Flying bright with what I misconstrue you *Mom* “Deborah Marquis” bringing the cheer and she knows I invested in 20-30 Stocks and many thousands of Bitcoins… Market rig! Ribbed!

Battled out, able cattle, then get at’ter sliced honey ham, oh man, I recalled the day’es of your we be munching lunch-meats, tasty treats—WHEN I LOST 30+ LBS. LOW CARB!—pudgy and beer-body bottled Sudsy to see, for me to see, the drinking gets our way out of the “Exit door” being when I didn’t want anymore of what booze to stand while frequently urinating, snuck in Nips, me hoping I didn’t dip and wobble—on my way to pee in the flushable toilet, when I chugged the few brewski’s I’d drive to the store to purchase lukewarm beers—steering clear of any and all FAGGOTS F-ing those deviants, the Devil within the hearts of queers—opting corpses of AIDS and, oh her, she’s pissed, so mad, that she has Her-She’s the Herp with a burp of lip-sores in scores, unprotected, my MAGNUM’s still sealed in plastic wrap and unopened, not getting laid in years AND ME NOT CARING—I have online videos of thrown-up gagging with no 40+ sagging, albeit me at 41 years-old, sitting and shitting on the solder, no soldiers, no S-words, with the N-owned negroes sticking to the streets and dealing dope to the naggy naysayer sailors—them enamored alongside fish heads, those them the Roly-Poly…


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