Cracked Life with a piece of good lass a pipe of glasses!

Be Back To It…

Pack the fluid and stay healthy, shape made and of the body, not to shoddy—or being a real $FATTIE eating pan-cakes and wedding bells, to use the anti-perspirant with pleasant smells, while shaking the small—or go to the shopping “Mall” with plenty zesty pharmaceuticals, the anti-anxiety pills so CALM-ing me to work my light lingo—that’s the get-go to all the Ho’s in the hizzy, with Diet Soda’s being very fizzy, and surviving surgeries that willy-nilly—I have an Scar on my belly, filled with jelly and Jam to do what’cha can, in the finest land of rural America, all the cows, all the crows, when who knows but me?  I’m a hot-boy with wenches and wrenches-  me being in the proverbial “Trenches” of hyperactivity and what comes to me, this through—my injured brain of a TBI—needs no fret to refrain the near-death circumstances of a knocked-up cranium, play with uranium, on distant planets the best of Uranus *cackle* with wedding-tackle, and the adversary to know what difference of Dove soap-  so sudsy and moisturizing—“It puts the lotion on the skin!”—knowing gardening at home when squirting out the hose—clean nostrils on my face—no sniffing taking place of what narcotics I keep separate from my scarred body, I’ve never been called “shorty” and a returned retort from me—what you see in the massive amounts of text, my sex-drive, diminished—Mrs. Lindquist a mother—but Justin… him being my own Brother of identical initials—bereft of you Brother who…

Hit “snooze” and please stop being drinking your lousy “booze”—you fools, fooled by the Transit (van) here at “Averte” where I me, I be, and jotting noticed novices my writing unto the world, sometimes, me, sounding absurd? Sure. That’s the word on my “Public Ledger” and “Private Ledger”

I like the nurse/helper here named “Ember” !!!!!

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