Robbings in the Hood of Robin with a straight-arm slingshot bow and arrow, giving it a green light

I’d rather be sipping Coke Zero at The Hard Rock Cafe, courtesy of Niagara Falls…

So speaking of Niagara—wait a STEP-MOMent—I forgot to mention Viagara I am all healthy, taxed lungs albeitmost with the moist forgone London Fog in overlooking “The Falls”—and 


Hard head

Hard headed

Hard leadened in a capsule searching “Pontificated Pre-Prose- Pleasured and On-Point !!! ”

Hard bedded smooth written Scripture of The Qur’an, on and of The 5 Laws of Islam being Interstellar:–%20the%20declaration,basic%20norms%20of%20Islamic%20practice.

and Stalled boredom—in the zone—of some grazed cattle of enclave to us humans—I’m thinking “chewed grass” and the grabbing grams of Molecule Samantha, I gotta have her or a similar fit, but no tatt’s, yeah no big fats and no tattoo’s (There goes Sarah Taylor—her RX name got me—she took me buy surprised stats of absolutely here online her whole mid-section was probably so small—her going to the gym instead of SHOPPING AT THE MALL!)


Trips to The Mall

a la househowling trinkets,

Some sunned blue blankets, showing sheets, something methinks is showers shrinks the drained below, like dishes in the sink—and sum ‘o’ that sudsy Flavor with Allah (God)

Burt’s Bee’s-Wax on the lipstick tiptoe drum mumble of the replication—of a woman’s lipstick—my Jehovah’s Witness friend showed up at my house in women’s clothing and lipstick, I think— or was it an imagination of my parents hearing me saying, requesting of them to dig up a girl BUT NOT AN “ESCORT! when I would say to them for probably a fifth time, “I want to go on a date!”

But I didn’t say who, because I thought my parents knew where Justine Aragona was, maybe talking to her parents or something, but that’s not the happening

Anyways—and again this is something I believe as true—or maybe it was a resolutely realistic memory—he would deny it—it was all THEM JOKING AND POKING, the fun at me, because once again, Realistically, I have only added female women (and 20-something’s girl’s who are pretty or 30 or 40 but that’s where it’s too OLD for me, a Church Elder…), I reduce the actuality of a Minister’s complacency to for some reason become addled so he takes the saddle…

The Sinners Get “THE PADDLE” that’ll make you think twice before AT SAINT JOHN’S ONLY THE DARING two or three fellow-Students Class of 2000, I’d see, they smoked “Bible Trees”  trees=pot I didn’t do in high school much, never if I was drinking except sometimes with Dana and at Tim’s parties sleeping over, like I would drive my old 2001 Nissan Senta w/ Performance Package I NEVER GOT A TICKET DRIVING THAT CAR IN 2001/2002!

I got the paddle from my Mom and attled DAD-ADLE when I crashed into a very tall curb and broke the drive-train, trailing with paychecks upon: destination: GAS STATION for lightly carbonated James Bond shaken and stirrerect with a dip-stick to take the booze boughten being it TEN of THEM that who buys a 10-pack? And isn’t that how many boxes of cigarettes come in a carbonate carbon cartridge carriage call-and-Carry — CARTON?  be it of those swinging to and from, they know, the Footsie’s dancing shows, but who knows how I didn’t sing the 99 Bottles of Beer on the wall OR the link: “The 99 names of Allah”

Squishy two-shoes with magazines ON-RACK from B&N… and BNB… for a book and a bread and a bed and a breakfast the local newspaper — that, yes — after you can brown-nosely brownce BARNES-AND-NOBLE!

To the N-th “degree” of about 70-c’s the F of average being fine and mostly all healthy when I spray my t-shirts with Febreeze to pick up a sweetie-pie sence of not only using anti-perspirant—I DON’T EMIT UNDER-ARM ODOR!—My Google: JMRQ Heavy Industries”

Don’t call me if it’s about how I have a TBI, that instead I would re-direct you to Michelle Munt pronounced: Moont of the UK, She runs a dot-com about TBI that I’ve talked to her many, many years ago on the phone, and she said, “If you think your writing hopes work out, that’s not really “improving your brain” because you should focus on what you want to—and she didn’t say “Restore”—but she said, like my Mom, they said, “Improve.” Or “Rehabilitate” like my many weak-points that haven’t returned fully—like my left leg—MY LEFT LEG, YEAH MY “DISABLED” AND “HANDICAPPED” makes me run with little coordination and slower, so I don’t run on treadmills—that I think people who run on treadmills are in really good shape! They’re agile and very healthy, healthy heart and lungs and blood-flowing from the ELECTRODES ALACRACITY THEY PUT:

Have you ever had an EEG?

I haven’t had any electrodes implanted, and I like my being glad to have, no panic attacks, not having a job, staying here at “Averte” where I say what I feel the care I receive here makes me glad, and knowing my Dad… yeah, knowing my Dad, he probably dumped my stocks in 2013 or 2014 that he didn’t like me using my/our money, from his big business, to invest in good-buys like Amazon Stocks and Facebook and Tesla, THANKS DAD! thanks elon musk, thanks Dan Besse, our Moms are at a Spa today! <3

And I don’t smoke cigars or cigarettes—I have a 4” end-pipe that only fits a tiny bit of tobacco they buy me at the store and they put it in my table, and I have a fire-extinguisher I smoke a little bit not much, because I don’t smoke cigarettes—I haven’t had a cigarette or cigar in nearly 2 years!

That I got a photo of me with the telephone pole I almost cut my life short, ending it upon having fully-restored my beliefs in God ((( but is He only The Creator ??? ))) who I was so fortunate He let me reach beyond him with my left arm and hand—the “Disabled” left arm that I seek improvement with to this very day, trying to type so accurately—I was with the “The Creator” and that’s after Allah took me to Him, “The Creator” and that was my request, to reach beyond God in hopes of a better recovery for my TBI

The Big Bang is where it’s at and I choose to exist in the Big Bang — a Miraculous zone — I’m not sure if I believe in heaven/hell or what, but I’m wholesomely curious about “An Intermediary State” and what “A ’sleep’ before “A Great Awakening” that I have hints at it, but I’m not sure, and I take about a dozen pills of medications each day for my Traumatic Brain Injury that limits all of my abilities—but my writing?—that’s a possibility… that I could become so great and with enough practice perfecting them long stretches of poetry and prose that, who knows I had 40-50 readers each 24 hours on my 2005/2006 “The Poetic Voice”?

I wonder how many I get now, that oh and how—I’m asking you, what’s better “Heaven” or “An Intermediary State” or directly delivered to God Himself The Father The Creator of His universe by Allah like I have seen “A Great Awakening” and I’m a devout declarer of — THEY SCREW WITH ME HERE! — I want to buy a house near my “Health Proxy” Mom and Dad who know I have plenty of images taken of MY SCRATCH TICKETS, from years ago, I know, say it I’m “silly” like willie-nillie with what wet really coming at’cha the RAIN of 4” or 5” of water from the skies above, and sigh, Network Television, I have chosen the 1 station I watch—my remote doesn’t work—I keep my TV on throughout the day of knowing 2 people who Overdosed on Heroin, and I don’t take any pain-killers, I don’t take too many Xanax 3x day, I have many medications for TBI, that I sigh, why did Wes have to be so stupid to drink and I’m stumped—what was he in-to ???

Wes I miss you and I want to date Lauren but maybe giving the older woman who gave me a “sneak peak” in a limousine outside the restaurant she owned some of, her a Manager and being responsible for the place—on my birthday and dressed up—a rented limousine and her with white wine—that night at The Sole—I have many good SOBER memories of when I had my MMJ for nighttime at home, that was so nice and when I had the THC, the T.V. was more interesting to me—I like things to watch as they happen on Live broadcasting—I’m a great person, I haven’t received a single document about my “Google: JMRQ Heavy Industries” Bitcoin, Elon Musk, Aunt Donna Donohue who she knows people in Washington and she’s a Public Figure who is receiving all of my Dogecoin and half of my “Shiba Inu” because I love her and my gone forever “Grammy” Sophie Marquis — Aunt Donna misses her too, and I think about my Aunt Donna in the most amiable and loving ways, respecting her and her love, caring, guidance, etc.

We miss Grammy.

We miss Mickey who was Donna’s husband until he died of cancer…

I miss Allah—I hope “Supreme Velocity” is still accessible to me—Allah doesn’t have cancer, Allah has the Answer

“In the name of Allah. The Compassionate. The Merciful.”

I’ve been to a Catholic High School, Saint John’s and many of my Class of 2000 are into “Islam” now that’s maybe because it was loosely tied into the Religion classes and History classes, studying “The Holy Land” unlike in crappy Public Schools I didn’t want to go to because I didn’t want to wear baggy jeans and smoke or chew or anything, that, yes, I wanted a great education from a place that only the well-off families could afford the school and there were few admissions on scholarship—we all prepared for college and I got into NEU I had to leave the city though, me feeling anxiety I got Klonopin for panic-attacks in 2001, not drinking any beer or alcohol except at an occasional party with Derek driving or I would sleep over at the house of the party and not get so drunk that I got sick and threw up, etc. That only happened a few times, sleeping over when all the girls—too bad they weren’t interested in me—went home after 2 or 3 beers with one Sober driver, that I was always the Sober driver with Dana because he couldn’t always get a car—he’s smart though and did better than me, at the Christian school where dungarees weren’t allowed to be worn, call it “Fairly” but not “SJ fairy” shit we all got a lot of grief because we had to take community showers after Phys. Ed. that wasn’t a big deal, and now years later, a Brazilian “Anaconda” has a chocked up choke-hold on a Gator, time for LIGHTS OUT!

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