What $1 to be?

With my whim to play enchanting games, Bitcoin exchange of about $500 profiting from my “Crypto” on PayPal with the savings to support me, please be-  straddling the addle and benefiting although without “Friends” on the end—or be that pay me the benefits of my Trust Fund accumulating interest—my interest in this GREAT WEALTH of myself—but now hidden—$330 in Disability arriving each month—I picked a less amount than the more abundant fee, giving back some money, so that or being saved up for a BMW 330xi to sweetie drive, but, if, and only if, I don’t buy that Tesla Roadster first- the BMW would be my all-season vehicle, here in Vermont at “Averte” wearing old clothes—I haven’t heard about any nearby Mall—but I’ve ordered clothes from Amazon—all for me!

Call it 100 or call it TREE-FIDDY in my world of “Crypto-Currencies” God fearing, God Himself The Father of His “universe” where the stars and planets—they’re DISPERSED—a-longing to play at this bright point of MY THANKING GOD FOR KEEPING ME ALIVE! The doctors with Ph. D’s and it’s the giggling me—I like $JEFF:

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