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Sprinters springing on Jeffrey Springer TV of an accord—albeit without a Ronda really, dreamt of playful with the Joyful belly of “Foodies” restaurants’ leering, or touring, the drive to and from for FUN- without is boring, of white descendants with implements of these skin-code exemplary law abiding white collar burdens, of the work to twerk in the offices near and far, Passing “The Bar”—my lawyers kept busy to read journals—my 3 dot-com’s and 2 blogs, along with the WSJ I had a daily subscription of the useless papers in stacks, coming protein-laden SNACKS for this 2122 Lower Plain address I’m at—fairly skinny so no body-fat in the minimal maximized cab-fare when I’ll be at my real “Home” in Charlton, MA with crass words (my Mom does cross-word puzzles each night), it’s her delight when I’ve had a disco pong-o front-page produce to generate legit- my Prose & Poetry, the most of me, writing bedazzled fancifully, when what’s the Total type cereal on the realest down-low strident and Trident anti-cavity, deliciously deplorable, but not for me when I know what comes as a crutch—the doing of Crunches in bunches—this when my Hunch is, what to be about—streaming Jeffrey Ringer but not in a fishing of the river let be laden, the Heathens and the Heathers when what about today’s temperature, weather, whether to be dancing abroad and about—I caught a 10” trout, Streaming, and with the latest on Fox News and plus, well, it’s called YouTube!

So you thine reader, tip to totter—a dinner of tomato soup and a bagel—that to munch on click the clutch on when taken to the table—I ramble with a tendency to tickle my teeth, obliviously obligatory for you all to see and view—so peruse as my Mannie may have forgotten about me, but I remember her charming smile on that beautiful face, and in good taste, her athletic—my Mom Debbie- she wins the Race!

Put one in their place :^D

C. Angles message:

My financial wisdom of so many thousands of Bitcoins — thanks Bruce Fenton, he ran for Senator of NH, my old 2005 and 2006 friend of phonecalls galore, he got me interested in Bitcoin videoconferencing — also talking to Elon Musk (I wanted to ELON-gate my legs and arms, I did with GHRP-6, and buy my Mom Musk perfume…) well I had his phone number off Facebook — in 2005, yes, seriously — he was so concerned with my severe injuries from November 2, 2004 — when I was “SET-UP” — he saw the car and he called me back, thinking someone may have died, BUT NO ONE ELSE WAS IN THE CAR WITH ME — my enemies were on the phone with me where my Mom had a friend at the “French River COMMUNICATIONS” that my Dad’s employee started a “French River INNOVATIONS” but I’m SOBER 2016, no drugs, and I have about 20-30 stocks that have all gone up since when I invested in 2013 with Dan Besse from CT — it was so great — we invested millions into MY TEN BITCOIN WALLETS — and I have TEN “ALIASES” my Bitchain is my DNA of fingerprints, blood samples, hair samples, excrement, saliva, we had a videocamera and brand new everything, 2 laptops, a new phone, our old phones, calling cards, new Bank of America — AMERICA #1 — I had so many Euro’s in a French Bank my Dad cancelled, etc. voice-recorders, and Dan’s friend at the Police Station in CT — we stayed up for many hours, investing with my valuable “Trust Fund” my Millionaire parents, and I know I’m being hacked because I was forced to sign papers with Google — the whole internet — Apple, Dell, Facebook, Subaru, etc. — I have a “Public Ledger” and a “Private Ledger” plus “A Will” — my Dad’s company in plastics, he was President and 1/4 Owner — I run and and

I have an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science and it turned out to be so easy, I failed Calculus I at a harder school, when my enemies caused my — my parents bought me that car — I’ve talked to many millionaires and people in the USA #1 running for Office, like Vivek Ramaswamy — I got his Platinum card in the mail — I have been SOBER 2016 and NO DRUGS OR THC in many years!

I had almost 100,000 Bitcoins with Candle-Stick trading, with 20 to 30 Stocks: Berkshire-Hathaway, Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, etc. etc.

These are a bunch of them:…

Anyways all of my friends have been bribed to ignore my calls and IN A CORRUPT “SET-UP” at “Averte” in Bradford, VT

I knew VIVEK for USA President running, I knew Elon Musk, I knew Bruce Fenton, and my Aunt Donna Donohue — the one friend I have — but then again, with my 40+ (44?) minute conversation with Elon Musk, who I may have met him twice, taken out to his limousine when he thought I was a spy — well he visited Worcester, MA and I saw a bunch of limo’s — and I’ve been a victim of sexual abuse 2 or 3 times — it got Mr. Deedy fired from SAINT JOHN’S my Catholic Christian private high school Class of 2000!

I am a target of abuse here at “Averte” and only my Aunt Donna Donohue cares!

Google my: “JMRQ Heavy Industries” 

feel free to check out my very first Soliloquy (conc. in WRITING WSU) 

I’ve written many thousands of pages, but as per my TBI, well my left hand and left leg are partially paralyzed, and I have severe double vision from the TBI, but you’re probably cool, being you’re rich, so ask me about my TBI or financial advice — Elon said to me, “I CAN BE YOUR BEST FRIEND EVERY DAY IF YOU WANT!” but he said, “You can’t be my best friend because I already have a best friend, but yeah we’re friends”


I have $1M+ in TD Bank, I want to buy a house near my “HEALTH-PROXY” parents, I want to buy a Tesla, and I want to MARRY JUSTINE ARAGONA! we have TBI’s…

I’ve been to mental hospitals a staggering SEVEN times because the fucks who directly CAUSED my know how evil they are, making me drink so much alcohol at a bar — they gave me free drinks that my enemies said they’d pay them back, and my enemies made me drive so fast when I’d been SOBER for 2.5 months — my own shitty Dad, I love him and hate my mother Deborah Marquis from a family I really, really hate — like one of my cousins killed himself — I WOULD NEVER HARM MYSELF! — I’m being hacked all the time, and I hate my parents so much for REFUSING TO GET ME TREATMENT AT A DETOX IN 2004 !!!!!

And an ex-GF girl who had an abortion/stillborn with MY STOLEN SPERM, from the I.C.U., well she has twin daughters now, so I’m way behind on the child-support that’s kept secret — that same stingy girl wouldn’t do oral-sex except ONE TIME ONLY in nearly 1 year together! even spitting it out!


My enemies had a “SET-UP” on the day I had to Withdraw from Calculus I at WSU — they made me drink and then a lot of shit happened with the cops who were told to not arrest me until my car was involved !!!!!

I hate my Mom. And I hate her shitty family of jerks — like burn in hell David Perron, he killed himself =(

— the junkie heroin addict who was on heroin drunk, falling down, then having 4 beers he bought with a bunch of crumpled $1’s, yeah my Mom made me go with him

I told my parents I was suicidal a week or two before that day, November 2, 2004 because of my Computer Science at WSU, much harder than QCC

Anyways I’ve been stuck in mental hospitals for about 2+ years with my enemies — the fucks who caused my Handicaps and Disabilities — I’ve been put on a lot of prescriptions — these evil pieces of shit — I tested positive for Fentanyl that killed my piece of shit, deceased, I tried to help him, that junkie cousin, David — I’ve never done opiates !!!!!

A doctor said,  “You tested positive for Fentanyl” — they drug me here at “Averte” and I hate this here where I can’t see my Ph. D. “Therapist” anymore because of my $$,$$$,$$$ parents being so awfully cheap, I hate this,

My enemies and my evil parents won’t stop fucking with me oh and the news was talking about something I DREAD — “WWIII” on the headline at the bottom of the screen earlier today

Could you imagine what Russia and North Korea could do to the planet ???

I blame my Mom and her shitty family, as well as my father who is worth tens of millions of dollars and wouldn’t pay for a “Detox” I begged and cried and pleaded, “I can’t stop drinking on my own!” — because of my Mom’s family their Alcoholism is awful and he didn’t care!


purpose, orbit, alive


IIRC I sent him a real lot of money, and then he talked to my Dad, like I had Bruce Fenton, who ran for Senator of NH, well I have a photo of them together in Bruce’s office — I begged and pleaded with Carissa here at “Averte” to have someone drive to Bruce’s mansion for a big party, probably about an hour away — I told Bruce to run for Senator in 2005 or 2006 — it’s a quirky thing with Facebook, that I’ve influenced so many individuals — Elon Musk, Mike Lindell the MyPillow guy, and the Facebook’s house in Silicon Valley, me sending $20 for Donald J. Trump in 2005 or 2006 when I thought, about what Dana Gardner said, “We’re poor and want lower taxes so be a Republican” and then, probably because my whole internet is badly hacked by my enemies, the jerks who caused my Disabilities and Handicaps of, well I signed papers giving them all my rights with a bunch of signatures when mean people abused me in 2004 and 2005 — that my Mom said to me, in tears, “It’s Andy doing stuff to your computers again!”

And then years later she came to my door crying really hard and saying, “I don’t love you anymore” so I hugged her tight and said, “But I love you Mom!” and she cried even harder, aloud, saying out-loud to herself, “Compose yourself Deb!” when I would drink 3 beers at home each night, making her look like she’s got shitty genes of Alcoholism, I quit drinking in 2016 after some years of “Recovering” and taking a break from alcohol and beer — now me not having had a sip of alcohol or beer in 3 or 4 years!

I’m special for being allowed to reach beyond God with my Handicapped and Disabled left arm — and it reaffirmed my negatation of Jesus Christ because many, many virgin girls have become pregnant on their own, now known as “Parthenogenesis” — I believe in God wholeheartedly though — having seen there’s nothing but stars in front of Him, where He hasn’t blessed His universe with planets and galaxies YET, that I would rather be with God than other Holy entities, so I worship God, The Almighty, like many of my Saint John’s Class of 2000 are “Islamic” now and although it was my choice to be with a Holy figure other than Jesus Christ — trust me, there’s been many born of virgins like Jesus Christ — and so that makes me believe in God The Father, The Creator, The Almighty at the edge of space, I know, and He resembles King Triton from The Little Mermaid and The Statue of Liberty, when I got inside His head, and looking through his eyes one-at-a-time because I couldn’t be in 2 places at once — that although I told my former Christian Protestant Minister, Reverend Jim Chase of The Charlton Federated Church who I knew through Sunday School and Christmas/Easter Masses, he did something I told him not to, when he kept repeating “Jesus Christ” stuff like This ‘n’ That about Jesus, when he only said “God” once and I’ve been treated a little differently, by God and Jesus Christ, BECAUSE I SUFFERED IN JESUS CHRIST’S “PLACE” HE IS IN NOW and Jesus Christ is suffering, that I believe we all suffer in Jesus Christ’s great name, in order to be on God’s universal existence, and I worship God, because Allah is destructive- that or the Solar System the sun exploded or something — I was with Allah and I looked back but not caring as I was onto greater things!

<3 Dad


I think it was all Allah’s fault AND SAINT JOHN’S PRIVATE CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL having employed John Deedy who offered drugs to the unknowing me and a gay fag came with me, their having already “paired up” with gay sexual intercourse prior to that long night when I was drugged and raped my whole body, but I don’t think my tongue touched his genitals, but that jerk made me lick him somewhere dirty with him saying, “It’s the last thing I want from you, please!”

He’s been fired from Saint John’s and now teaches at “Saint Peter-Marian” I think I had something to do with, or the gay fag I was with, he got involved

And I’d rather not involve Jesus Christ’s Eternal suffering for God his “Daddy” — HAVE CHILDREN BEEN BORN WITH MY STOLEN SPERM ????? I have enemies and I want Vivek and Bruce and Elon and Mike and a Facebook Developer, oh and the WeatherTech owner — he drives a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO but it’s in grey with racing stripes, I want a red one from 1967 “Collectable” near the time I pick up my new Tesla Roadster 250+ MPH wow I think I’ve already paid the $50,000 “Reservation” and I don’t think I should drive with the medication “HALO-peridol” I get a shot of every 3 weeks and I take the pills because they offer relief from my TBI of 2004


Vivek, thank you and I hope you make it all the way up to coming in slot #3 as far as votes — BIG BITCOIN ENTREPRENEUR HERE — I predicted the $69,000 peak and I hope they sold at $64,000 the hundreds of thousands of them with Candle-Stick Trading with Dan B. my older male “Cuz” like cousin who I tricked him into getting 0.3% of the profits when they sell — because that’s the limit allowed of THC in “CBD-ONLY PILLS” I take once or twice a day, here at “Averte” in Bradford, VT — without my car and SOBER 2016!

I believe I suffered a TBI to get beyond Jesus Christ who anyone hasn’t suffered Near-Death Experience(s) of genuinely needing GOD HIMSELF THE FATHER THE CREATOR OF HIS UNIVERSE!

“A” grade in Psychology I at WSU, w/ Concentration In WRITING!

I talked to this Presidential hopeful, I want him to come in 3rd place, and he knew one of my best friends in 2005 and 2006- seeing one’s office for just about the hundredth time — doing video-calls in 2005 and 2006 with a man I donated $750 to the man’s Senatorial Campaign, and I ordered a “Platinum” card from his friend’s website, also donating some money to him, this great man Vivek, I cheered him up and I cheer him in many ways that he appreciated my interest in him, and my initial friend, the man who ran for Senator of NH some time ago, the one I gave him $750 in recent years and my parents are so rich, but they don’t give me money anymore, like I think I gave Elon Musk $100 or $200 for his SpaceX idea, but I told him to stick to space, not believing anything good would happen to EV’s on the market — “Leave it to Honda IMHO” — and then I told him I believed in Toyota my family has stuck by, although my Dad drives a Dodge RAM now, benefiting American workers, like the Inc. company he owned 1/4 of as Company President for many years of PROFITS, that I have Propheted many times, like with good ol’ Mike Lindell in the depths of his addiction, crying- when he went to Mexico after 2 weeks without his addiction, being as I told him, “NO DRUGS IN THE COUNTRY WE WERE BORN IN!”

He said something about moving to Finland or Sweden for a while, then, and also I told him about Kava Kava and Valerian Root for rest when he’d been up doing drugs and unable to sleep — I told him about sleeping pills and he said his doctor wouldn’t prescribe anything as long as he was a user of illicit substances

Dan and I have written lists of results for my thousands of pages long Word .doc’s with help from randomwordgenerator and random number generators, being my Bitchain, like a password on a bunch of USB sticks and 2 new laptops we ordered special that night, when Dan went to the airport to pick them up

My Mom Deborah Marquis she knows I’m legit, and she knows I reached Beyond God at the edge of space, a while after I had Him, God, under scrutiny to evaluate His “Creation” of planets and galaxies- hours after the Big Bang in 2013 with the TBI Survivor — like me and my TBI Google: JMRQ Heavy Industries I’m lucky to have survived a “SET-UP” in 2004

I’m proud to have talked to Vivek!

Another blessing that occurred was in 2005 with CRY-pto with my crying in pain and the emotional severity of my car crash that was an “Organized Plan” Their “Plan” to get me to drink and drive when all these jerks knew something bad would happen to me like broken bones and a totaled Subaru WRX after I voted, when these jerks my enemies almost killed me!

My parents paid for there to be no trace of all of this on my cell-phone and other awful things, but I love my Dad so much, being more than I LOVE MY MOM AND DAD! I LOVE MY AUNT DONNA DONOHUE! =) 



IGF-1 LR3, GHRP-6, Hexarelin, CJC-1295, MGF, HCG, etc.

American’s way when the global advancement of “peculiarity” starts to Sway of an altered stagger—and a ditch-digger buys over-alls (it’s almost over, y’all) when the conclusion to my cranial contusion like a mighty injury being so severe Traumatic Brain Injury has Believers in God following me, yes, and me, the one who has accelerated through the Big Bang!

I have evidence it’s continuing with that about, well, a long time of my Protrusion in my #1 lover—EVER!—her smidgen cavitie—I tied a Holy force, Tried ’n’ True—everything is “all for used” in a sweet sunshine lover’s song that takes me back so long ago, doing the disco with the ears of Ember and I—hearing this song we listened to together:

Do you get deja vu when I’m with you???

Of hitting high pitches and subtle lows (Stock: Lowe’s at $217.50) which they employed me for a number of hours, I learned is not for me, I lift weights- not boxes and buckets of cement, that the job at Lowe’s was never meant, for me, that where-house working in the dirt and dust of a sloppy shoppe—I refuse to do menial-employee sort of jobs! “arena”

Zuck vs. Musk in 2005 I talked to them both! old news

Smitten kitten so waxy in ways and throwing up a wave, talking about the tail of the kitty with pointy ears and going pee in a box of litter like sands of deserted Bitcoins being on the cusp of crouching, by a mouse or gerbil or hamster or something, the field rats also targeted by the Feline Fighter—coughing up a hairball—all that hair, mucus, spit, that wouldn’t be a big deal, unlike throwing up a Friskies dinnertime meal, a piggy squeals, like a farmer (Pharmacist) racist old and white skin, white head of hair, of say… “Amish descent” when the cotton fields are nothing RECENT—or decent as the Blacks tear up thinking about adversities and adversaries—“The Pickled Massa” I’ll take out the trash, sir!

I want to find fine relations, with a French-only type of Maid after cleaning and cooking—strippers do “hooking” clandestine “cooking and baking bacon”—when on back pages of a city’s tourist guide, folding pages unveiling G-strings and spreaded limbs, doing naughty things in the camera-man’s whim of pleasing page-turners, fat ones on the hot kettle back-burner in the rear of the mag.- and with phone numbers taking credit cards, to hear a voice alluring and distorting the what marriage?

A missed carriage causing carnage in the woman’s umm her whole-body system and emotions, oh the toil, and Saudi’s driving Audi’s and Mercedes—them Benz’es expensive—acid rain, for real- for real, causing corrosion in metal pieces, so corruptuous fascades with Masks Off ( or Masks On ( Mo For or when Co-Vid (19) was big and bigger—got us thinking of The Plague, had it been made, of Chinese machinery, and my parents living at a Villa in a far-off village, me with my pills and Facebook friends of appropriate ages—I’m friends with I’d guess, hmmm, maybe 90% females on FB—me knowing they encourage me and my on-going “recovery” of showering off enough, with Dove soap—Justine would was her face, being as old as 21—now in her 30’s—and me hissing and kissing the photos of us we had, we had, yes—leaving out the rest, like previously investing in Zest and Crest come laude as per the QCC “graduation” I didn’t go to—community colleges usually for the world’s lower-class picking up the Billy Joel anthem where I left off with “Tomb Raider” the boobied bodied Lara Croft, speaking so soft unto one’s ear-drums when all’s I need is 1 or all of my $BTC and Stocks—birds flying ever so beautifully in flocks of lake-side flocks, having “The Talk” about birds, bees, and a human’s needs to stay pleased, peacefully, but I in absolute solitarity, you do you, and I do me…


Excess Sp-ending $$$? Await the umm “Intermission”

Randy owned a new C5 “Vette” with sprints 0-60 in his sportscar—that’s really quick but being not as fast as, say, his Airplane of Pilot Randy (R.I.P.) that great man helped my Dad start a very or oh-so valuable company/business Inc. in Worcester, MA of yesteryears, and I as when I a student at, and of, the Saint John’s High School in Shrewsbury—Graduating with 1080 SAT’s—a 45 minute hike and trek to the Catholic educational “facility”—us boys with faces that, well “Adolescent pock-marks, unsightly blemishes, of wishing for wives, stirring us bantered and before Graduation some in Level 2 classes, but not me because, well I of an intelligent brain, later damaged, us boys at a high-school of males only, and taking showers after Phys. Ed. that well, when, I wouldn’t look and check the packages, the limp sausages, like I and like us all, we’d be self-conscious and NOT LOOK—like no peeping at the other peers umm, packages?

Up ’n’ Ended like my friends did (but Marco is cool)

Ended up to fool the ferotious grilling when I’m willing to sit-along, my new couch, singing some song like Sandy gently hums, cleaning my Apartment at “Averte”—like it took one time at A.A. for me to quit drinking them beers—steering clear and clean of the Obscene Debauchery (Brandon Hom O.D.’d) quiet some ample times ago, and a January’s Janitor with a school to sweep, not stopping, not weeping, with S-words swindling the kin or kitchen-cook, Sandy Hook—to lookers-on when “Up ’n’ Ended” with 99% girls as my “Meta” friends—the thong’s rear end of this back-side Trident stride when and where I choose to “Care”

The New Begging begins—without Gin’s—Tanqueray and Trust-FUNds in the past, Jews got gassed of Germany, for some Pepto-Bismol digging under the underground like a Mole, but not Madonna or hairs-cut in a Monroe piercing, Maxi-pad pursed within ferotious brazen a Chevy Blazer belonging to Dana G. and his daughter growing wicked quick, but for me and “parenthood”—I QUIT!—as being brain-damaged and misaligned sperm-seeds—I wish they still had that store “Duane Reade’s” when writing flirtatiously hits a spliff of that long-ago and not now, of how, do I not even remember any “highs” or lows—my 20-30 Stocks—one of which is Lowe’s, along with Amazon, Tesla, John Deere, GameStop and so the tens of thousands of Bitcoins, eating porky’s loins and trousers of and READERS, like Wayne—my Mom understands my brain and hungry kinda thirst for Raisin Bran—once again Stuntin’ like my Daddy:

Lazer Sword – Stuntin’ Like My Daddy’s Lazer

Opponent apparition of who, Oh gosh it’s “the ghost of Grammy” who I see her day-dreaming in where else but her Heaven, separate from the heather’s out there—going deep—water sits still in the down the throughout-ly throat to swallow the little sips from Solo Cups—when I go solo and so-long the winter’s warmth, heart of a hearse, this writing is all rehearsed by me, your favorite author be it so—u kno?—when the ways of other’s they find it confusion, with my fingers erratically withered and ringing to pick up the phone, pick up the phone, my number is on my Business “special” Google directly listing my phone #’s digital appearance, wearing denim pants, antennas in them, to be HEMMED and never hammered, nor playing tootsie with a salted Ham-ster, stirrup’s in the pot—whatnot a Plot—Their “Plan”—attention to my current Sobriety—that’s me with a Diet Mounted Dew

And I’ve been at “Averte” for 4 years now! :^D

Shrouded and living proudly, but where’s my lined-up Wife, who I know she be “Justine Marquis” — curvaceous added Marquis “Marriage” and newish “kin” of when and where I (am?) WILL BE the King, yeah me, yearning to keep in touch with and for Justin my brother well their name-similarity he wasn’t keen on the confusion, but happy and that which unto my pre-tensed proclivity to explore her booty’s—the body of Justine—prodding her to kiss my little Bro, Justin and Justine the brother and the follower (of my Northernly Axis on Earth — PLANET URF!) she was crazy about him, when she used tongue, that, well, me smiling and Justin surprised, she grabbed his butt and I said, “What did you think of it?”—modern amusement of 2012—waiting for a table, and the dining out was just with delight to have kind and sweet, the “Hostesses” with their bright Hotness, a pretty face, on Ember and Carissa I can’t leave out Elise being still some extra weight—ECM Plastics, Inc. “Freight”—3 trailer trucks with my Dad’s good luck-s and fishing hooks—living on a pond he goes fishing daily, the Gatorade boat-side quick boat, a “Ranger” worth tens of thousands USD, happy of me for him, my Superior Kin, smiling kindly and throwing up a PEACE sign without a signature, my Dad, a morning-bird kind of creature alike to my Mom—she listens to Sirius and enjoys 1960’s (“60’s on 6”) music playing in the Subaru of it being some years old, but, Her, I Told her a promise and a wish I’d buy her a Tesla as she sees FIT! and at a great weight being pretty, and pretty skinny—a small amount of belly on me, so NOW, and I missing the mid-section of a champion!

Here’s me in 2007 when I had abs…
Don’t believe me ?????
This is it,

My GNC knowledge and working out for several years, I know the gym’s treadmills, no frills at 3.2 mph, I saw FIT!

Phat belongings and taking hair follicles—Samantha R.—I smile at her with that whole-heart her in an alluring “teddy” before bed, to snuggle up with me, but snoring and my happy happenstance, writing, it’s kinda boring!


Justine and I snoring, hearing the air flow into one-another’s mouths and waiting for the Rising—of the Sun, and I—she’s the #1 pick of mine, although with Samantha I swear I built “A Shrine” of her photos and family, Older Sister Danita—I want to be with them “SISTA2” photo I took:

Here’s me in 2021 or 2022 with treadmill time, skinny, so perhaps I’ll have abs again, but I can’t get myself on the Treadmill in the “Gym Room” here at “Averte” with me bare of muscle but skinny-minny!

Rest In Peace John Sullivan, and HI DAD! ❤

Sodden pleasures with come along the treats and terrestrial treasures, when to be seized on a measuring Atlas, round like a special character, “an ●”

●● <~~~ black balls of your Pool Shark African-American, am I insane, as a couple thoughts emerge, maybe make, a splurge, on cookie dough and “Cish-Cash

Phosphoric Acid: Evil In Disguise?

Hey you guys, got an itch to scrap a switch? And being more than a cinch, of pinching an itch? Them darned Fat People unearthed, the belly-load, well it hurts with a Tulip ripening and blossoming, smelling strings of characters wearing and weening  Thongs: butt flossery and a Tramp Stamp, unloaded the herds of her’s belongings sitting sea-side, beach-laden banter—Dad’s an “Angler” of bass fish, I wish, Oh I wish to be with thee, my Justine “Tini Ara”—sipping Italian sauce the alcohol-free ‘tini and squeamish feeling a liquidated burp, alcohol is pungent—hurting one’s own mouth, with southern sass “SoCo” with a lime, tipping a ten-cent “dime” one more time when tipping, but not “Cow Tipping”—I’m just kidding!

The formed data being “Altruistic”—with the respect to Christ Jesus—I’m making a mess but with bright thoughts and not yet sullen—remember John “Sully” who was my great intelligent friend at our Saint John’s High School: Class of 2000:—a silly tick to knit a pic of what man who brought the USA “Nation” = creation of being with no now widow—his arrows, free of errors, with the on-screen (no onlookers!) online to graze Desert Sands “Look, Dad hooked a BASS FISH”—Field and Streaming with Dad, he’s so rad and worth it, when oh snaps, he’s greater than me, much greater, to be known, we want peace and see you later!

Tranquility unreleased but say it escaping mentioned on my 3 dot-com’s!

The Awakening sounds like scraping scratches (keyed cars and more) I implore the owners to reconsider with the nonsensical banter of pastures being well kempt and hoarding the grass—not to mention the gas of brightening up power lines—all powerful and Zesty like a pantomime wearing the pants (in the relationship) of mine own, the Dockers, past-times at Saint John’s and the dances with girls in their thongs—live long, livestrong and take the dicey chatter into the bathroom, then spraying anti-perspirant with de-odorizing flavors, mint tulips, dicey fix, to this Cow-torn town with the farmers, the hicks, Mr. Ed and his desk, too slick in the midst of it- the thick- the thickened sauce when upright up-side capsules (25mg THC) when at home I would be, playfully ingesting the cannabis oils and digging ditches asunder the hills and the bruise, without any Brew!

The calf goes, “Moo”

The cradles cantankerous feeling out the valley, of what ingenious attitude, but misconstrued and complicated as making the market of currencies, Bounce—teeter totter, my these teeth constrained and a void of cavity (not that one!) pain that the B-Boys Be playing and altered “laying” the UP’s of red or blue Solo Cups—are these D’s—these phat and huge titties

Eat your bread, or continue reading what-we-have-here that’s a mess, jingled jolly —

On “Tranq” and “Molly”