” to the munch-munch-munch mucho, the lot of distractions with Justine soaking all of my attractions, except for with Ember-  only a tad bit-  and my Coins stretching steak being Sir-loins, when I want to be called “SiR” and free of Our-durrr, so dumb, in the Library with Mr. Plum what what in the butt?  No Siree, ditching the Deepthroat Sirens among my screens of where to be seen butt anywhere on “The Hub” of Playmates on the Planet, Jupiter, with Cristen Hoolah-hoop to be a lovely lush of her absent down-south hair, where did it go?  To be brushed?  I don’t think so!  As shaving the hairs with my monthly care to protect Justine Aragona, my Mama Bear, looking at her at UNO’s with a kind and inviting STARE, to trip down them and severing an Ankle, or fully falling upwards — I want to stay free of Psych. Wards!  This after 5 times being segregated from the average Population, of course of my USA Nation!

I always wanted a Honda Civic Si and I told Dan to buy a $40,000 Honda Civic Type-R with 300 horsepower!

I got my vote in for Biden with a Mont Blanc pen ($300) I never received, and me the bereaved, of Justine’s Beav- her with Justin Bieber and my Brother “Justin” who needs no applause, when brought that “green stuff” he shows his barehand (and had) claws of drowsily dropping jaws of Phil and Harmonica on Friends, the sister of Ross kissing Rachel on-screen, there were so many viewers, “The First Kiss” outside Central Perk when fireworks lit up the night sky to a beautiful song of Motivation I feel and this artist also had the listed “Catch Feels”

“This song brings my heart, my body, and this soul of writing with a bit of an instant Coffee


I’m not catching any of that proverbial “Entry” because I’m the “Pitcher” with a picture of Moaning Mona Lisa

“Catch Feels”

Katy Perry I bought my Mom her “Prism” disc and she appreciated it very much, so very, very much! I LOVE MY DAD TOO!

I love my Dad !!! I’ve called him “King Wayne” he’s not fond of, but it shows my dedication to this my medication to be at-easy: Haloperidol for my TBI and “Great Wayne” that’s it, I call him and he likes it!

I am the King of T&A in the USA!

This wind winded WIDE LOAD wings of chimes while tossing dimes, into a piano-case while making Mama sweetest (I love my Mom!) parents who eat healthy, their lettuce lets and carrots to tease a Bunny of belonging to my Mummy, where there’s then Frankie and Frank and Frankenstein with the wind… of a jingle-jingle JOB to twist the duster with a squeaky knob, knowing and growing with legal “protein peptides” making me TaLLer and my hobby of who but Bobby with the showing of tan skin that Olivia’s Hue when it’s ALL TRUE — I grew by 3.5” and they shrunk my legs!


Oh noes where does the pin-prick goes?

Not into my hobby and Shawna: “A” grade material, read “Fruit loops” in the essay, “She’s loopy.” Shooting baskets weaving in her car, like-new, and driving all set, I made my bet, to win the GH2 on eBay with my comic’s for sale, coming soon, unlike the unlit glass, more than a glass, a whole Pail of what- but liquor’s “Ale” — that drinking in my life ended in 2016 — it got so stale with the Pale atmosphere schematics, why can’t I say “Alacratic” ??? and with me the Critic while Mommy does knitting a puppy-dog sweater for my younger Bro, who he’s somewhat mysterious, into psychedelics???  I don’t know but I want to take a blondie hoe out of the Sunday Times when all I’m full of rhymes and valid consciousness with the science of procreation, worldwide, in all Nations of residents sitting sentient and take-ing showers at almost any hour, as per the Night Crawler “creepers” opening Jessica Tocci’s eyes so wide, her pretty “peepers” dilated wide with a LOAD of the gaylord polymers, shipped, on rail-cars (the locomotion of low-carb…” Says the Conductor the black rights are wrong of another, Mother, Debbie, really lightweight, like my Dad, eating veggies!  So Debbie-Do do you doodle on part of a scrap- the parchment of the Yankee magazine, with a clip-clip-clip and a snip of a fishes the Carp with an angelic Heart of mind and body, talking HOT-LY holy moly it’s Molly the Miley to a Sirius “Cyrus” when the hustlers Black crimes are with us, for the firearms, creating criminals, and Sentenced, dealing that Molly to electronic music Pioneers — the Technics MK-1200 turntables, Robert Miles – Fable, I dig the drift of Isaac Asimov’s “Rifts” — is that right? Tell me if you hear me on the phone at my own personal number — but if you’re curious where to reach me, then Google: “JMRQ Heavy Industries”

“Kim Jong-Un says North Korea ready to use nukes in potential military conflict with US, South Korea” and us American’s who “With faith in God” “In God We Trust” we Americans, we must try to RESIST MILITARY CONFLICT and me at my WSU with my Conc. In Writing: read my “Elegance” best prose, my best! (THANK YOU WSU AND RANDOMWORDGENERATOR.COM! )

To be “On The Scene” when a hotel room is the seen foreplex of a muscle flexed on Sunday Morning after Church at The Charlton Federated Church… yeah I remember my Mom thought it was great that a single (1) caffeine pill could keep me awake and ready for some easy breezy post-breakfast cereal Nutrition to enhance my measly body’s overall POST-TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY albeit Well-Being when the invitation to stay for a while we make ourselves at “Home” — Justine provides the monthly mess of the MESSES, THE MENSES,  with the very smart woman, of and in the literary-I.Q. “Mental” MENSA the world’s smartest peeps with a chirping squeak of a clutch-drop in a car, so far, and so far the woman hasn’t misplaced her Coach Clutch, a bag, that one prick on the tip of a ponTIPHicated Kate K. of a marriage, like I don’t want to marry Tiph anymore, even if she’s born MY STOLEN SPERM!  I bet that makes her squirm with an uncomfortable and inforgiveable travesty, to have my baby!  This unless she got it canceled out like an X for *EVACUATE* as I don’t ever want to be a “Dad” to any living thing in my life, no pets, 1 measly plant, and no “Beta” fish in a bowl, that I DON’T OWN A “BOWL” !!!!! and plus I hate “bowling” can’t handle the Disability of my left leg with that old 64 MPH  IMPACT!

TWO THINGS: my totaled car:


Selena Gomez “could even make that Tiffany Jealous?” or eat and enjoy McLovin’ I’m living!

PayPal won’t let me in, I had about $400 in it that appeared and I’m quite sure there’s many $1000’s in it now, but I can’t get in, yeah, me the Investor!

So Don’t Die for anyone any owner of a dystopian dreamy ’n’ dreaming that the water is receding, and leaving a Meadow for the calves to hulk a bunch of Mary-Jane and “green grass” for the cows, the calfs, young and finally able to peruse the fields of sniffing no one’s ass! Justine’s expulsions of gasses made me sick to my stomach — that what twists my injured ribs, ribbit-ribbit, but not “Ribbed” protection of the stovetop Sirius satellite radio of mostly preferring YouTube for music! Alas, the sweet notes and vocals of singing softly or yelling really LOUD the volume turnt up when the fucks are watching the TV downstairs, when they “Care” to sabotage me and my peaceful typing all shy and then again, not so much as I say it “Loud and Proud” to the potted Daisies of Linda P.’s favorite flower — buying her roses and Justine, too — who wouldn’t you know it she blew a retard TBI he couldn’t ejaculate to the relationship because of her parents, only, I EVACUATED!  Me… Jeffrey Marquis, had to dupe Justine’s Mom into having her wear some of her Mom’s thongs — it turned me on and sometimes it was by accident — the panty-switch that Justine liked when I would scratch her back when giving a Masseuse Treatment with soft kneaded dough of Cookies a kitten that Justine was a Playboy Bunny, her buns, my money to dine at restaurants every other night of the week, sipping lemon seltzer sweet, the protein I eat LOW-CARB for years now, at a weight of about 165 lbs. I like, me thinner than almost everyone here at “Averte”

And this :::

Google: JMRQ Heavy Industries

That’s got my address and phone number so give me a ring and I the wed of NOT THE GAYS IN PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND!

What have I become?


Google: “JMRQ Heavy Industries”

Justine Aragona 2009-2013 takes away the feeling of my having been sexually-abused by a SJ teacher, and I miss her, I miss her innards!

In between the sheets all tucked in after a Bedtime story, being Goodnight Moon “Doge to the moon!” With my callous contact of eye-wear betreieven that is even, of all odds, I get a lot of knocked off Nods and Prods calling the cattle “Home” where I want to be, the sooner the better!  Because I would like that to be in better contact with my Rents paying the bills Dad’s Tundra oil-changes where Mobil 1 spills into the oil-pan of Sally and Fran… from France, where and when I BE “FRENCH” and yet while not having “Drenched” a girl with French kisses to the Misses my #1 lover ever bar-none I doing absolutely NO ALCOHOL 2016 when I didn’t feel like waiting 2 years to make a Public Statement, I only find Justine when I search my Heart & Soul for the Soup of helpful to many, lyrics in the Chicken-Soup song of a book, I once took, a place in Dad’s ECM Plastics, Inc. “President’s Office” with my having purchased “Word” online and written 38.4 MB’s of one document! “This girl and that girl” my dreamy days in a foggy thin time with 2 skinny girls in 8 East mental hospital highly-medicated when confined to a single floor — I was with 2 girls and even 3 when Sabina was there — sitting in chairs, our fragrances of French kisses and a lot of sex on plastic seats, we would eat only the meats, having convinced my partners to go and for-go the “Carbs” — except Carina weighed a mere 90 lbs. or so that I didn’t mind being with a too-skinny and anorexic girl for 23 days of love and have patience for the chicken patty to PARTY IN THE TASTE-BUDS of no “bud” but CBD I like to see with a whimper wind chime of whining with NO MMJ, NO WINE, NO BEER, and all that other trashy liquor sold in stores, or the NETA where the “grass” Be .  To put myself at the top of the stack with a SUPER-SLAM that I call it “SUPER ISLAM” to quest Allah’s presence in the ponTIPHicated state of this “Tiph Desrosiers” once being skin ’n’ bones and then having a baby!  That I ask, wouldn’t that be an awful thing to be Anorexic and then giving birth… plus she did a lot of drugs, so with Queen Justine Aragona, I would sell my spleen to receive her many HUGS and kisses, that us medical CBD and other cannabinoids like HHC — I haven’t ordered any because my parents won’t let me have any MMJ here!  So have no fear, my urine and hair samples are “in the clear” to be clean and the anal warts I once had — because I was raped by a teacher at my Saint John’s post-grad. — he gave me an A- TWICE, and his inner organs were splendid that I did what I did, but I didn’t like it when he said, “Stand naked next to me and lets hug!” That there were some kisses from HIM I thought it was painless, this after I felt his member in the Winter that night when it was so cold, and he prepared me by making me drink a lot of coffee — but the 2nd time he tried to “fit it in” he said, “You’re a virgin and it’s not going in,” with him going limp, he was a pimp to his younger crows feet CROWD of many, many, many gay men-  like a Trailer-Truck Rest Stop!

Sneaky weasel wheezing with an Easel my paintings in Acrylics, once more endorsing my a-CRY-lics CRYpto-currencies of Bitcoins galore!

Sip and snip and swoon when eating discreet-ing a bowl of cold Chocolate ‘n’ Chicken Soup of Hershey’s and Poultries to put the test to the top of my ten or so List of “Health Care Proxy” Mom and Dad who-  they both had dinner of dining at home, my Mom stove-top with her simmering and sizzling — Marie and a guy were SWIMMING, yeah there’s been a pool here for years, since I came, to Lower Plain 2022 my address Google “JMRQ Heavy Industries” my soft-spot with a big amount of yesteryear’s Lizards, the Leopard Gecko, my “Speckles” and CHRISTina K. of NDA where I partnered up with my first ever KISS the first girl I ever got really IN-TO but it fizzled, when Sunday Show Practice dwindled-  me not a dancer, I went to WSU’s “Lancers” Mannie the Flyer, taking me higher this “Manny” I be holding images so DEARLY-  her with a distant location, Do The “Locomotion” of this intrinsical LOVE-MAKING POTION with the motion of streaming Brooks I never stole from their store, me shopping for more chocolate milk to suggest to Rev. Anne Skinner, her so sweet and yet to meet, but come this fall I will take a planed trip to Niagara FALLS, that Rev. Anne Skinner is not a sinner or a singer, as I asked her in 2005 when I jived with an “Angel” (McAulriff) seeking an “Angel” of a church, who, I reached out to Hannah House, soon buying my own home near my “HEALTH-PROXY” PARENTS in Charlton, MA, then buying a Tesla Roadster — seriously, I told my very rich Stockbroker to put down the $50,000 “Reservation” in my USA Nation for a Tesla — and then at that point, and only that point, I point the pointer-finger at Justine Aragona 2009-2013 to be my Queen in Marriage and we would both be close to our “HEALTH-PROXY” parents, and they control us completely, I be with the Stocks and so many Bitcoins, that I BE WHERE THE CASH BE !!!!! $$,$$$,$$$ so easy back then, when, and only when, I say to Uncle Sam, I pay my fair share of taxes whilst on my couch I relaxes with enormous vigor of this my “vim of vibrant vivacity” I “coined” in Poetry II or “Creative Writing” A- and B+ grade A milk Stern cattle when I’ve planned for this battle of pinching tiny amounts of belly-fat… that needs to go MY MAMA AIN’T NO HO!

“Mama ain’t raised no ho!”

64 miles per hour IMPACT broke my “Stoved-in” left hip into 7 pieces read my please!

I have a lot of vintage comics worth a lot of money!

When the audience disseminates its applause, I snap into a Bear Claw with English TOFFEE in my right hand’s Tug as white-boys the Monkeying Donkeys riding their Llamas, what does it mean? where the better half full glass to the tip-top with TAP water streaming from the shower-head shade shaved with shorter than a Butch, I no longer need a wheelchair, a “crutch” and a cane — then being in the hospital 7 times in recent years, but when you have no fears of me any NO BEER! While white race is seemingly non-violent, non-violinist and non-smoker JOKERS! When I’m no longer a Taker Joker playing with Tokens at Chuck to the Cheese with McGriddles giving me big loud belches sounding loud and proud, a Nun wearing a dress penned with sheered scissors, of then eating a waffle stack, my Bitcoin wallets in New England, when I chose to lend a hand-  disseminating Dollars and Cents to the gentle-men Gent’s only in the men’s room, with the maid having swiped (a wallet) and the sticky-icky green stuff grown and frowning at the browning Fields of catching Feels of Foods on a cows tongue, in the Pasture of an Overture of done right, done tight, where it doesn’t “belong” (!!!) all the livelong Day of Summer’s sun and baking buns roasted and toasted, buttered up with baked cakes with the Winter’s falling SNOW-FLAKES of malted sugar coating, not to ROT and now now now NOT HOT with the cold-caring 1% white milk — “A can of white paint is so much like a gallon of milk… to thee my Justine waiting to see… her as Ember says “Brr! It’s fricken frigid in your A/C the HAIRS “Conditioner” with a freelance writer wearing 2 LIVESTRONGS-  so you know I have something going on…

You could have it all, more than a little small amount of Everest, forever using not Crest but Colgate, the Whitening for all races! START!

Chivalry displayed, but leading to a trodden Tooth decay, all days with sugary sweets and a few pic’s of the Hubby kissing his enamored affection, a wife partner, but not yet a parent, so, NO KIDS! That I take my bids on Stocks and Bitcoins… because they “stir the stew” of not Stewie but MY LOINS littered clothing in trash bags, owned by the old hag’s in trenches, where the bench-presses, is, procuring muscle fibers to be filled with RBC’s and knowing the Alphabet, to memorize when in toddler-school, this Soy sauce causing me to drool… but I’m no filled-up motherTruck kinda “Fool” at the keyboard having me energized, and after some sleep, the Window weeps, silky rain-filled tears to the rips in the Chalice, so “put that B on ICE!” that would be nice and watching the ginger spice of ZERO “ALE” when setting sail on the ocean Moran with Josie where the most of my fondling would be, her moaning and groaning, attached to the “Loins” of a man and his… his financial treatments to the middle of Summer-  so hot and muggy, sipping coffee from a Mug but NOT A “SHOT” OF J.D. with the P.D. or Ph. D. doctors examining my cranial scar and evidence of having been A – raped in 2001/2002 on one night when I saw such fright-  to see my p-due smothering the shitty drug I was had to sniff,  if you catch the drift… could have died that night when he saw joy and delight, to be DID by his former student, one of many, that Mannie was a student, Sophomore, I adore her and her Huz-to-play-the-Band Mr. Nick-  possibly having separated, but choose a lesser female, one to be penetrated in all the 2 main spots, so tit for the kitties and THAT “Cookies” kitten I want them to have a house cat here where I would not only stroke the hairs and whiskers but feeding the Cat with treats, him or her to EAT… and please excuse me for ending this here — I have a veggie stir-fry to finish!

Yeah I implore all of you to START being SMART with your jagged little pill typed poetry, rhyme&cadence of fine Academics and Phys. Ed. running, plus START *EATING* SMART! Look a “Shark” on Shark Tank! To Abbott vaccine tomfoolery — I be where the cash be!