I’m looking to profit, but not to be a Father <3 my Dad and Mom! <3 Aunt Donna Donohue <3 Justine Aragona 2009-2013 I want her back because we're both TBI, so injured because of the others who caused our injured brains and broken bones! =(

Spliffs off-filtered and with the coming SUMMER when time stretches on—Day Light Saving my Stocks, Bitcoins, gold, etc. etc.—with what I take to a turned-up Tulip to smoochies the forsaken Lamborghini’s tempting me to reach a high top-speed, mixed with CBD, I’m seeing the calmness it brings—while I choose not to sings, vocally, but dancing with these wondrous words in my head, pecking at keys instead—of the whatnot land-plot Plantation when my U.S.A. nation was vastly different and no Bitcoins to be spent, to be HODL’ed in the kettle with bells on at the gym, lifting weighty waits and taking about 5 minutes on each exercise-machine, my working out years ago, the gym was my “scene” and seen about every night on the treadmill—and while in 2013 or 2014 I wrote a “Will” I sent to my wealth-manager (one of 2 or a few 3 or more) William Mahoney, Daniel Besse, Dad, Mom, Aunt Donna Donohue, etc.—I want my much mucho money to spend on a Tesla ($50,000 “Reservation on a Tesla Roadster…) DONE!


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