If I’ve profited, great, yay for me and those who I’m close with, but if I’ve neglected anyone, well I’m giving a huge handout, after William Mahoney does my taxes where the U.S. government takes money from me, and I want nice things but not necessarily looking to make great profits.

Yeah if I’ve done anything wrong with $BTC I am sorta okay with me making little profits, if any because I don’t feel like being reprimanded by Wall St. and Pacilio Wealth Management and/or Merrill!

I’m a nonviolent taxpayer with a huge disability to my brain and left hip that I became to be with The Creator at the edge of space, and having known Elon Musk very well, I told Dan months ago to buy me a Tesla Roadster because my parents are selling my 2013 Subaru Legacy. Best of all, no MMJ with THC and I AM SOBER SINCE 2016! No sips in a couple years! I quit after going to A.A. at The Charlton Federated Church ONLY ONE TIME — which I went back to the next meeting to declare my alcohol-addiction as no more from then on! It’s been almost a decade since I’ve been drinking, and I thank Reverend Jim Chase for smiling when I said I wanted to get SOBER, that he liked, but I think he’s still alive and people are lying to me because I’m 3.5 hours away and people modify my surroundings and tap my laptops and cellphone! The staff here mess with me every chance they get, like stealing my mail, which hmmm I’ve heard absolutely nothing about my Google official page Google: JMRQ Heavy Industries and why my is unavailable, that, hmmm well I’ve known people are trying to sabotage my life since they caused my SEVERE INJURIES in 2004 when I seeked help from so many people — but there was already “Their Plan” coming up in November on. the 2nd when I was so threatened by my adversaries and my enemies to commit suicide when I maybe saw a helicopter in the air and many police officers on that fateful day when I thank God I am a TBI Survivor!

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