“Zero” Coke is for me ‘o’ mine, my May 1st Coca-Cola “Shrine”

Today of them all, when my craving the international internet web via my only working computer machine, I keep the screen oh-so clean and bare of a thumbprint—that remember, when I was in CT visiting Dan, his friends with the police, they were so nice to take my bodily identity—for my Bitchain authenticity—my own biology with samples of what but hair, skin, excrement, fingerprints, saliva, semen, height, weight, SS# with all of my information—laying still on 2 brand new laptops, many online accounts created, USB hard drives, various writing devices, a signature scanner, etc. etc. from when Danny B. invested millions of my dollars, predicting so much—I want to marry my Justine Aragona, her with a TBI, too, and hopefully single, her being, yes, single I hope as I’ve wanted her as a wife for many years of “Aliases”—I want her to get one too!

I have an “Alias” of “Jeff M” and I hope to have “Justine M” to be with, and Mr. Pellegrini, you are a powerful WARRIOR against self-harm, that’s great and stay alive be happy and you’ve moved me!

I’m so sorry you were sad when I was with your step-daughter, my JUSTINE!

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