Everything is all for Used! and you and you and you and you

I’ve narrowed my life to 4 people I care about would do nearly anything for them <3 Mom and Dad

A doubted dryest spouted, and rest in death with ephemeral breathing, them sold soles and swollen souls undoubted, un-driest Trust a Priest—to take the tap out of the fridge and plant that sucker pucker motherfucker in the “Kegger” Cold SPOUT—when straight to the Mama Breaded with butt-beads foreign fixes of those taboo gal’s, American men need a kiss on her MOUTH—the South and an Baptismal-esque “URN-BAN” thanks, when will is Walker Honker Honky “Wonka” of CBD chocolate I haven’t had a long, long while—yes it’s been years to sit and pace, shitting the Picante so franticly, pooping pudge and sweated circumference of barfing up the barren rib-meat, so Anorexic, my fix, treated to Spliffs split into minor in-FRACTED fractal mathematics, Playboys in the Attic, and white (power) Tic-Tac’s of loving my fine-bread purchased at Duane Reade’s in cities abroad—sea-ship about to embark, to skinny-board the plane or train, that, maybe an automobile in along a foor-door Ford type Tomboy *CRUISE* to peruse what the rail-handles can dismantle a piece of Mickey around my neck, precious many grams of gold to the being with worth WEALTH, around my neck, free of bruises to inter-spect with a Gadget from a Mister missed his PLANE (T) ticket being Earth and happy with large intimate and enamored “GIRTH” given by a doctor at my birth, on day turning twenty-one when I once many years ago, I found glorious banter in the sizzler South Park, when HARK! I call BULLSHIT on the fantasy-storey of Noah and his Ark, it never happened, all made-up, all a limerick, limp prick, like the nonsense of The Holy Bible—2 on my table, also what is able to hold afloat- my #1 favorite book (I’m Islamic!) with another 2 special books: editions of The Qur’an on my front-table yes it’s The Qur’an (on top of the Bible with NO RIFLES, NO TRIFFLES, nothing to get dizzy and frazzled—I’ve read most of the way through 7-tenths The Qur’an (and one of my online ‘handles’ is “jmarquis710”) with a phat was swallowed spit, and to me not into chewed tobacco—Dip from Kodiak or Copenhagen—old have the teeth of an elderly hag—I’m not a fag—I have no business with the weak drying off with Rags, I’m not a Fag, once more (and another one of my online ‘handles’ is “wrxtbi”) that one more fill’er up at a Full-Serve “gas” of a station, in this world of China buying Oil from Russia—oh no, it’s a “Burnout” junkie loser, who I am better than the wonderlust wife-beating white trash Welfare and you’re welcome, that these apartment, only “Renting” the ‘a’ papered toilet in the bathroom. . . being of a shitty basement apartment, seeking wealth through the lottery, when, I know, I said “Give me that Pinball Wizard ($250 won… for 5 bucks…) to scratch this random number (random.org) pre-fix of supporting nothing but temporary and trivial excitement, playing numb3rs, spending U.S. Dollars while the drivers drag the hose to hoes down the nozzle of the cars’ running “Tanks” to Thank Mobil and Mobil 1 specially “specified” automobile OIL, sipping the EVOO with NO VIRGINS!

EVOO = Extra Virgin Olive Oil, sips and spoilers = Pittsfield Oilers = drilling holes to the Southern… Constitution for the rude protrusion of a Declaration, my USA nation led by solding solder soldiers SOLD—looking for Bizmark expansion of a girl like Ember the owner of a Diet “Soldier” and “SODA” the Doctor prescription of three or four Doctor Peppers and Salt being sprinkled atop Sweet N Sour who has the power at my time of night that’s what I swear I know where, there’s people reading me, HERE !!!!!

“If you don’t believe in Jesus you won’t go to Heaven!”

Google: “Parthenogenesis virgin births”

I want you to think of Jesus Christ as only a pity of a man—JESUS CHRIST was tortured to death, until his last breathing gasp of scorching air!

There have been many women who’ve given birth without a man’s sperm—there have been so many like the V-card holder “Mary” of The Holy Bible, that, honestly, Jesus Christ doesn’t mean much to me—and this is because of an article on Time Dot Com—that where and when this was true and honest my learning of how often but very, very rarely,




Wind chimes and smaller than a penny… Yeah 8 pennies more than my Numero “Dos” cents in the Church plate on XMAS EVENING, well that would have equated to approximately and perfectly fictitious friction Derek on his “DIME”, well I believe I’m right and with more might haveing switched my big, big, and bigger donations to that little church in Charlton, Federated, gold plated, the Dishes—me when I was ignorant and that Jesus Christ “Follower” J.C. he swindled me for some thousands of dollars throughout the years—now Rev. Anne Skinner wonders about what it is what it exactly is that has fully replaced my Jesus Worship—well look at all of the Ministries’ Military in the set-sea Oceana’s—Worship… Warships SHIP=“State Head-Injury Program” of mine with my cool Jehovah’s Witness friend Peter L Sargent—and no offense to Colonel Boothe who I like and look (he’s JW too)… I look him up and I wish I lived near my real “Home”—with of course a TI-83 Grafton Cali-cold Calculus a GRAPHIC GRAPPLING GRAPHING CALCULATOR!

I can easily afford a house, a new Tesla, and but I want my parents to pay the entire ordealed and SEALED DEAL OF ME MARRYING JUSTINE ARAGONA! 2009-2013 scars and all and Allah I need Allah :halo: =)

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