God > Allah > Jehovah > Jesus the human, a simple now-known “Parthenogenesis” virgin-birth, that’s one of many!

Hour at sour sands stripped bare to the $BONE when and where MY SHINE HAS SHONE, hopefully buy my own $$,$$$ “HOME” won of what to me how it’s sp’posed to be with rigid vigor of vibrant vivacity—but Calming me—to FB: “Care” when with Allah, I Dance in Space, found a place halfway beyond God—I prayed and I pray to God’s REAL ILLUSION like a hologram, so Holy, and reaching Beyond Him—maybe in 2004, but 2013 I know for sure—I got Beyond “God”—His real “Illusion”—It’s because I have a Traumatic Brain Injury—and I felt Justine’s left breast with my Disabled and Handicapped hand when I put my hand in front of The Creator’s “Hologram”—God is a real “Illusion” like a hologram and that’s the best I can put in words *shrug*

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