Hear here and near ‘n’ dear, me meaning measly poetry!

college boys lol

You can feel free to imply, the nighttime-lyrics are all MINE and coming from ME, with what you see on my dot-com domains of delight, when I write at night and until morning, that’s when I’m treated to a textual journey of daily-do little poetry stories, with me the Subject notebook of Five-Star notes in a book, cost a lot and quality-made, those notebooks divided to classes like Calculus, what a fuss, and Geography, that’s the Rand-McNally idolatry, for me, wanting and hoping I’ll be able to visit even for only most of a day, Israel: our ally, The Holy Land, covered so Sandy here, overweight with a smaller rear—than that big but on a bimbo turns me off—I’m not a []D [] []V[] []D though by any tiny bit of a floozie’s itty-bitty yet so bulbous when a light goes on, and because John here is overweight by a whole lot, he wears thongs and talking under his breath when I see him — that jerk, he’s at work because the sudsy Residents here—they’re unstable—they’re unable to handle—my handle: “jmarquis710” and “alwayschillen” and “wrxtbi” and “JMRQ Heavy Industries”

That’s all me.

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