Now and Plow with my John Deere Stocks way up!

Rhyme a time of a Charm is thine things, when to sing whilst wearing a wedding ring,

Simple Pop a pimple when once upon said these things, that remember we’re singing,

All together wherever and when to the never everest mountain done highest heights,

And I’m not high so I sigh and sign a signature of a grim vim said in near sildenafil is none

Wallow to the sallowed and inclementary ordeals along with what tatters and pillars,

the pillows — I talked to Mike Lindell in 2005 or 2006, no tricks, and no lies I swear!

Pantaloons of under-jammies belonging to who but Aunt Jemima syrupy addled straddle!

Take your pick, an Insulin pin prick, IGF-1 LR3 pinned “Downstairs”—breathe in the air

I care, and about the 5 times I’ve, that me, that I, went to mental-hospitals 5 times!

Almost always with lovers, that maximum enjoyment came to the four-somes I was fine

J. C. S., lo and behold them orally, all 3 of the girls, pleasing me done upright ’n’ tight

But it amounts to nothing but a itty bums and pizza crusts, on the cusp, all 3 I mustered

As I was with Justine Aragona for years long, songs of true love and washed with Dove

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