At Saint John’s private Catholic School my SAT’s were 1080 I did on my snowboard sometimes in 1999-2004

With what comes from the jingly girls who wear put jelly and jam and ham and cheese- oh but also Peanut Butter on a masterpiece of a Magistraight’s meal a big fat SAMMICH!, that I hate this trend of “Trans” freaking freaky-deaky delinquents Dearie, Miss Acapulco crazy and thinking a pecker at the keys like me, mucho proud to be a male with a generous body of gift-giving for the girls here at “Averte” or “Trillium Life Services” now—there’s some farmland nearby with money milk-ed cattle grazing fresh pastures of I’ve given up alcohol long around some-time-ago 2016 no more beer or liquor, with the exception of my Brother Justin demanding I have a beer in a restaurant years ago—I haven’t driven a car in a couple years, as my Subaru Legacy resides in Charlton, MA there ma’am Mom and papa Dad—and it’s going to be sold, I have 2 gold bars in my wallet, carry silver ounces, jiving and surviving with minimal cash—having precious and previously much, much more!

I’ve collected the first 3 or 4 years. of Bitcoin Magazine that sell for hundreds or some thousands each, a piece, like a puzzle when I cackle at the Johnny Mac who won’t be my Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) investmented invested, tested clean!

You want “Street Cred”, well I’ll feed you with my paid-taxes that I’ve always paid taxes, to “The Fed” the government with an Incorporated business in my nuclear (I pray for peace!) family who, yeah my Trust Fund is accumulating more mo’ munition at moment and me loving my Marquis Family (AIM: “Marquis Parents”) they pay about $20k each month for “Rent”—me happy here at “Averte” when I love talking with my Aunt Donna Donohue—she knows they feed me delicious low-carb food, and although I’m not working out much or at all, I stand sort of tall but under six feet, here at “Averte” I’m fed well with my groceries—I don’t have my car here, it’s safe at home in Charlton, MA—3.5 hours away—a good GPA, higher than my own, a 2.8 at a very difficult Saint John’s Private School, every weekday, and Catholic that my Class of 2000 are largely Islamic, and I’m no different! That one more time my GPA was only 2.8!

I read the full Intro of an Economics textbook and I learned everything about how money works, an Advanced Placement or Senior year usually, class with the Juniors and the Seniors, but after the first few chapters in the book, with the 3 Chapter Introduction, explaining the what-you-need-to-know “Intro” I knew what the fundamentals were and I dropped the class because it was all numbers that were boring and I didn’t have any friends in the class of older guys, it was taught in the Biology room, when I was out soon, but I’m telling you, the beginning of the book had me so interested I READ IT TWICE in detail, then skimming it for a 3rd time, I may have sold the book, or not sold the book, but I remember that classroom with Mr. Hook of Biology when 9/10th’s of my classes I’ve never been kicked out!

Yeah, as I said my GPA was only 2.8 with hard classes and 1080 SAT’s, I was accepted to Northeastern University for almost $100,000 Tuition

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