Hard At “Woke” said an Employee Awakened

Dancey dancing two-shoes showing some skin and a deep dark bruise, revealed by the Heels! Got to “Catch Feels” ::: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozv4q2ov3Mk ::: before the King, you kneel, feeding the weeded need to save “Cish-Cash” with inescapable “deals” of a deeler selling horse-meat, yeah TO EAT — buried about 6 feet and barefoot to take the blank canvas carcass out with some of the Sass with O I know I shouldn’t bring up the itty-bitty bitches get the rock off the boulder holes, over the shoulder with precious metals soldered like an at-work “Hard At Woke” and “SWOLE” like a tip-top shape, physically, a soldier hard-pressed and “molded” into a human man human man killing machine, of surgeries to be seen, like chopping off the trimming of the enemies’ with nails!

Eating snails, XC running on trails of mine eyes the any trials I despise the improper imposter duty when on the Local Area Network (LAN) I refrain from the ear-shot pain of the refrain, “NO TEENS!” when I was with a handful of prematurely and whole-ly, those girls in mental hospitals all acting appropriate with my Bible and Qur’an so Holy, for who but me?

Want to see???

I won’t be embarrassed, I promise ye!

So yay my trousers make the day become night, remaining out of sight with what amounts to bouts of the whereabouts of my blanket blinking and thinking, “No one’s going to come in on us!”

And leave your shirt on under these blankets, twinkle-twinkle running Summertime through the sprinkler with what about what “restraint” to umm paint the man-train out gardens raining, to what ain’t this or that so take your Darwin and shove it, say the Jehovah’s Witnesses—me knowing two of them alike—but one dark and one White, being Caucasian, praise the Islamic Nation—me praying to Mecca but unsure of which direction to drop to the ground without making any sounds, externally, when visions of Allah—is that okay?—is that alright to Envision “Allah” ???

“Pure Velocity”

Pure Crystal, and poor Krystal Yusuf who I’ve had enough of her presence at school and where she worked, at a nearby footsteps short distance, tight pants, yellow bracelet LIVESTRONG for Lance—her a student at the same school of WSU and talking too fast—this breadthe of fine air will awaken to be “Woke” plopped on an egg yolk—disgusting, this “crusty” salad with crab-meat at The Sole Proprietor, back home, with Laurie G. moving down the street from me—her topless I have seen to be of gentle caressment of penile pure pleasure, at the stretch limo’s leisure, and length to measure 22 feet or so, for my 40th Birthday roughly one year ago—I know, my 41st year’s festivities will amount to nada, if I don’t get some Gucci or Prada—maybe Armani?—Banana Republic?—they put back a couple of my long-sleeves I see, and Oh goodie, I’m asking Mom and Dad for my birthday, can you get me ::: what but a new or used TESLA pretty please???

Mom and Dad, being that I’ve spoken to the great Elon Musk and maybe meeting him 2X or only once, I think it is so APT to get me a new or used Tesla at this right here in the boonies, my “APARTMENT” !!!!!! I meant to say, please see that this come Spring/Summer interlude, I’m all but prude, me hoping to be a Tesla and onlooking pedestrians who they say, “DUDE!” and “COOL”…

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