The June month is a few days away!

The “Zuck” and of Another and The Others

The ordered Saint John’s “Catholic” “Brother” textbook Psalms memorized in the Summer Book Sale—yeah at Saint John’s we had to spend a hundred dollars on Textbooks—who else would have thought, “Learning, Books, etc.” information of a form-figured incarnation of Tasty’s temptation being “Woke” or “Nope” whilst selling the put-on shoes to retrieve the Newspaper light gray papyruses at Pappy’s “Sunday Funnies”, kneecaps and up north a bathing bath in the chilly, chilly salt water—to Swim with Seals—and to catch feels on a blank Poker Face pitiful furnace luminescent limbo at the Car Show with who do you know but Linde picking a cap, a hat, onto with which one’s placed a Pope and his Cardinals baseball team, taking turns, the team in baseball uniforms, per each man (and/or females nails) OH MAN! signifying designs and singing songs, seems so long and the days the months the years piled on with ones who are missing teeth…

Chompers, see ya later!
Dentures, embrace ya!

Blocks shocked shakers of salt ’n’ “Peppa” a lot of activity with $PEPE lately, that I would invite everyone to Google: “Jeff Coin” and win an Emmy with what the Oscar being last on the list, of a seamstress bereft of working for many hours at work, when after-therefore getting more and more and more… that although I see cold-squishy dollar bill frequency being fried while “inline” with what Fancy Feasted “Kitty-Kay” clif bar gone around the city curious with the switch of being flicked, so as to breathe in with what “atmosphere” above a factory plant, but not my seeded Sun Flower when, they splat them to be with tall as a tomato brand planet: “Earth”

An infants birth?
Ladies did it hurt?

Click on “Enter” in the Mother’ed and Doctor’ed activity, take it from me, my Properties—My “Settings and Savings” on the computer machine—accomplished mind not falling behind, among the ways, Celebrities ‘shade’, amongst those who Ember Ace food on a plate, on a plane, at a later date, so high up- so so Heaven Scent in a beat up car with a dent, bended out and then there’s Facebook I stay online afloat—Titanic-size Carnival Cruise, have you seen the News? a S.H.I.P (State Head-Injury Program) I have for me—and a little money in $BTC—where my own knowledge and education—Economics on in founded fine info’s, on each Chapter and every page, you know?  My public schooling at an early age, far from 18+ that I stick to- the lower limit of years on this Blessed planet, no tattoo’s—I’ve planned it to buy and wear a lot of jewelry, with me not having a tattoo or piercings—I never wanted to commit myself to what be like a planned organization, I like my USA “Nation” paying taxes and receiving much less money, for real, hunny—as I’ve made sure I’m not with currently much money, that America is setting aside my payments… Seriously, honestly, for real for real, I only receive $330 because that’s the car I want a “330xi” from Bimmer to drive and thrive with what I’m benefiting but not with any friends because I have hardly any friends!

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