I’m on the cusp of eating a rusty pizza crust!

Come to the collaborated CRUST, the pinnacle where Islam is ” A MUST ” with the laid-then gusts of winding down while without my MMJbut now legally allowed in Vermont—I think not, maybe (as per my parents) who control me, control my mail I receive—that I haven’t heard anything about my official group on Google: “JMRQ Heavy Industries” where I be found, if you want to scrounge, being on my dot-com’s and handles across the w-w-w blah blah blah dot-com

I’ve set up shoppe and I won’t stop, where, here and within the races of different places (contained) with coins of various continents I have Khambutistant bullish bulldozed bills on my refrigerator, which came on a Freight Train of back-breaking [ brackets ] when hitting the brakes on collecting foreign bills- the staff looks at me ill and wonder why, Heavens to Bette and Bethany, why would I care about Currencies?

Well I like CURRENT events that make sense in multitudes of bodily and mental concentration—me here at moment, like currently, on my TV screen there’s Fox News to be seen… after ditching two years worth of CNN viewing—snacks chewed and swallowed with galloping horses in a nurse’s time for a cig, if you get the jib of some smokers who without or with succumb to the intention of “lighting up” with a cup, of water, and unsalted crackers, to extinguish unwanted flames or sea-landers in suspenders, Suspended reached reactions of parents’ kids getting banned from school, when they’ve a been Smoking In The Boys Room, while a janitors in the lunchroom sweeping up what but THROW-UP and vomiting voluptuous breasts by my knees—I need—some Vixens…

With all the Fixin’s!

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