“You’re so freaking money and you don’t even know it!”

Fun with the to the “heyo” without the yay eat Oreo’s the cookie crumble of black-meets-white and there’s an awfully peaceful time between the two, unseparated but savored the black’s and who but the white’s proverbial “FLAVOR” at a disco of the salivatory senses, the geniuses at Nabisco, and routers in Silicone Valet’s car-service of Oreo’s un-dried, so binging on being the mousse-like moistness of what creme-du-fonde all pasty, and take the crumbs in your hand, up to your mouth, so as not to be wasting, that’s a simple bit of not Torrent or “Crypto Investing” my millions I’m glad I have them and 20-30 Stocks, but my money $$,$$$,$$$ it’s blocked by my enemies… and my Mom and Dad — they are have been had for stalking me talking to be, to me, phone-side swindles at the Caper’s ghost of David Perron (haunted) JMRQ, my Google, not to be fucked with by any who steal my mail—I have gone since 2016 with a mere 2 or 3 single of glasses to set sale on the Ailing old smoker man falling down on the ground, at the alcoholics-only “Bar” so far, he’s fallen and afflicted with a yelling in agony—the sound of a shattered hip and a big fat lip, he chugged out of a funnel—he didn’t sip the amber brew—that, you too, you probably know what it’s like to swallow (…) gulp after gulp of the slowly sloshy liquid potion, the lifting of the glass of Draft, to your mouth, yeah I know you 21+ know exactly what that there, umm, is ALL ABOUT—and show your face when I pull an Ace playing Poker—forgoing a cigar—my lungs were scarred by the dark brown Dutch Master’s “Stogies” a decade ago, and wouldn’t you know, then I was on-to Double Diamond cigars, that I did for a sort of, kind of, long time, when I was so pathetic I would steal 8 ounce bottles of red wine, and belonging to my Mom—I’M SO SORRY I WAS A JUNKY DRUNK MAN SO PATHETIC—a la Dead Dave the Heroin and Liquor Slave—driving me drunk him only, post-Sobriety for me, I was, without a tiny bit of a “Buzz” when the Diet Soda would fill up my belly and awake my senses—Justine didn’t drink, and she didn’t know her Oreo’s all bloody crocheted underwear—which I didn’t care like she wore short skirts and no on newsie “Underwear” down there and showing it off in the Mall—I remember she was small and short, that her skirt wasn’t long enough—oh the Exhibition of an onlooking ladies attrition and dereliction of common sense—sans-TBI when I found myself spry and able to pay for people at tables, always carrying $1000+ in cash or at leasy 7 $100 bills to give me thrills like Designer Lobster with claws:


I saw you on “Meta” take care “Cuz”—Amazon, Tesla, John Deere, and lastly: BITCOINS

My favorite “Cuz” and PEACE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S42gRKHviL0

WHAT A POKER FACE! I dig the favorite bit (coin) of this picture, being your facial hair!


“Draft Kings” what happened? I read about business and I only watch Fox News for about 2 years now, after 2 year of CNN, yes that is correct- I’ve only watched Network News for the past 4 years! NO BEERS! CHEERED JOHNNY DEERE!

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