Duddering damn sell and lit with a candle, wrxtbi jmarquis710 alwayschilen my handles, lit the ferns and furnace, partying in Ghost masks and $CAKE

Lightly and ephemeral Tasty’s waistline—running wide for a ten cent USD dime—a dined in a dinner that gets your flabby waist thinner for an up ’n’ coming, morningly, hair combing with Honey Comb to eat, Tasty’s Treat, eating meat, at the meeting being hosted, mostly and moist-y warm from the over, o’er the backlit camper with dishes in the Hampered happenings of banking nails, worn long by the Freestyle Queen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xv6Ds99h8c4

And be it pleasant Summer Soon, to the moon then and then and back,

sprinkled curb stopped stepped upon a scenery of Hollywood street cracks!

And of the other on one’s way to say it loud and proud—PLEASE / THANK YOU,

Yes You of the XX-chromosome while shopping at Auto-Zone trims honed Honda

Of simply fishing or finding the aught-right glaze for a sweet finish the the week,

12:00 AM — so it’s now a mild midnight aught-right and for real and really reeled

Being within withering amounts of this my writing clouded—need the daytime of,

Sea Crest in Cape Cod, Mom and Dad there with me, like Donna Donohue, I recall you there, thanks

When going for OUR WALK of waking gymnastics’ hand-salted flour—this the chalk and the talk

on a show to know, Jerry of not Ben’s-  but of a recent deceasorry of Jerry Springer

Jeffrey that’s me, bereft of any “singing” or nighttime naught—chemical free—so no sinning

When it’s me sitting on my love-seat reclined and relaxed, with my Citrucel Laxative:

It’s keeping me thin and this dynamic figure in the win the within of me to exercise sporadically

Gifted to be of the Finery—the oil refinery—pumping the paid-for fuel, the gas in a 1999 F355 GTS F1

Planning on buying one with my many Bitcoins and Stocks of 2013, of 2014, NO MMJ!

That’s correct-oh I have spent so long fully Sober and without the MMJ, the weed—no longer needed!

Le Bron and Brawny paper of towels, them disposable, with a winkle crinkle tickle to tickle—hehehe

“Averte”—where I be now, been 4 years, and here at this Apartment, medications often with a suntan

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