Froggies are “Stylin'” with my Crypto-Currencies 2005-on interest! Lo and Behold, $PEPE SOARS 1000%, Justine called it my “P.P.” for plastics/polymers “ECM Plastics, Inc. “POLYPROPYLENE” =)

Stripped bare type-of Clubs,

a hiccup the drunks at Bears

Bars and Beers—never “near”

here at “Averte” where I Care.

And going far, so far, so good,

Then when I call with a ring-a-ding dangle of a 90-degree angle, any barter at the Pubs

Pups questing for a drink, the unwanted feelings puked into a kitchen sink, addicts stink!

With a really nice Summertime a’coming in months to and from- the strum of a guitar

greeted at a door with some crumbs of pretzels—these people, I know I’ve met thems!

Finish up the prose with Ember a Rose of red descent, me lightened up to her, a mom

Live from London it’s Foggy Froggy $PEPE the frog—I’ve explored bogs on ponds!

— my Google: “JMRQ Heavy Industries”

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