There are crazy people here like a girl set a fire here today-

Taken under and split asunder, two shoes plumber and found, un-Earthed water in the ground… of what comeuppance sipped sifted chocolate dirt or soil and worms (bow to a high brow)… then turned face and in space—of my ravished (ravishing)—but not a rash ON YOUR CREVIST!

And of what but to be Bearish (Or bullish) ??? with what Jersey J-Wow her on J. Shore, yeah her wowing at the majestic envy of Niagara Falls, me standing somewhat short, with a big right arm—that’s what I return a retort and With—a knife slitted throat of a goat, oh golly, eating at Molly’s in an hour or so, just so you know, and report on a card with an “A” a la my few great grades—throwing Ace of spades, for the enclave and my personal Slave of one another—the mother being BRITNEY SPEARS, so throw away your shovel and with what wondrous wonders of yay it’s Britney (of the USA) listen to her music, dancing in the air, Hovering with a Hoover—the lips on that bitch, like no other!  So dip the hips on puffy pillows

Hmmm, that to humble a humble hum of a SETTING SON ( kind of S-ONG to listen to forever!

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