Surrounding these sounds of light styled writhing WRITE = I RIGHT IN WAVES

Oh the waves sounding at a Cape Cod of my best friend, Elon Musk, and Aunt Donna NEXT-UP along the Marquis-lineage of my soundly SOLD SUBARU a Legacy taking it easy, at 70,000+ miles on the rhyme and meter, to call her at least once a day, that one time today really recounting the alligator of yesterday… seems like about 1 decade ago—found a way to bake a cake of cold-hardy cash—coming hand out feeding a hamster a pellet, Or a pallet, up there, way up there, in the attic where the dust drifts like sediment out The Birch Tree Account when of where high-price to Count the Chocolate of “Chocula” and “Chobicus” that’s my Bro Mode Justin an alternative kinda art-working so fancy, when he inhales and previously-inhaled, a lot of smoke—some psychedelic substances being placed under the tongue, a touch—a touch too much, that DMT off-kilter being lit and him now with Nancy’s spliff on his websites like Tumblr I signed up for but having my own One-Post Only—me and Justine, being Justine and I—expressing my love for this Aragona-made girl who encompassed my mental universe of love having made well ummm baked buns in the $BTC and $ETH little habit of mine, and on PayPal where I have a fun balance—do you remember Balance Chocolate Bars?—I sip the chocolate milk 1/3 gallon at a time, it absorbs splendid, the “Petty Cash”? I spend it on my needed food and energy drinks, Diet Soda, who I am?

It’s me “Jeffrey Marquis” but I’m not where I’d like to be =/ as I quest for home so soon but I’m guessing I’ll be staying here with these crazy residents—most with money—the people here have money, the most with rightly-so rich and wealthy and healthy, their parents or care-givers paying the bills to be, and here, “Averte”—where you aught to be, outright, when I stay awake all night—coming with minimal communication to those here, where, I’m in Vermont and I’m over 3 hours from home, and I want the money from my Subaru Legacy my parents sold back to the dealership, with no accidents, but maybe one speeding-ticket that was absurd- now you have my word, I’ve abandoned the Booze and embraced “Fox News”—I love it!

Trump wouldn’t say who’s side he’s on—Ukraine or Moscow?

I’ve had Russian Salad Dressing before and I think it’s better than Ranch—but not like my Caesar Salads or Parmesan Peppercorn my family enjoyed—but I mostly like Ken’s Italian — do you hear that I like Italian sports-cars like Ferrari’s?

I love that car if only its “ looks / appearance ” but because of my #1 best friend of 2005, I like The Tesla of Elon Musk’s—maybe met him twice, that was nice hey if you’re Chinese go eat white rice! Why white rice? I believe in “White” Superiority because white people have the most CA$H

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