I Graduated from Saint John’s in Year 2000, tried Northeastern University, but the panic-symptoms brought me home to QCC where I graduated in 2002 or 2003 and Asst. Manager at GNC!

Some souls dolllar bill, sold when up in a transfer of wealth, health, and kind coming-home values of what be what it is—proud and true—the ocean blue in a haze coined by me, endless blue of Atlantic and Pacific—which reminds me of Pacilio Wealth Management, DAN IS THE GREATEST, when him “A Man” standing up straight and in good shape, his weight and fitness ritual, to him a route of a “Regimen”—Aunt Sue and my Mom, “Debbie-Do” when the bills are all paid for me, layed out and laying about the couch, the “Love-Seat” I sit on and walk to my kitchen—ever so hungry—for something to eat like a steak and milk, makes you think, we’re on the brink or what lies between these my hazel eyes, shining open so wide, my vision. vision. of double it brings with it some trouble! And treated to aural treble tasty’s-terrible, treated and deceased. Ben Franklin!

I’m so proud to be an American tax-payer!

Song so Uplifting!

What be ONCE like one time only, dripping on the Italian Ferrari salad dressing up in Chantilly Lace, and on the “Pad” of a LILY for Mom and Elijah Gooding, Dan (for trading my crypto’s) “Investment” and Dad whose happenings-cheery of us, her teeth aren’t a fuss and no tattoo’s!

“The difference between scars and tattoo’s is that scars tell better stories!”

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