Some bribed jerk is waiting outside and staying there for hours sometimes, below my porch or nearby, and I stay silent!

To Go and to Meet on the street,

My soiled and quick-skinned feet,

Like nothing else but a wanna-be,

Discriminant nigga’s and G’s,

Oh deez, it’s the mouth on me,

And filled with String cheese,

Goodness glory it’s a chase,

Showing shodden face,

I’ve forecasted with what LV called my “Third Eye” earlier, my third eye, Mike Lindell, CoVid-19, Elon Musk, Bruce Fenton, and calling Facebook when they were creating it, me knowing a “Developer” I tried sending about $200 in the mail for NASDAQ: FB, yeah! I’ve had them on the phone to chat with—Mike Lindell was in Mexico and Elon Musk was waiting for a plane for 40 minutes of talking to him… which I may have met him TWICE!

I bought $10 worth of “Facebook Gifts” THREE TIMES = 30 gift icons… I used, sending them to millionaires with businesses, mentioning my Dad’s company if they needed plastics/polymers! and then sending so many to cute models-only! I wanted to stir the stew up with Facebook, with special privileges and owning dot-com’s with hundreds and thousands of visits to my pink forum later renamed to “The Poetic Voice”

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