Co-op the spy to thusly mine of my own

decline the declaration of ISIS nation

all natty “Bratty Sis” of who’s enjoyment

Delerium Tremens tie my pants in a trance

And “Dental” getting “Implants” all chesty

With mine thinny thin thin, Tests in school

Cataclysmic to the my Late Uncle Mickey

In the house where be kempest a mouse!

Trapped tits with innie-minnie stretching – 

The Splits, but sans bananas and bandanas

Como say “Camels” Transcen-“Dental”

Cavities, seditiously displayed for-front

Ladies’ “BUNTS” — of tanned sweet “Buns”

Changing my handle to bang on the Trunk

Of Trumpets and Donald Trump supporter

To the hands on the keyboard, gangbanging

Trip first in at Saint John’s post-graduation

To tip the glass of wearing spectacles

And my McMahon size testes tested

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