King Kong with Rings on, the rolling rims, I take my pills!

Coupled housekeeping with a splash of what were a wave? Oh I know, we have Carbon-spec and the Czar of King Zero superhero with a super-smart beating beat by beat, the loving heart by the rightest hand on the stirrup’s proverbial heat up that Sir, in loins with groins being grouchy… layed too down on the couch-seat, sitting in stagnation in the USA our umm call it “The Homeland” trickles the days-long tale of leaded (or unleaded but on a $LEASH at least… want a $BONE? ) curmudgeon capers stapling stacks of papers with not paperclips, but with a stale Staples purchase for Rev. Jim Chase (R.I.P.) to the winking daisies of bucking horses gallop’s along the faced gentleman guy’s gutter-crud washing them all with soapy suds on a Sunday at here now at this Moment—and seeing my parents on Monday—the funnest day of whatever… Pssschttt, some dismay in the frosty swirling season of alacrity FRIGIDAIRE who cares- when the car is clean with no muddy cruddy gravel kicked up on the back-roads (not mentioning that notorious “back-door”) when I call y’all to ATTN: got lets pry them legs open while opening the ice-box to take a sip of healthy 1% chocolate milk, so fine, so find—in the backbone most opposite from a far detection in the neighborhood “FREEZER SECTION” to imbibe much Calcium and chocolatey so… saying-glee (and greed) with words to fidgeted fuzzy feeling of food-feeding and Hood (brained mammaries milk) coming from a docile moo-moo poo-poo, a cow with milk to be switchedly swished and squeezed with the farmer named John Deere (my stocks, honest, because Trucker Hats were so popular…) and when this farm-town all around with a whiskers Saloon, 100 years before an elegant ( urban “Salon”—with Pink Timbs on…

I guess so and I suppose so, I made my arms and legs GROW in 2005 when I felt so godawfully ALIVE and third base THRIVING at “Chandler Gardens” yes, and correct, my first apartment that had a smoke to detect, and then the Manager Debbie giving me a half-cigarette at night or in the morning, yeah me, once then, me a non-smoker me who, well… I had an urge to inhale the Grimes (Elon Musk’s girlfriend) (R.L. Grimes music) and those “Goosebumps” little-kid horror books by R. to-the L. Stein the goo books were all mine, me never a bigtime reader, proceeding to address the address in Millbury (yesteryear) now in a Condo with the staff shoveling snow to take li’l Bizmark out to PEE whether it be on a birch tree or shrubs and bushes the artist brushes… his or her TEETH to spit down the drain, teeth faded white and plain, that is—compared to Ripley’s teeth—they were so white, had me jealous, she loved us, she loved Brad and Dad and Aunt Donna—do you read me?—I’ll pick it up and fuck the Cliff’s Notes of that book assigned and yet remaining ready but always not readed, baited breath, breathing, Duane Reade’s in the Circuit City of N-Y-C !!!!!

Now I see and all that you think of yours truly—to be—or an A+ and passing with a D you delinquents spending pennies’ cents perfected percents of the perspiring me, enticing me, exciting me—that is, yes, my hope to make a couple grand $,$$$ on PayPal—wearing a hat at that with my perusal of the used to “recycle toilet-paper”—that’s one of my “Capers” but good choosing not to involve the Copper ounces of mine, with Wiliam Tell on the front, me ordering 21 ounces of the coins I got on — a lot of precious metals, Bitcoin, hello are you there?

I recommend buying a gram of gold for less than a Benjamin Bill to carry it around—I’m into Bribing my future fuck with a Nintendo “Duck Hunt” that the shooting RF-frequency delightly dancing D.D.R.—dance dance revolution—in arcades and on South Park—that—HARK!—I’m hard to get when I drip out the men’s seeing me men 10 of them rowing a paddle-boat to place in a race on the esplinade—I crave activity, my acrylic painting a while ago, you know?

Have you seen my paintings? Paid a few hundred for a studio and instruction, that I agreed with Pierre the teacher, I did 8.5 tenth’s of the work on my own, the mixing he would show, me how to blend paints with a Palette Knife and MMJ brought with me, to get high at night with my Art?

That sounds about right

It’s safer to stay home at night

I’m too cool for school…


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