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I invested millions of dollars into Bitcoin (great crypto-currencies, Tokens, etc.) and Tesla (along with Amazon, John Deere, etc. etc.) millions of USD in 20-30 stocks like Berkshire-Hathaway e.g. Geico and DAIRY QUEEN — that’s where Elon Musk went for lunch — that, believe me, I talked to Elon Musk for 40+ (44m?) minutes on the phone when I tried typing in ELONgate because I was looking to grow taller and with larger longer arms… I did 3.5″ and 2.5″ in 2005 but they were shrunk by my doctor — anyways I saw SpaceX and I’ve been to Astro Camp when I was younger so I wanted to talk to this Elon — that, oh, I thought I’d ask him what was a good “Musk” perfume to buy my Mom to be nice, that I’ve been so damaged and maybe I became “in tune” with God’s universe I reached beyond months before my investing in crypto (I Googled: cry and CRYptocurrencies was suggested in 2005) and I invested millions of dollars into Bitcoin, and even “Shiba Inu” because that night in CT with Dan my older “Cuz”… he got the number to Elon’s residence in the city, that because he liked Dogecoin I wanted to know about what pets he has, so thus “SHIBA INU” IT WENT UP 80,000% wow and I invested in Apple, Microsoft, Berkshire-Hathaway (BRK.A and BRK.B) wow yes I’m being honest with you, I became special when I did all this stuff like emailing China to name a deadly virus with “19” and “Co” my Dad’s company, “Vid” for BitTorrent videos, and because it came in glass bottles Corona that, well I’m not sure if coronaviruses already existed, but I used MySpace and Facebook in 2005 to implement my “Grand Design” from my Near-Death Traumatic Brain Injury Survivorwww.wrxtbi.com and I don’t drink alcohol for many years now, A.A. only twice, that it just took once because they said, “God is the reason why you drink, and God is the way to quitting drinking alcohol…” that I saw as B.S. and I simply and easily quit drinking in 2016 when I hope my older cousin Dan B. still has my millions of dollars invested — I think I told him sell them in 2021+ because of the drinking I once did, a very long time ago, and I’m in a place a “Averte Rehabilitation Home” in VT when my parents are in MA and I don’t drive here, don’t have my car that MY PARENTS ARE SELLING MY SUBARU LEGACY (not pictured! haha) and I’m asking for a Tesla my parents have so much money because my Dad’s plastics/polymers company ECM Plastics, Inc. sold for $36.5M him 25% owner, the “Company President” paying $20,000 to keep me here where they cook and clean and give me my anti-seizure medicine (I had 2 or 3 seizures recovering from my TBI — ICU 1 month!) but I’m being hacked on my many devices 🙁 yeah people are mad at me because they are upset I survived my www.wrxtbi.com when they all screamed at me on my phone and I pulled over an a cop drove by… I threw myself on his hood and said, “CALL A TOW-TRUCK!” and he just said GET BACK INTO YOUR VEHICLE! only after the bartender stole my taxi money — I’d gone without my awful “Gleick Alcoholism” drinking not a sip for 2.5 months and it was all “Their Plan” https://jeffreymarquis.com/2019/10/15/1517/ and https://alwayschillen.blogspot.com/…/a-group-of-people…

I survived, intubated everywhere on my body, keeping me alive, that ICU 1 month, Fairlawn Rehab 2.5 months — but since then I’ve predicted things with money, especially, investing in GameStop in 2005/2006 it went up 40X in 2021 or something and I think I have a lot of money in that and so many other Stocks like WeatherTech — I bought the cars here the mats — and the owner, I left him a message saying I want to buy his $53,500,000 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO — I have a poster of a red one in my apartment — I maybe met Elon Musk 2x that a third time someone with a Lamborghini Gallardo in green, that person, I stopped at the restaurant when I wanted to meet the businessman Lamborghini owner and he said, “Hi I’m Elon Musk, have you heard about me?” AND I SCREAMED AT HIM: YOU’RE NOT ELON MUSK! I KNOW ELON MUSK AND YOU’RE NOT HIM!”

I know so many millionaires — I’m one in TD Bank especially — that I think when I told Dianne Louis of Le Mirage — her oil rich — I wrote an article about their restaurant for The Student Voice of WSU: “A” Psychology I, A- Poetry II, B+ Creative Writing, etc. after going to a shitty community college QCC for Computer Science THIS AFTER I WENT TO SAINT JOHN’S FOR ABOUT $30,000 per year and it’s because I had severe panic attacks in the city at Northeastern University — I had to come home and go to QCC — I don’t know anything about programming and I thought computer science jobs you just go online all day in forums or whatever lol

What else? hmmm

I invested in $BONE, $LEASH, $FLOKI, etc. I picked out crypto’s that I think sold on my 40th birthday or the beginning of 2023 or maybe I’m waiting until November 2, 2023 — anniversary of my crash… severe double vision, slightly hindered speech and the left side of my body! I was a wreck, so I didn’t drink until 2010 that I was an alcoholic again in 2013 — but then I went to A.A. one time to quit drinking, hopefully permanently, no sips in 4 or 5 years YAY SOBRIETY!

I worked in my Dad’s owner/President’s office doing data entry and he arranged a Trust Fund — but get this nonsense — since I’ve made many millions of dollars with Stocks and Crypto he doesn’t give me any money but paying for groceries, like no vitamins or muscle stuff — I’d been an Asst. Manager at GNC — and I grew so much with GHRP-6, Hexarelin-CJC-1295 to make my legs and arms longer — but get this: I used 1000mcg of IGF-1 LR3 that IT CROSSES THE BLOOD-BRAIN BARRIER — and it boosted my recovering brain — I injected it into my neck for “hypertrophy” and “hyperplasia” in my brain!

Google: “JMRQ Heavy Industries” TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

I predicted the highs of Bitcoin Cash to $1 and Cardano to ten cents years ago!

Bitcoin Cash reached $597 and my prefix is 596, and Cardano — well I think I’ve been faked the numbers why? BECAUSE I SIGNED PAPERS IN THE ICU SO I HAVE “HEALTH PROXY” OWNERSHIP OF ME AND MY BUSINESS, BECAUSE OTHERS REALLY SCREW ME OVER!

Anyways I’m a writer with www.wrxtbi.comwww.jeffreymarquis.com and www.alwayschillen.com and http://alwayschillen.blogspot.com — plus miscellaneous blogs, I had my own “The Poetic Voice” I’d get 30 to 50 visitors every 24 hours!

Can you call me on the phone?


And I knew Mike Lindell of MyPillow from a 2005/2006 “Trump phpBB” talked to him on the phone when he was in Mexico for his drug of choice that he was an addict, I read some of his book, but my favorite book is The Qur’an because Allah took me to “The Creator” at the edge of space in 2013 with my best girlfriend ever, Justine Ara. I want to marry her because we both have TBI’s that were NOT OUR FAULTS!

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