Aunt Donna “who”? Ohhh, I know Aunt Donna Donohue 😁

Wallet all then, of Dan B. and me, like a lot of people benefiting from an or of my profits, and MY MOTHER HEN mother hen, mother help me with my TD Bank MILLIONS USD, or is us too seemingly classy, My Mom, a “Class Teacher” before and after then, on March 20th, 1982, I met you, you know who, I’m talking about salmon and trout, but what about, The Solomon Pond Mall where I was transferred there without me caring about the busy busty keeping of me shining bright, with me feeling utterly cow’s udders under there, (underwear being boxer briefs) I would keep them recyclical like a Centerfold done and through, all for used, all for some to see whistful prose professionally, when me, and my fingers, cause audiences poignant “Quivers” like “What’s he going to write about NEXT???”

Next up, Ember’s pup- that yup, so pick a twilight’s tulip at the calmest point of day, being free of any dismay, this May at its end and in-coming June, joking like Howerd Stern so refined to officially be-it blasted through the SiriusXM radio, channel 101- but me more into YouTube, Hip-Hop Nation, and Shade45 with satellites drifting the lightest beer got me swilling and alwayschillen to the utmost decree of who I exceed the mouth and languages of noneother than I, digging chocolate pie and Peter my online friend — yeah when I was forced to move to Vermont, we saw the end of palling around—pail and shovel—Peter’s in trouble with Colonel B. that I’ve seen the glee on Peter’s face, playing hookie and watching “Brazzers” for some self-accomplished satisfaction!

“I can’t get no… perforated fabric! 😜

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