Sounds un-settled and voices heard—of Her’s years ago—what do I now know? M&M’s are Blacks on the inside!

A Here’s a Hershey’s “Kiss” for my wish to have a white-chocolate of magical powers at late hours when I almost always wake up late—staying alone here at “Averte” where I be, picking Daisies (Justine’s Mom’s favorite flower!) of white petals of white and powerful semantics of the crack-heads and their curb-side antics, of a talking clock to mock that sunshine each morning—daylight-savings for the boneyard Farmers…) of 1% chocolate milk—waiting while ticking enduring and midnight SnoringmypoetryisBoring? you said it right there in the air- of exhalations of modern nations with nuclear missils there Missy, there’s feather-thought and French fairies to be poppin’ summ’o’dat Pontoon Fortune Fornicating with cash out and gold and money for the voices of measly dimes all the time of, yeah Her’s years ago—where’d you go?—I miss you so—Feel like it’s been moreover of mostly the micro-waving at the (1000 mcg IGF-1 LR3) that or, what’s next in store, to be prissed and fancy, primed, whine and all mine my curatious buttery back-side in stride, eggs yolked and higher that Michael Jordan the T.J. Maxx artifacts of silver-painted and stained, strained smiles, ain’t it?

Aren’t it?

That tits for tat’s to smack well- welcome home where I have a delivered clone who I share Dan’s DNA with- with wistful cheer us blood-brothers for a night of snacking on coffee ‘rounds, the crunching sounds or of all who are AROUND and when to get-down, yeah the duck ’n’ covered in clothes, shrewd, shroud loud and proud of “Touring” GT 4-seaters, the Roadsters on a Track and Humility/Humanity with an itty-bitty internet nutshell in a correction to the blogs of living long and seated (1080 SAT’s) all mine when I’m find and fine and finding OD’ing like asking for a relinquished state of getting in willy-nilly back-seat DIZZY with what-most Novocaine to take away the pain—sea-sickness on an airplane to be harnessed—harassed—hairy-asides from the vaccinated cavemen of Mother Hen, and when?

Did I go too fast?

Will Allah’s Islam last?

I have to fast until The Last Dining, say’ya Lad!

Grab that trash and zip up a Gucci bag, remnants, delirious, I’m serious, of degradation on the Diploma of the U.S. Nation, and when?

I say I salute The Pledge Of Allegiance—and Grant’ed wishes—to catch some salt-water fishes like the Tuna—bumblebee Tuna—for the street-racing “TUNER” but keep it on Kiss108 for a peck, yeah a pecker-wrecker

I slip and slide when I am enjoying joining following Followers of this the methods of Literary Finesse, oh the best, we’re Besties, me and Daniel B. when I want to do a Zoom with him, with Dan, sometime soon, the rook takes the spoon (engine) to be afound resounding delightments of braces the pretenses of a triangle (Think Bermuda) the triad of forces being “RUSSIA, CHINA, IRAN, NORTH KOREA” so have a nice day and night when I take fright in the dampened ‘fridge kitchen-side of taking International leaders in stride, that I’ve slammed Salami and Homer Sampson when I liked hot-sauce on YOU CHICKENS, and Hillary Clinton, she was paying the Bill’s circumstance and wide-ness, a great American President, I am thankful Biden is back in the Homeland, this and when, I’ve never had to take “The Stand” by Stephen King takes the Queen

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