I wrote in 2005, “The last couple times Britney has ‘Hit Me’ have been precisely lackluster” who her I don’t want her anymore- yeah, she’s not “A Must Have Her!”

Tempered “Techtonic Paper-Plates”

And pots and bakery pans, when frying up summa dat sweet treated meat and

Seared Caesarian Scrars wherewithal being at Sears—it’s Britney in Spears of audacious fame, that since, then, when, well, look, and read a book written by Britney 


Oh I know, Kim Kardashian did it better for A PENTAGONIAN’S “HOUSE” of remaining riled up and in a cinch, dressed up with drizzling cow’s milk, to think, what a Britney Book Job, read above and click the links to pink and pick a book by Britney Spears—SHE REALLY STINKS!

But alas, Britney Spears, what a class act! FREE BRITNEY! AND FREE ME! that yeah, FREE ME! as my parents have “A CONSERVATORSHIP” OVER ME, IT’S TRUE: THEY WENT SO FAR AS TO BE, FOR ME, MY “HEALTH PROXY” !!!!!

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