I used “Nintendo 64” and “Nintendo64” for the $64,400 price to sell my many thousands of Bitcoins, but if, and only if, they sold at $69,077.44 which was the peak of ₿ (bitcoin)

I’m not looking to profit if I can give the money to my Aunt Donna Donohue — who knows people in USA government — that, really, if I’m in any trouble, I am once again- fine without profiting, but if I’m allowed to keep my many, many millions of USD then I have decided to give my Bitcoin to some others like my Dad is getting 49% of my Bitcoins — he had me cancel a bank in Paris, France “Bank of France” with what, I’m not sure if I put my profits there, like I have a lot of money in dollars — probably no Euro’s or Peso’s as I’m so proud to be an American — I’M WILLING TO PAY WHATEVER MY AUNT DONNA DONOHUE — once again, she knows people in Washington — WHATEVER I’D BE TAXED ON, and I know I’m not keeping all of it, the $BTC and I invested in about 300, really, “Tokens” like Dogecoin and “Shiba Inu” which is Elon Musk’s dog pet and it went up 80,000% — so yeah, I’ve really had a long conversation with Elon Musk and I maybe met him once or twice because he was involved with me on a great level — that he may have attended my Church after I told Rev. Jim Chase (rip) that Elon was going to be so rich and famous, I’m certain we talked and then he took an interest in how I ATTENDED “SPACE CAMP” ONE SUMMER! so he maybe started following me but I’m not sure…

And once again, if I have to fork over all of the money to my USA government, I’m willing to do so, as I’m not so big on making profits and moreso interested in “Propheting” as I’ve done with about 5 unbelievable connections and predictions, like CoVid-19 I read in the newspaper in 2005 or 2006, about labs in Wu-han and I gave the clipped out article to my Minister, and maybe he’s in trouble because I think he’s still alive and maybe hiding from my parents and William Blasius and I because this was BEFORE, yes “before” I reached beyond God at the edge of space, like getting involved with Bitcoin, Facebook, and MY 3 DOT-COM’S, writing an article for “The Student Voice” at WSU…

SOBER 2016+
no sips in years!

I hope my Dad kept up my investments of Stocks in Tesla, Amazon, Berkshire-Hathaway, John Deere, Apple, Microsoft and well all of these IIRC:

Once again, SOBER 2016 and as I’m a little bored here at “Averte”, I like living here with my own Apartment and no car — they take me to the Therapist I see, who, he, Dr. Dominic Candido, he has a Ph. D. and drives a 400-HP twin-turbo car I told Dan to put down $50,000 on a Tesla Roadster reservation but it’s being delayed by Elon Musk who I asked Elon, I asked Elon, “Can I be your best friend?” And he said he had a best friend… but that HE COULD “BE MY BEST FRIEND EVERY DAY IF I WANTED!” This in 2005, finding his name “Elon” and I wanted to “ELON-gate” my legs and arms, that I did in 2005 and 2006, but they were shrunk by a doctor, so I’m not too big now, I like being thin and eating good food!

Here’s Dan my “Cuz” cousin who invested into many financial assets in 2013 or 2014 when we stayed up for about ten hours of investing, when I’d reached beyond God about 6 months before, and Jesus Christ, well, did you know there are many like him, born of females who’ve never had sex, now known as “Parthenogenesis” I read an eye-opening long article from Time Magazine about how it’s hush-hush that there have been many born like Jesus Christ — me later going to Christian Churches collecting 70+ Sunday Service pamphlets I would sleep with them and 2 Bibles and my HEAVEN pamphlet I was led to by God Himself The Father, The Creator of His universe, yes at the edge of space I prayed to meet God at the edge of space, pointing straight up to him with my Disabled and Handicapped left arm, thanks Justine! =)

Thanks Dan remember although we signed papers giving you 0.3% of the deal, that I’m sticking to for the Bitcoins in 10 wallets with TD Bank and I hope you’re not mad at me — SOBER AND NO MMJ! only CBD I chew it and swallow the “Flower”

Dan I swear I want the you getting 0.3% that we agreed on because of the CBD that helps me, I don’t smoke it, and I’m going to buy you so much valuable merchandise, making you happy and therefore not keeping all of the profits in my banks, I had to cancel the Euro’s in France and I did that with my Dad and a translator years ago

I don’t want to be a father and I wonder what happened with my parents and my sperm-sample from the hospital I.C.U.


CONGRATULATIONS! but remember, the Bitcoin thing was all of my own knowledge because I thought BitTorrent changed its name to BitCOIN!

I have a Traumatic Brain Injury that changed things in my brain, my so incredibly injured brain I’ve “Recovered” and I will “Recover” more and hopefully although MY LEFT HIP-BONE WAS IN 7 PIECES I am not too injured as you can feel free, when I’m walking around — I did seriously 100’s of hours of treadmill time in 2006-2010

Am I Disabled and Handicapped? You be the judge!

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