Off-table and Off-tangled successful Cousin be sorta sentiment of a fellow I know, and him well, learned to spell AND TO SIGN HUGE FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS!

Dan Dan Dan, a daddy now!

A blue thumb-tack pin type of a which needle goes where the eager Eagle is sealed for improvement… and approval to think of the Valley Girls wishing for swirls and bubbles, the hot tub outside the house backside, it causes warmth and coming forth with a fragment of a Benjamin’s stack-of-cash underwater when itching a scratch on one’s legs—to a pin-prickly kinda sort of disfigurement in the aspect of an Abrasion or Bored Explicit Avenue who bought me a gift, catching the Rhythm Divine but divided—complexity of the Circuit City—whenever you read me, I’m treating you to a Fancy (Krystal) misnumbered in slumber slobbering and WRX I dig in the clutch, a lot or little—either way, the braking was fine—but the lead-foot was too much on mine, and/or of my own to pay a paper ticket—only one time with my WRX, I got the ticket reduced, to spruce up my documents, that I have a clean “record” as approved by a Judge, signing doc’s, signed-off doctors, signature SMUDGE — so smile and shine your future should be loving like mine to the L – oh – L I dink the pink pen in black ink when I think, “I need a sweetie with hips, lips, and jeans without rips in the knees—oh geez—please me and BELIEVE ME, I’ll bet you’re in-debt like an in-debtter without mentioning, you know, him, and Dan, YOURE BEARD LOOKS REALLY GREAT! excuse me peruse me and my writing sending unique testaments to my parents and my 1 year older cousin Dan, the man with a beard now- albeit sipping a bestowed Brew every now that and then—when—we would drink a couple beers that night—that I kept my promise, “I WILL ATTEND ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS!” I did it for me, fancifully and Tactile tick-tok the Chinese software I don’t use that shit!

I don’t fuck with no old hose, and I want to buy a house near my Mom and Dad (!!!!!) because, really- and here I’m not near a mall or hot-spot, that, also, I’m not driving a Tesla right now and I’m a little irked—there was a Quirk car salesman organization for the purpose of selling Nissan’s—Clayton Tyler—your yellow X-Terra was cool (but that’s the second “Terra” today) ::: ::: I was on their IT Department on the phone for an hour or so, all-through-out that night in 2013 or 2014—Danita was the Queen, and Mannie was my DREAM COME TRUE!

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