Protests in Israel these days…

Hi Aunt Dono Hue Aunt Donna Donohue! ♥

Going askew, going astray, sipped butts in the ash-tray of all day, neverlong, smoking and “Tokens” at a Cish-Cash “Casino” goes the wine-o guzzling the firm grape-juice, righty tighty, skin tight jeans of giving on-lookers a stride of breaded pride, dancing for Mardi-gras beads but then sitting sorta stoned, King on the Throne—crown of thorns—but back to the jeans, by all means, ripped and tattered but then SORTED coming out if the drained air has come up—Facebook “Care”—lol when I meant to call the office but I got sick today and I SORTA passed-out, me afloat with Robotussin flaking fakery and not sure what bakery has your honey-buns, they’re a lot of fun to ogle, I call them up on Google, digging the cusp of a fuzzy Playboy Bunny at yesterday’s upcoming Easter-time—when candy Easter Basket, filled with treats, the bunnies, they eats, and Greets from the imaginary white haired critter, HIDING the chocolate creamery Cadbury the spreadsheet so neat of Glitz ’n’ Glam—happy as a Clam with a C-note to blow on whiskey and wine for the “Oh, honey, pick up that wine I like a lot!”



BECAUSE ONE OF MY ENEMIES DISABLED MY ZOOM SOFTWARE, that, where, I, with wishes, and prayers to be able to attend Jehovah’s Witness ordination, all but ordinary for you, unlike Peter and Colonel and I like ME, being “Jeffrey Marquis” who we stay true to our belief in God!

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