There’s a house-maid here, and my parents are visiting soon! I like the medicines they give me for Brain-Injury and I don’t have A.D.D. that also I have zero-pain and I’ve never done Opiates recreationally, NO PAIN SINCE 2005!

We must await the plate with a chocolate $CAKE ( of intense intestinal intesty-able flour, eggs, East, so Easy, on-come the baked bread like a home-cooked meal of iron-clad “Steel” on the Main Street running with shoes on both feet, being unlike the Kenyans who run marathons barefoot, sitting on a stool and joking with friends for A Night Out of the pricey gasoline when ‘a’ running on Empty or “Low On Battery-Charge”, and change with my Dad Wayne, I ask, beg him to buy me a Tesla—and stop pretending that I have no knowledge of my TD Bank of, how much cash?


Likewise—a penny? I hope enough for a house as I want to buy a house on the same street as my Mom and Dad!

Cash fragility?

All I have to say is that I put Euro’s into a Bank of France and I was forced by my Dad—he knew it wouldn’t be good to have on my clean-record—but I have cash in Green Turtle Cay, The Bahamas I wrote


“Travelogue” pages printed a many, A- grade at WSU

Read it, I recommend it! =)

I have less than 500 “Friends” on Facebook!

Twitter: “$JEFF”

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