Shorts un-skirted, loud and burly, for you, for thee, staring at a screen!

sassy, sexy, wily
streamlined classy cool

makes a grown man wanna drool

thy cups runneth over
and i am tumescent within and without
you make this libido shout
pearl within a string of pearls
you’re one of those poster girls
living goddess, visage of perfection

be still, my heart
as i pause for reflection
a tall drink of water
a sweet cup of tea

my new age Madame Bovary

Mangy out the cagey to boot with such beauty,
of the A-mber to be Alerted with Justine Short-Skirted
And Brave-ing it into what culminated in a public display
This “play”… Dis Play of amounted to a Show at the Mall
her mini-skirt was too short, of sorts… thought(s) Mall Security

underbaked seas call,
underbaked earth quakers
of Slimy Serpent Snakes

Coffee Cakes and sugary

What beknownst is strategically,
of my MAN-totally totality sporadical,

Congenial Sandra Bullock first on a bus

Undercover beauty queen
of my own “Beauty to be read:”

Gradual and highly waiting…
a Saint John’s contemplation
and bitter resuscitation of what a butt-er lips

and those hips
some Pink Slips
when it comes
and ON we go
eating snow-cones

making “Angels”

I shall not drink to the ether either end of the beer can or what Ma’am,
with out hanging predestined projectiles of kitchen floors what is more,
when wither once Pro-truded with that attitude, THAT’S NOT COOL !!!
Me inked as a silly writer—coming Lighter—and Asunder, unto what-
Another baby being born with sin of my own kin STEALING MY…
genetic material from the Southern land, and a nurse’s hand in 2004,
I wonder if that stolen “seed” was used for something or nothing!
Thrown out from my “spout” of girth and length—calling all girlies!
Ember and others here with Carissa and Elise—I know they adore me
Adorned with a plump red Roses thorns—bull market’s horns. . .

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