Others come and Southerners go—to Tractor shows!

Ring the bell went to the store to pick up loam in a show-room, so soon, so soon, is it too soon?

For I weep, every day thus far in May, when me and myself, we are being, just simply, seeing the weaklings here at “Averte” so shoddy, not a party, when incubating myself in slithery bubble-bath so AFT, that then when the alarm announces morning-time it’s when I classically tip my hat at the skinny ladies, although never having “Skinny Dipped” announcing oneself to the shoddy water and inclement weather—a clementine of mine to toss in the Tub—for a CITRUS SCRUB!

Fatty Fatty Beefcake—one who fills his mouth so AFT—known at the local bar as “King Draft” reminding me of http://www.draftkings.com that had commercials—later “sportsradar” ??? J.S. what happened with that your craft of usually understanding stocks and bonds, of a Brazilian Brassier nearest and dearest hunny bunny- want to invest my money?

Marble steps covered with red carpet leading to the rope barrier and closed door

Talk to Dan, and Dan if you’re reading this, why haven’t you responded to me in a couple years, we’re not queers, you’re married, and maybe I shouldn’t have said, DAN DO YOU WANT TO “COMPARE… OUR DOWNSTAIRS ?”

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