Now between time and then, week-ling, when I seek Saturdays

Praying to the Kindle to read not the Bible, but The Qur’an, that and…

Hinge of a UHAUL while hailing the Chief (and Irene the chef)

My name is Jeff with 2 “Aliases” as per my business (Google: “JMRQ Heavy Industries”) where I write all day and night, writing, right? and that I offer no promises within my time of Private late at night, my WebCam’s Sight, Signed Off, as per the Zoom, disabled for me, because I think people don’t want me to be friends with Jehovah’s Witnesses, oh well, as you can tell or discern or discover, I gently and generously, flirt who were the waitresses I once did see, eating at restaurants once or twice a day, I had all the time in the world, as it may, and be, barking up a tree, and me, hoping to see Laurie

At that restaurant the hot spot of the S&P rising and risen since the start—you can own a piece of art- like shares in a famous painting:

I had the poster of this on my wall, because it minded me of having “Pulled an Ace” in the Space Race!

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