What be the crux of a remaining piece of pizza, crusty and rusty, dusty, ready for a snacking, I’m clapping!

I sat down with Carissa today, and told her I’ve been very well, that she’s nice, like Ember — I want Justine Aragona back to marry now that her brain has seen more improvement, maybe she’s driving a car now!

Come too with me, and you and her and her, but not her — there’s no way SHE is coming with us, dammit!
Feeling fuzzy with “Cozzy” and his special son
Sans-Dopa, nope, give me Diet Cola
(24 packed with greasy film with, of)

…John Travolta’s Tesla twat and test-wrench

Vibes of vibrations on the Nation and the common white Tax-Payer
When the naysayer… no way would never happen, The Lair
I did, got my hair “did” — says the neighbor before his Janitor hobby, clean up the crumbs and clean up the sneeze with Puffs

The hobet to test a bet what we’ve set as better, better, best, when once and revolving this summer and the anniversary of an event that I hope to see 2024 with more in store (storage Charlton, MA) and 

Frumpy cheating chest, brush with Crescent, and try to be at-least decent

On the clear connection to XM Sirius-ly, it’s great the tunes the talk and yolk with Volk and a book so writely written I’m smitten without any Smirnoff, the autograph of Steven Hawking and it’s dark when the lights are off—this, David Hasselhough and Hasselhoff Monitored Miley Cyrus and the new satellites going into space, like 20 satellites are on Space-X going up today, saw it launched for lunch and breakfast fast Kitty Klein fashionable robes divine and dried out the hamper, cut the banter bargaining of what but the quote I saw from Albert Einstein

“ According to Albert Einstein, our experience of the past, present and future is nothing more than ‘a stubbornly persistent illusion’. “

Fingernails scratching and screeching on the CHALK today’s outline, class students, of a body sleek shears every day of the week with pavement good gold is my goal- GOOD AS GOLD the goaled recipients’ Tesla’s hard to old and hold the whine of Mankind to proceate—I don’t think I’ll ever have a baby with a girl—what’s so super-awesome and about how Justine and I have the same injuries and SOBER 2016+

Stirring salmon’s eggs and salty, little <>< ‘ y . . . when onto the go and seeking some sleep, livelong dreaming of that’s to be seen, of what but the pinnacle of green Planters Pistachios and (de-shelled) when smelling the horse-sniff and E-quip-Prose down the ladder of stipends and steps, like “Step-Mom” that the POV I see

Swiss precision, the Australian emissions fore-cleft with a Church Clerk and Niagara Falls 

Hi Anne, love your books! I collect them and Praise God!

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