Thus and when-ly I have come to get-go with what I know the Vermont landscape is bare of development and advancement—lol I had many years ago—with what be me my must chewy pizza crust, to visit my 3 dot-com’s people say, “Why do you have THREE, Weeb’s websites I might keep them all up to live long, live with two arms, and LIVESTRONG — me so longer I stay here with my Islamic allegiance of not only to Lance, but who and Allah, as many my wishes of such to suck on Justine’s lips with a kiss, of us, that I miss, with the Missus and shopping at Kay Jewelers kind of store, that well, gold, I need another Bar of 24 karat to carry in my pocket, toad and spanken sproket with rubber boots and tall trees roots, wrapping Saran and Sahara of Sarah, like a locomotion of “El Hefe”

Call me “Jeffrey Mar-key”

I have 2 official “Aliases”: Jeff M and Jeffry

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