Jeffrey Marquis

I want to buy a 1967 Ferrari 250 GTO that one sold for about $37,000,000 or $38,000,000 at an auction, like I have Spider-Man #365 and Infinity Gauntlet #1,2,4 in great condition, but I haven’t sold them in an “online auction” I plan to sell them when my Mom will put them on eBay I don’t have any “piercings” or tattoos but Justine got a special piercing to remember me in my honor in an intimate place, I remember her telling me on the phone speaking quietly and calling me again a couple times until I said, “Justine you cheated on me and I have to quit drinking alcohol before we are together again, I want to marry you Justine Aragona” and me here now, I want to talk to my former Facebook friend: Elon Musk, my telephone friend, my “Best Friend” for a day in 2005, about how my Mom Deborah Marquis would occasionally use Musk perfume and my first bottle of cologne to wear spritzing it on before a Saint John’s DANCE class of 2000: Stetson cologne, I preferred Clinique “happy.” its citrus scent. I was happy to be with Joe Partlow when I lived at 288 Main St. in Oxford across the street from the bar Days End where I would walk to, and this is like what I was writing earlier talking about “Rev. Jim Chase” and I walking to Happy Garden I would drink at after work and then at the bar across the street that once my Dad sold his plastics company ECM Plastics, Inc. I still worked there doing Data-Entry so I type so fast and thank you for reading what I have to say on then I had started my and I registered after starting my after my TBI and car accident in 2004 after I voted for John Kerry in Leicester, MA and I was drunk when I voted and fell down in the mud in front of a police officer who let me drive away after a man helped me to my 2004 Subaru WRX you can see what happened on my, and I once owned because I don’t want to be “SET-UP” !!!

Dan Besse from CT graduate call me at your convenience and you have our whole Bitcoin, etc. market buying a new laptop that you keep in your home or bank, I want my trust fund again to use all of the back payments I haven’t used lately talk to my Dad! Call me if you want to know what stock I’ve already invested $80,000 that you added and the Stockmarket is up today, I invested in Tesla in 2013 or 2014 for what I think is $200 a share with the money of many powerful wealthy people got in on it, that originated with US the bass fishermen and Boy Scouts and SAINT JOHN’S HIGH SCHOOL


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