I was one of the first to buy Miley Cyrus “Bangerz”

I sleep in a clean clonazepam clenbuterol hammock which I cannot to take akin as much and such chilly-out Winter weather, by any discretion or moderation in the lulls of having swung sideways of rainy-day dismay with no sunshine and no streetside HOOZIE to clean and wax my black-toe dress-shoesies!

I sleep with no Melatonin—I have a prescription for—I don’t want to sleep more that 11 or 12 hours of 21+ liquor-free snoozing is all about me, what I do dressing favorably, my FIVE BITCOIN T-SHIRTS…

AND MY TEN BITCOIN WALLETS, YEAH I HAVE SO MUCH BITCOIN I HOPE IT WAS SOLD AT $69,044.77 a piece, that one wallet has 5000 Bitcoins in it, but I might be waiting many years for it to hit $100,000 each Bitcoin—although my older male Cousin, him a Stockbroker—new to crypto-currencies, when I said, “Dan, I want you to read up on digital currencies, and if you’re impressed with Bitcoin—the future of secure digital hundreds of billions of dollars—I want you to prance with my French Royalty of me Jeffrey Marquis—that I have 2 official “Aliases”: both Jeff M and Jeffry from falsified x-rays of my shattered, in 7 pieces, without what homeostasis and bodily harmony of true “peace” be!

My body was at war with the loads of atrocity in my thinking, with who to Ambulance- EMULATE but Lincoln the Abraham President so tall, that I shrunk in the I.C.U. by over an inch—reassessed my tall and thin frame, I shrunk in the hospitals of hardcore “recovering” mentally, physically, and emotionally empowered at a late hour to take what working artifacts of my sullen mental-abilities having fallen on the floor, to pick up the pieces, that Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 Long R3 honestly and seriously it brought just so much extra mental functioning to who but ME!

I show some animosity in “THE SET-UP” OF MY CRASH AND INJURIES owned and written by me—got to see… the displayed photos of my totaled 2004 Subaru WRX, it was too fast, got away from me, unfortunately, so slovenly drunk and a 10” Infinity Basslink in my trunk—I wish I drove a big slow truck—so hard to park in a tight Space—me the “outer limits Explorer”—don’t get me started on that 1996 XLT crappy SUV but nice at first——some experienced the provocation of calling me and shouting loudly, all the words, that hurt me, driving me in-sane driving driven quickly with wet leaves on the road—I remember it was raining—but I’m not mentioning any names in this post of those informing me that I should attentively attempt a suicidal reiteration of what I read about “Parthenogenesis” on being about a new “virgin birth” that I was pissed, just, so pissed, and with Ariel—I missed—her my chance to LOVE LIVESTRONG LANCE ARMSTRONG, but Ariel wouldn’t wear thongs, often at all, that her pleasure on me, it was Enlightening—that Tantric Tongue of me who’sey “hung” in the crevist area, Ariel, I’m rich, I could have taken care of ya!

Meandered meanings of snowy-side driving, slipping and sliding, I took the Ford for driving my Mom, and then after dropping her off as a Teacher of 3rd-grade, I had absent sleep overcome me and I drifted, yeah, I drifted, I drifted my lulled eyes to the tunes of lullaby’s and SUPRISE I FELL ASLEEP and at the wheel, my clarity, I felt none, but the XLT Explorer, it didn’t spin and I only needed a tow-truck, but I was lucky as a F hunk that the hood and the wheels were fine with no impact, so good, in the SUV Truck a 1996 Ford Explorer I was pulled over once with a ticket I fought in court and the penalty was reduced, for my Insurance, that I invested in Geico in 2013 or 2014 — yeah it’s also got Dairy Queen, my best friend Elon Musk, he loved the DQ ice-cream and I have his Biography thick book, I took from the where-house at Amazon, and I’ve had it for very long, in time, that this Elon Musk—I wanted to buy my Mom “Musk perfume” and soon upon them I had his staff give him the news, I’d appreciate a call on the phone, me living at Geneva St. my new “Home” and I was in the proverbial “Zone” of explaining my adulation of him, Elon, all because I elongated my height by 3.5” and longer arms 2” left arm and 2.5” right arm—inches longer—the details swept aside all under what rug by the longer arms I kept for many years—the right arm longer still—Tough Tug with my right arm—that I’m right handed and the nurse agreed that my right arm can be not so reduced—I shouldn’t have let them shrink my arms, that LOOK:

Longer right arm.

Both arms long.

Sing it in a whim,

my Toast blacks:

I care for C.


because of

his MMJ




I’ve been a joker / racist in the past, with this:

Everyone thought it was hilarious!

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