Get go with the camisole and Proprietor so savor the flavor of what, but loving Linda and her precious daughter personified

Damsel Dove being soapy suds

Crud in the exit to the drain, and distort

To the “his-story” of what but pen stroking egg yolks

Yo-Kelly-Lady-Do seeing- spied pied Federal Grant

In the club with the hiccup’s fried folly with Salami

My Armani Armstrong—my 2 yellow bracelets on

Fisted and frantic, that, oh the “Antics” in my pants

Played a get-plaid hammock outsolds, in stores

Near or far, but B’s to the sunk under beer bars

With claws phalangled, come to Philadelphia

Easy-Please “Me” top crust so Robust the rad

When alacratic rats put on pin hats, fearing traps

I’m building traps!

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