Please and thanks, to Elon Musk my 2005 phone-friend really talked to him for 40+ minutes, Brian and Derek thought nothing of it, but my totaled Subaru speaks a volume transcending the “so good, so good!”

Whether one time or two — yes, whether once or twice that I’ve surmised suprised so Special Education for Disabled and Disavowed, yet free to speak loud (SPEECH) to preach the God-given Gospel surmised with a reiteration post intercourse, keeping Bibles and religious material on the other side of the bed, when to be said: I always ate the tiny splice (3x) of pristine “white bread” only, in with the Communion, instead, with whites breeding with whites, with JUMBO egg-whites to provide some protein into ones bill-fold wallet of Litecoin, I laud, and Do I

Something and smack, when for you, I look into the days of yesterday and before but not usually fallen to the floor, me reaching for the Door to feel more at-duty on the utmost, when I must remain clean (of the obscene) and doing the Deed (!!!) if it now segue’s to the mishap maybe MAYDAY me mad when I lay, always alone that I invested in $BONE when I honed my honorable Catholic Saint John’s High School about $80k, to spend at Kay’s Islamic Jewelers and Jared on TV, that what happened to Subway? It gave me gas and my girl to who was a cutie wearing pink Timb’s lookalikes when raised on a stairway, singing Robert Plant (of no herbs) like NETA in Massachusetts, that’s where I hope to sit again, soon, and in my own “Master Bedroom” once me: being The Groom, remaining resolute with the result of “Surviving” as a “TBI Survivor” and many one’s I know—Peter’s Jehovah’s Witness “Meetings” on Zoom tomorrow at night and not at noon-  because, of course, that would be too earlee for me Jeffrey of French “Royalty” last name “Marquis” without any non-saneness and never confused, that I stay clear of beer and booze, So Sober for years, and I don’t have any tattoo’s or single piercing, my ears hear the screeching of polymer-laden big phat tires on assphault to take a trot to a nude website, but only for a little and never all night—yeah me able to perform when I enjoy my time without whine-ing or any “wine-ing” but massively great extended stints of me lucky, and hung down loafers, been with no mommies, or maybe just one late night and in my car or hers, parked in solace and tranquility, the horn was horny on the East Coasters with the french bread roasters, hearing the farm-laid Roosters, and my old WRX (totaled) bread all “Toasted” to smear on the copious about the amounts of butter or margarine, each morning, Mom and Dad, waking them up with an early morning (but sun up) phone call, to tell them all, about what I’ve invented in Text and next will be a nap in my bed, waking up when I feel free, of any fee, because my expensive and expanded defences scream all out loud, don’t fall or fail, Jesus is not “God” and believe me, he felt those four giant nails, both hands, both feet, he was planted above when reading The Qur’an it’s Allah I choose to keep accelerating to God Himself The Father, The CREATOR — that I love new thing — to enjoy, the many Jeffrey & Justin “Toys” our collection of action figures, the white ones when we adopted a skin-colarity calamity, like Black Barbies and an African-American “Barista” coming from Starbucks-  where I “plant” penny, nickel, ding ding dimes and quarters (in the Tin Cup”) when that’s what’s up to git dat Caffeine jolt, when they take me out for a drive—investing in WeatherTech, I thrive, and buying them a set for when it’s all rainy out and WET, when my Pink Modena Mink Coat takes a treasure ’n’ trove to attend Dooley’s Cleaners with where the tried ’n’ true beworking for a real honest check, “Aww heck, can I get a raise?” with Christ arivven sopping up soil of He-Man “The Man” to freaking employ hemp, a slacking slave takes a rest, on a bench, sitting in styles all the whiles hearing the Crack—but not of pure “Freebase” snorted and smoke-ed chemicals—I’m talking about the whipski-doodle… with clenched firsts of a Hunter! =)

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