Hi Elissa Victoria, BIG FAN RIGHT HERE!!!


Hi Elissa, I’ve been following your videos for many years, one of my online very favorite females <3 girls and I think I was inspiring you to do video’s when you were new to MySpace and I liked cars that were fast — you were a fan of drifting on only other people’s videos because you didn’t especially like the smell of tire smoke whereas I dig burnt rubber — I have seen your erotic videos — what happened to Ethan? I am maybe worth $$,$$$,$$$ if Dan sold my Bitcoins at their highest, and I’m going to watch your new videos I’ve never pleasured myself to your nudes and videos — what happened to Ethan? — I bought you gifts on Facebook, that I BOUGHT $10 X 3 so $30 in Facebook Gifts and I’ve had a lot of viewers on my 3 dot-com websites I have in my Bitcoin Bitchain like a password investing millions of dollars into Bitcoin in 2013 or 2014, plus I’ve talked to Elon Musk for 40+ minutes in 2005 and Bruce Fenton who ran for Senator of NH nextdoor, after many hours on the phone and video chats in 2005 and 2006 — he had a Bitcoin logo in his office at his really nice house — I said to him, one of the first times we talked on the phone “Can I take a vacation to you a couple hours away and sleep on your couch?” that he said no he had a spare bedroom I would sleep in if he wanted to meet me, that I felt so great about knowing a FENT-on Bruce FENT-on because I predicted the rise of Fentanyl I’ve never taken, but I knew someone who was addicted RIP so I thought he’d be so popular, before our first phonecall I wrote “VOTE BRUCE FENTON!” and then I wrote “VOTE BRUCE FENTON FOR US SENATE!” and his friends messaged me saying, don’t tease, but I knew FENT-on would be popular because I had belonged to bluelight.nu about drugs, that I didn’t do Ecstasy, only a couple times decades ago in 2002 — there was a Moderator who had great text about Fentanyl and Heroin, that he said “Duragesic” patches were great to squeeze out the gel — and put that in MICRO-grams — I invested in Microsoft, Amazon, Tesla, John Deere, GameStop, Apple, etc. etc. about 20+ stocks that I knew would be worth so much in the future — I learned money from my Dad and Economics at SAINT JOHN’S HIGH SCHOOL, class of 2000, but I don’t like to talk about SAINT JOHN’S HIGH SCHOOL because I was sexually assaulted with him conning me into doing him in his butt ON THE DRUG HE SAID HE COULD GET FOR A FUN TIME! I told him I wanted to TRIP and, NOT TWEAK! but he couldn’t get anything else, as per a friend begging me to get in touch with him — and he was at his mother’s house in Worcester, MA that I was going to QCC after failing Computer Science — I’m a writer I WROTE ABOUT HIM ON MY http://WWW.JEFFREYMARQUIS.COM and I wrote this: http://www.alwayschillen.com/elegance.htm that I love females the most but single now and I don’t want to be with any mothers! I have a TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY from 2004 on my http://www.wrxtbi.com — I know you’re into cars I HAD A 2004 SUBARU WRX, that went 0-60 in 5 seconds and I had 7.5″ Z-rated 225/35 Yokohama ES100’s that gripped really well but I slipped on wet leaves going 64 mph with a side air-bag, and although I’ve loved you since you turned 21, I’m not into your “Mom Bod” Do you remember chatting on the phone for a long time each call, in the evening, and you always made time for me, because I communicated with a lot of new companies and people when I was SOAKING UP PITY FROM MY INJURIES, bragging, I’m a TBI “Survivor” and 1 month in the I.C.U. and tell Elon Musk to call me or my older cousin Dan so I can hear about my Subscription to Bitcoin Magazine and I haven’t talked to my cousin Dan the stockbroker in years, that, I know my parents have my Stocks — I bought hundreds of thousands of Bitcoins or only 1 Bitcoin when they were less than $1000 a piece, so I told him to put a “Reservation” on the 250+ MPH “Tesla Roadster” online, but I think he blocked me online because my Public Ledger has the big picture — take more topless! lol jk — of what I’ve had for a NEAR-death injury in 2004 when my enemies, friends, parents, co-workers, Minister, and many others caused my very bad injuries — I don’t have a “Criminal Record” but I’ve been to maybe 5 mental hospitals and it’s because I’m dancing in space with Allah THAT I’M A GREAT CHRISTIAN AND ROMANCING A.N. IN A MENTAL HOSPITAL BECAUSE WE WERE ALLOWED TO SLEEP IN THE SAME BED, that I enjoyed, and she was nice, we talk on the phone, etc. and I’m single, probably richer than you, but I only get a couple hits on my English with “A CONCENTRATION IN WRITING” A- Poetry II, B+ Creative Writing “A” Psychology that Dr. Brandi Scruggs the teacher, she liked my brain-injury and I scored an “A” because I have a TBI and on a certain “date” in 2006 or 2007 we were on a “DATE” I called it and she said, “Yeah this is sorta like a date.” And she was glad that I liked her for being so smart knowing about medicines that I HAD 2 or 3 “SEIZURES” post-TBI so injured, with a drilled in feeding-tube in my gut, my stomach that was very thin post-TBI until I started drinking beer at home THAT  I’M SOBER IN 2016! no sips in 2.5 years! Add me on Facebook or send me an email because I love your beautiful face and chest, that I’m sorry your “Mom Bod” has caused me to only want to see you from the waist-up! =) I’M A HUGE AND HUGER, JUST SOOOOO, HUGE *FAN* OF YOURS! and the reason why I’ve written you so much is because I’ve spent many hours of watching you since you lived with your Dad — THAT I PRAY FOR YOUR MOMMY IN HEAVEN, wow those neck tattoo’s are amazing — YOUR MOM WOULD BE SO PROUD OF YOU! GOD BLESS HER! GOD BLESS YOU! that is all because in 2005 I looked up attractive vlogging girls and who I knew, they would make it big and I had one of my 3 dot-com’s link to your blogs and my phpBB online, that I made it pink — I’m not a gay guy and it looks like you’re into girls now — years after that phpBB in pink, I’d write about my “TBI RECOVERY” — hope you don’t get into a car accident and love the CORVETTE C6!

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