Chin-Up’s in Phys Ed at Saint John’s! those were the days…

Slowly alike to sink the swimmer- that helps Michael Phelps of years ago popularity and the lit-joint belonging to him, its disparity, he partied a bit, taking a bad bite of the “special made” home-cooked psychedelic BROWNIES—and I frowning, but not about Mike—I’m frowning that Lance LIVESTRONG had his metallic ornaments taken away, honest with Opera about his knowing anabolic substances too well, that the sweat smells in small bits—the droplets and on your knees, my needs of a 2nd “Booster” of the roasted China-virus now waging war, I want NO MORE ^__^ kekeke AZN mess, totally distrust and sucking discussed (DISGUSTED BY ASIA!) when a wage is paid and being a broad land-mass, eating bats and rats and rice of loud muffled Honda’s—not so fast, when furious futures planned with President Xi—a pussied “she”—when oh shit, this is it, when I try to distinctly type my gripe with when I hope the “homeland” isn’t targeted and hit, with a rebuke, I’m going to puke… at the popping sound of MANY BALLOONS!

Asians and their lipstick and makeup, I fuss about the “Beauty”

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