Feel free to send me Bitcoin as I and your finances bloom or BOOM! 1000x coins! Ask me how I knew Shiba Inu would skyrocket something like 80,000% thanks Elon!


An Australian man and lifted, so be it so, sprinted with a spritz of iconic ivory tiny bits, and Oreo’s bites of breaking “a diet” at night, when I’m “in tune” with ‘The Tube’ of making money selling risque (risked Friskies) tantamount nudie photos for oh you whores, naughty, and spitefully drinking Diet Dr. Pepper sprace sprayed in the face of who but the tallest fuck in the club, him riding on “Dubs” after taking ‘a’ tub, that, sudsy shampoo and Ivory soap, and in the shower, for a quarter ($0.25) of an hour, spent warm and comfy, being comforted by the warm water, a sworn habit of business being clean’ed up before work, early in the morning of Sutter Home-ing it at night with what purple juice, that years ago I would occasionally take my Mom’s liquids kept a cabinet—not the ‘fridge—but Taters clean and baked, before you met me, being like a sketch of an “Imprinting” kind of sing-ing not looking back, too, at the panic-attacks when I received slack in presentations, having liquored myself up prior to class—if and when, I had to Deliver a Presentation—someone’s ass in class, don’t go in there it’s stinky, so wait a bit before you go in the bathroom—someone snuck up the bathroom, jilted F’er to sizzle slippery in May or June, them coming very soon, “Doge to the moon!” of what my Bitcoin wallet is there up top, so stick up and snickers—deposit me sum cash—the sum of a few dollars, PLEASE, wintertime wreathes and missing teeth, stomped out stunted by my feet, my shoes I mean, but me being nice I’ve allocated minute slices, as per my Investments in 2013 or 2014—I forget—and what’s left of me making a mockery of Dave and Dan the best-ly—I love Dan B.! make me more money please!


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