I dumped out all of the alcohol in my house when my drinking became a self-concern that I wasn’t able to withdraw from Calculus I without drinking, before and after, oh the disaster, you all will come after when I do, to who but you, my readers, T. Hanks!

To trounce the QP of widened muscles from the POWERS OF 100% WHEY PROTEIN POWDER with what amounts to a $10 roll of dimes to be deposited depot of what’s not wise and wispy, wistful feeling a FIST-FULL of the First Fool who drinks O’Doul’s beer — that I urge you to think about the fact that I haven’t had an O’Doul’s since 2018 I haven’t had Hadid to chill with Monet plentiful painting art-works at the urge to one time only paint here, unfinished, 1 full year ago where here they had an artwork painting arrangement downstairs, that, stairs, I did once distantly distain the treated woodie-steps at Fairlawn, calling for my room to be moved downstairs to the Den of my parents’ house I miss and I club a baby seal with a kiss from the upmost and ump-est Trust Fund “made me rich” like “Trump”— following him in 2006 but not watching The Apprentice, I joined a Donald Trump 4 “President” online php Bulletin Board, yes, in 2006 the MyPillow guy Mike Lindell he was a “Moderator” and I suggested sleep, sheets, pillows, etc. the whole sleeping in bed kind of experience, I suggested COME OUT WITH A GREAT PILL FOR SLEEP ON FOX NEWS — so and now we have “RELAXIUM” sleeping pill — you’ve seen “RELAXIUM SLEEP” and do you know how breast milk of a mother is calming and brings sedation, like the amino-acid I took before bed L-Theanine, I stopped taking pills many months ago when my parents were seeing hundreds of my dollars having been spen-t and spen-did spendid on the expense of the supreme audacity that those silly ho’s who pile in a cab, a taxi, having paid money for advancement (I had advancedchillen.com for a year but never put anything up!) in the word-sent amorous odors of a big fat plate of Spicy Spaghetti Soup… or just chicken Ramen it’s your choice, between dining fine with ME, when it comes to Ramens. Chicken > Beef

If you suspect that you or anyone else who may have had more than the 1 or 2 recommended dose of “Relaxium”, please go to a hospital or an Elderly Care Home because they have treatments and devices that save lives for any “overdose” cases that when an Ambulatory And Amicable TeleVision… for me my pro mo’ “dough” (you’ll love my 38.4 MB 100,000+ page essay of Jessica and Carina “8 East” essay spent one stretch of a strong/WEEKS TIME with the first as many as 300 pages in size=8 font, that I then switched to size=18 and size=21 font for the 100,000 pages) BUT ALL DELETED!

38.4 MB .doc minimal images

Think about “attraction” like a magnet with Iron Ore I bought a bunch late-morning, I remember it was before lunch, I slept through, and Dan and I split a gallon of 1% chocolate milk mixed with whey protein when—all night we Googled our questions in life being ANY question, that there’s a big question mark as I hear “I’m staying alive” that I assure you I am a genius Author with no attitude but DAZZLING dazy NYC nearby that Audi Dealership my shattered hip in the passenger’s seat, I remember that telephone pole and I was conscious at the scene of my http://www.wrxtbi.com for most of it.  There was blood on my hip and being that it felt like a flame to my hip, I sat there, I say, on 2 years in hospitals of mental-hospiiations trips to the get and then so go if it ain’t me having spent a number of days writing the 100,000+ page essay—38.4 MB .doc bought Word downloaded when I had more than 20 long notes of The “Breakthrough” when I mastered the component-part of a long paragraph to and of including the what about viewers and readers?

Jeff Zients is going to hopefully bring up the Wall Street profits, and he’s like Warren Buffet with money and knowledge of the Stock Market, so I’m psyched that he has access to the Oval Office and he’s concerned with Wall St. where many much money does so as to Transfer Wealth Management with a Taser’s “dePLOYminute” when I’ve never ordered any Salt and Pepper Spray causing massive amounts of red hot flares this being a shitty protestor being taken-in at the moment when-when stores are being looted and there’s a new mass-shooting every day on the news, to be produced by Rocks News being so “foxy” Feminine and defending Donald Trump that he’s one hill a hump that cities looted look like Dumps. in the Down pillow by Master’s Fabrics incarnate of a ghostly Dramamine “Dream” on-screen for the curious mind, I’m behind, in not much but Socialization and Such, very much that I talked up Denise who’s sweet and I tell her how I like to eat as much meat, banking on bacon for breakfast, a feast of egg whites weekly when I imbibe Egg Albumen sort of seared, worn sworen shades and swollen Chops of Candle-Stick trading and having some leftover bacon in the making money in the modern age of my life at sometime soon in Spring, to run to turn 41!

It will be a happy birthday to me and I’ll see what I see-  visual phenomena of an NyQuill dose/soda Mix 98.5 FM, excreting a yellowish street and streaming of lines, after drinking whitey Italian’s first frisk and then fist, upon seeing a stumbling dirty drunkard meandering To and For-ward stumped and drearily mumbling something stammering, yes STAGGERING on the policeman’s “straight line” a test of those who are either extremely sleepy, or have anxiety—I know with my turbo car I always felt uneasy with a cop car in my rear-view mirror, of angles and occupations to steer straight to—dig up the bait—digging gold the store-y is foretold, 41 is not too old, and Mining coal is bad for the lungs, like hanged in a fritzy friscoe lashed with a cow’s tongue, liking you and your thin skin, sculpted CALVES! on nine net avenue of the 5th store-y gone shopping at and buying a beanie—a “hat” that Ben here at “Averte”- he wears a hat, that the ones who here they are overweight with sum’mo that bodyfat, and to be trimmed “muffin top” then taking the initiative to also follow a reduced-calorie diet, loud chomping of carrots- be quiet, and silent as the splice of not once and/or not twice My Choice, My Online Voice, and MyPIllow that I actually talked to Mike Lindell of Trump fame, Bruce Fenton who ran for NH Senator, and my “best friend” Elon Musk—how did I do it?

How did I know such prominent spokespeople of what even number I prefer—because I hope to make my Heaven to be shopped for, the best of what a Bitcoin of thousands, I Transcend Delinquents with my T D Bank, Dad and Dan to thank T. Hanks (SRB t. hanks)

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