41 and fun chatting via my 5 blogs and Facebook’s “Messenger” (and NASDAQ: FB profiting for a decade)

Seemingly entranced, in a new pair of Doc Marten’s pants, the some so paltry in the pantry when once to Dance—exceedingly seemingly—the serenity of a sun-set when the tide goes out, shopping in Sandals don’t make me Resort to a Popping “Tart”

It fits!

Summertime of Limes and Lemons—allbeitso the Lyme with Ticks on the clock, on the phone, that’s me TALK-ZING!

From under the utmost prestige of what’s the deal with these, ones? the $1’s handed out on-stage—NO STRIP CLUBS—when to Google with “undersea goggles” prince’s palmer’s of Arnold with a walker waisted belly-fat—I have a small amount—at that!

Kitties shining white coat of Fancy Feast and Friskies to eat, much much much munching and such, to suck in the warm milk—cats… you don’t take them for walks or go play “Fetch” me a stray at “Averte”—tonight at group meeting they don’t want a kitten, here, that years before I was here, they had a dear feline, “Little Man” who shed the fur of Around The Fur in a musical group I’ve been 3 times to their concerts, and buying CD’s ??? Oh that’s what I’d do when I lived at home, on a Queen-size Throne being a bedtime relaxing time to fall asleep, after taking a pee, the nightly habit so happily, throwing a baseball in the rain, and women are walking to be waiting for a train—proud to dress fancy of Dungarees and Donkey Kong 64 being Nintendo 64—I saw my many Bitcoins were called at value of $64,400 long ago—I invest on PayPal know, so you know so such as what much Type-R of remaining in accord or something like that, driving a 1996 Ford of me in the Explorer I had trips to school, any girls reading this? I miss to kiss, kiss my Mom and Dad and I incredibly THUSLY need a girl for some “Toosh” like Tosh.0 had a show—ivory retracted—he caused youths to become video/audio fanatics, when erratic take a white Tic-Tac, being Mom’s favorite flesh tasting Mint Condition “BarcELONa!” my cards I carry, my gold silver palladium etc. packed in a pocket, and JINGLING with Joe Ingles’s (and Jazzy Jeffrey that’s me) of the “Utah Jazz” of having had been born and raised in Australia—these trading cars in envelopes—in plastic *I designed ecmplastics.com of my rich Dad’s creation and doing…*  Him with the cash, no cigarette or cigar ash, having known Ashley, I told her to plant a tree, that, hopefully and I’m sure she did for pennies and dresses hemmed to the knees, or shorter if she had only not been so tall—I like small—I like’s the Mall—having sunk shorter, shrunken legs by a doctor, this when my Dad had Procter & Gamble (P&G) as a bigtime $$$,$$$,$$$ company and customer, the plastics, I gave to some other “her” a packet of fantastical Jelly Beans and advising being at the Gym when veering from the odd and I’m not a SOD or in any debt, that my credit is in TD Bank = $1M+

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