Karen the soldier bearing brazen shoulders and a peg-leg drinking swill from an ice-cold keg…

Be irreverent with the monthly w/ “Rent”

A potent camping tent and a Jeff constructive conjugation of verbs and so many words!

I want to, do it Jane Doe, for you are the one who knows me greatest

and check my www.jeffreymarquis.com and http://alwayschillen.blogspot.com every so long, or so short, the vertically-challenged baking nutrient-encrusted burnt bacon, the stove hot and so’s the kettle and *cough*

Sneeze, please, and spread the paste in steady of it going to what such waste, post-haste, living in Haiti, knowing a can’t you wait please, overseas on the bee’s needs of… OK u waiting??? Islamic waking ’n’ baking a pizza pie for dinner, or goulash cream-puffs, that’s the stuff, up to snuff- when, crunch a Cacao Puff of it in a Jiff, or a Jeff, like me, I go by “Jeffrey” 🤩

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